8 World War 2 Books I Love

Hi everybody! Welcome back to Purely Olivia. 🙂 I need to apologize for the lack of posts since my first one, back on August 15th. Since then, I’ve been dealing with a technical difficulty that had an (embarrassingly) simple answer brought to me via the WordPress forums. I was unable to post..but now I’m back!

Also, I am going to stick to my Monday posting routine (I think) but I’m still figuring out the times on the scheduling-posts-thing, so I’m sorry this ended up being posted Sunday night.

Anyway, let’s get right into the post that you were supposed to see three weeks ago. Oh well. At least I’m getting it up at all! 😉

Today’s post is one that I had scheduled back on Writer’s Digest..I wanted to do it so bad that I retyped am retyping the whole thing onto here. It’s about a subject I’m particularly passionate about- World War 2!

My friend Anna and I are very interested in World War 2 and everything that happened during it. (Anna is much more knowledgeable then me, admittedly.) She’s an expert on the actual battles and what went on during the war, while I just like reading books set during the time period and learning more about people in it.

I want to share my favorite World War 2 books with all of you so you can look into them and enjoy them just as much as I did! 🙂


Title: Between Shades of Gray Author: Ruta Sepetys Page Count: 344

This book intrigued me from the beginning because it’s different than any World War 2 book I’ve ever read before. All the ones I’d read were about Nazis or Jewish people hiding. This one had a completely different angle that I found to be very interesting and opened my eyes to other things that happened during the war. After reading it, I realized I’d been ignorant to believe that only Germany and Austria had things “happening” during the war. It’s about a fifteen-year-old girl named Lina who, along with her mother and younger brother, is taken from her home in Lithuania and carted across countries upon countries. There are struggles throughout the book that keep you hooked the whole time! My favorite part was that it was just so different from any book I’d known- so fresh. I loved it!



Title: Someone Named Eva Author: Joan M. Wolf Page Count: 200

This book is guaranteed to make you cry. You’ll fall in love with the main character, Eva- and that means you’ll feel your heart breaking right along with hers. The thing is, her name isn’t Eva. It’s Milada. But when she’s eleven, she’s taken to a German camp away from her family. She must become German. They give Milada a new name, Eva, and a new German family. Though her new family loves her, it becomes harder and harder for Eva to remember details from her old life. She has to remember she’s Milada, not Eva. This book is heartwarming, sad, beautiful, and a million other adjectives that I’ll let you find out by reading it!


Title: Shadow on the Mountain Author: Margi Preus Page Count: 304

I find it hard to describe this book. I have no words for it. I can promise you that it’s amazing, but that’s not so convincing is it? Here. Since I’m drawing a blank and I really want you all to read it, why don’t you click here to read the Goodreads summary? (By the way, ignore the 3.84 star rating. That is so false.) Oh, I know! Anna loves this book too, so Anna, I know you’re reading this. Why don’t you give us your take in the comments? 😉

the book thief

Title: The Book Thief Author: Markus Zusak Page Count: 552

Honestly, you may never read a book that is better than The Book Thief. It’s heartbreaking, true, beautiful- the best way to describe it is soul food. ♥ The entire book is telling the story of Liesel, a young girl living with new parents in Germany. Her real mother has been taken away and her younger brother died (they don’t mention her father). It’s the story of her- through a unique perspective that I’ll let you discover. 🙂 You will cry. And by crying, I mean sobbing! As an added bonus, you can watch the amazing movie after finishing the book. (I cried three times during the movie.) There is no excuse not to read this book, whether you like books about World War 2 or not!


Title: Echo Author: Pam Muñoz Ryan Page Count: 592

I’d like to start by reminding you not to let the size of the book influence whether you read it or not! (Let’s think of The Order of the Phoenix.) Trust me, you’ll be wishing Echo was longer! This is one of those books that has different chapters with different perspectives, like the MDBC. I, personally, like that feature a lot. It makes it more interesting than an average book. As a *slight* spoiler alert, they do all tie together in the end. This book is obviously related to World War 2, but the entire plot is not centered around it. I highly recommend this book for any kind of reader!

number the stars

Title: Number the Stars Author: Lois Lowry Page Count: 137

This is the perfect short read for a lazy Saturday afternoon where you have nothing to do except lie on the couch and finish an entire book. I’ve been loving it since I was nine, and we read it out loud in fourth grade! 😉 It’s everything you ask for in a quick read. There’s adventure, sweetness, thrill, suspense, and more. You’ll love all the main characters. There’s Annemarie, the girl on the cover, her best friend Ellen, and Annemarie’s little sister whose name I can’t remember but I think is something like Kirsty. This is a good break from other World War 2 books, because while it educates you on the Holocaust, it doesn’t have violent, graphic, or scary scenes like some other books will. You’ll enjoy it, no matter how old you are!


Title: Early Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Billows Author: Barry Denenberg Page Count: 160

I’ve always loved the Dear America series. I’m a sucker for any historical fiction book written in a diary format! This one fits the bill, and I love how you get to see another aspect of World War 2 you don’t often read about- the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Amber moved to Hawaii right before the attacks on Pearl Harbor, which shakes her world. Literally. Like Number the Stars, this is a great short read that you’ll enjoy without feeling like you’re reading facts straight from a history book.


Title: Behind the Bedroom Wall Author: Laura E. Williams Page Count: 169

Yet another topic I haven’t seen too many books about! Korinna is part of a group that is, essentially, Hitler Youth. She believes Hitler is doing the right thing by “getting rid” of the Jewish population. But when she finds out that her own parents are hiding a Jewish family in their house, she’s a little more than upset. What is she going to do? Could she rat out her own family? This book won’t take too long to read, but is worth checking out from the library or purchasing from a bookstore.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post! I had a lot of fun retyping it and adding to it. (Good thing I started a new blog. This post got way better since I had to rewrite it.) I love each and every one of these books and hope you will, too. 🙂

Have you read any of these? Do you plan to? See you in the comments!


P.S. Thanks so much for all the support you’ve given me about this new blog! I want to give a personal thanks to my first follower, Brookeworm. 😉


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