Simple Ways to Declutter Your Desk

My desk. Oh, my desk.

I’ve never been good at keeping it organized. I find myself doing a major desk cleanout every couple of months. Each time, I scold myself and decide that it’ll be the last time. I’ll do better from now on. It never is.

Still, there’s something about a clean desk. It makes me feel energized, inspired, and ready for anything that comes my way. Come at me, writer’s block! (Actually, please don’t.) I just feel so happy and fresh when my desk is clean and organized.

It’s especially helpful now, because I don’t know about you, but I’m back to school. That means homework, which means I’ll need an available desk!

simple ways to 
declutter your desk

So today, I’ll be doing a post on Simple Ways to Declutter Your Desk. 🙂

To get ideas and footage for this post, I actually did declutter my desk using the following methods. Included in this post will be actual pictures from the process!

By the way, all these methods can be used for any area you use for writing, crafting, whatever you do. If you don’t have a desk, it’s not as if this post is completely specific to desks. (Though my tips probably work best with desks.) 🙂

1.) Refresh the Desktop

This way is easy and fun! All it requires is a little grunt work, rearranging, and an eye for decoration. 😉

First, clear everything off your desk. (At this point, I wiped mine down with a paper towel to eliminate all the dust living there. This step is optional.)

Next, I decided what would go back on the desk as decorations and what wouldn’t. I tried to take a few things off and store them in my closet so the top would be less cluttered. I like to rotate my desk decor out in shifts- keep some, then after a few months, switch to the other ones. That keeps everything looking fresh! I also like to change out the pictures in picture frames for a new look, too.

Everything formerly living on your desk that wasn’t decor can find a new home. Trust me. Somewhere in your desk drawers, room, closet, or home there is a place for it!


Before refreshing vs. after refreshing- what a difference!

2.) Give Every Drawer a Purpose

Specifically today, when cleaning out my drawers, I made an effort to give every drawer a purpose. There was one drawer in particular that seemed to be just a big junkpile with no rhyme or reason. 😦

I went through it all, threw away a considerable about of useless papers, and found things that didn’t belong there. For example, bookmarks. I moved them to where I keep my bookmarks (in my nightstand). By the time I narrowed it down to what actually needed to be in the drawer, it had a purpose!

Now it’s my stationary, wallflower, iPad charger, and earbuds drawer. If I need any of those things I’ll know exactly where to find them.


Doesn’t the repurposed drawer look so much neater? 🙂

3.) Make Sure all Drawers are Functional

There’s no point in filling a drawer with stuff if you can’t get to any of it without taking all the other stuff out to get to the stuff you need!

(That was confusing.)

What I mean is, if you have a drawer filled to the brim, it’s not functional because you can’t use anything in the drawer without unpacking the rest. I had this issue with my craft supply random marker/sticker/crayon drawer and found that with a little bit of tossing-stuff-I-didn’t-need and a little bit of organizing, it was an easy fix!


The drawer looks completely new!

4.) Have a Drawer for all That Random Stuff

There’s no shame in having, admittedly, a junk drawer. Everyone has somewhere in their desk, room, or house where you can drop off unneeded items and forget about them. “Oh, they’re just in the junk drawer!”

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a junk drawer! There will always be something that doesn’t fit anywhere. Instead of stashing it in a perfectly good and neat drawer, just make a junk drawer. 😉

Junk drawers also reduce clutter- it won’t be lying around now that it’s got a spot. Here’s mine, and I’m proud of it!


I hope you all enjoyed this post! I enjoyed writing it, especially since I had all that inspiration from my own clean desk. Did these tips help you? Do you concentrate better when your desk or focusing area is neat and organized, too? Or do you not mind? See you in the comments!

-Olivia ♥


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