Rapid Fire Reviews- September Edition!

September was a month filled with bookish adventures! I reread some old favorites, returned to a series I never finished in the past, and discovered a ton of books that I absolutely loved.

Since it was so successful for me, I thought I’d do a Rapid Fire Reviews edition specifically for September. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s just like it sounds. I’ll just write quick, rapid reviews of the books- I’m doing all the new ones I read this month. I love doing this because there are always many books that I can’t do a full-out review on, but want you guys to know about anyway!

Without further ado, let’s get reviewing. 🙂

Title: Salt to the Sea Author: Ruta Sepetys Page Count: 393


I enjoyed Salt to the Sea immensely! Set in World War 2, it follows the journey of four teenagers, all from a different country, who each have their own stories. The plot is very intriguing and upbeat- the only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I felt as if some parts were a little cryptic or hard to understand. I can see somebody putting it down at the beginning if it didn’t grab their attention quick enough.

Title: The Art of Secrets Author: James Klise Page Count: 272


Are you allowed to give a book four stars because you didn’t like how it ended? 😉 The Art of Secrets was a fabulous mystery circling around Saba Khan and her family after their apartment burns down. The community responds with a giant fundraiser for them- but one of the items being auctioned off is a very valuable painting. Everything turns around on Saba and her family. I loved how this book was written in different perspectives- it made it fun to read. The storyline was great, it’s just the ending made me want to throw the book off the Empire State Building.

Title: The Green Glass Sea Author: Ellen Klages Page Count: 324


I loved this. It was unlike any World War 2 book I’d ever read- painting the picture of a girl named Dewey, whose father is a scientist, going to live in a town in New Mexico that’s not supposed to exist. That’s because she’s living where the military is developing what they call “the gadget.” “The gadget” that’s going to end the war…

Title: The Siren Author: Kiera Cass Page Count: 267


I had high expectations for this book, and it delivered! I actually enjoyed it more the The Selection series. The plot was fresh and new, the characters had completely unique and cool names, and it was a love story without being overly romantic. That’s what I liked best about it, and what made it better than The Selection, in my opinion. (Though we all know America is the best!) 🙂

Title: Girl in the Blue Coat Author: Monica Hesse Page Count: 309


I enjoyed this book a lot. It was always interesting and kept the plot moving along, though there were some parts with violence that made me sad. That’s the reason for the 4 stars. 😦 Still, read it!

Title: Miracles from Heaven Author: Christy Beam Page Count: 209


I saw this movie a few months ago, and finally got around to reading the book! It was amazing, and the story touched me all over again. I personally feel as if it’s a great book to read when you feel lost. It really brought me back to God and reminded me that miracles are for real– and so is heaven.

Title: Stella by Starlight Author: Sharon M. Draper Page Count: 320


Stella by Starlight was a great historical fiction read! I lived with Stella during her daily life, gasped with her when the Ku Klux Klan entered into her little world, and panicked with her when things went wrong. (I was being really cryptic there to avoid spoilers..) I think you’ll love living with Stella just as much as I did!

Title: Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey Author: Chris Colfer Page Count: 488


I was so excited to read the next installment in one of my favorite series ever! It lived up to each and every one of my expectations. 🙂 I won’t say too much, in case you haven’t read the series (you really should), but let’s just say that Alex and Conner’s adventures only get more thrilling! At the end, I cried- half because of something that happened, and half because I have to wait so long to read the next book.

Title: The Truth About Twinkie Pie Author: Kat Yeh Page Count: 352


This book was cute, sweet, and fluffy- just as I imagine twinkie pie to be! No, that doesn’t mean it was a pushover- there was a plot and seriousness as well. But it was a light read that left me laughing, crying, and smiling. Oh, and guess what? It’ll leave you plenty hungry!

Title: The School for Good and Evil Author: Soman Chainani Page Count: 488


I returned to this book after abandoning the series a few years ago, and this time found myself pulled it! The concept is so creative and the plot is unique. The reason why I’m giving it five stars is because 1) the school actually creeps me out. You can’t leave. It almost seems a little like a prison. 2) the ending (no spoilers- I won’t say what it is) seemed forced and left me very confused. I’ve now read the whole series, and I’m still confused on why that ever happened.

Thanks for reading this incredibly long post! I hope that it’ll pull you out a book slump if you’re in one, or just give you some recommendations to add to your TBR list. 🙂 Have you read any of these books? Do you agree with my ratings? See you in the comments!




6 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Reviews- September Edition!

  1. Awesome post :). I’ve only read Salt to the Sea and The Siren. Though I mostly agree with you on Salt to the Sea( I gave it five stars 🙂 ), I actually didn’t like the Siren.
    I’ve been meaning to read a Cris Colfer book for ages. I’ll need to pick the first one up from the library soon. I’ve also been considering reading School for Good and Evil. I might pick that one up around Halloween. It sounds like a good book to read around then.


    • Thanks, Brooke! 🙂
      I can see how someone wouldn’t like The Siren, especially when compared with The Selection. I guess it was just a win for me!
      YES you should read the Land of Stories! It’s incredibly amazing! ❤️❤️
      I definitely recommend the entire School for Good and Evil series anytime of the year, but it does sound appealing for Halloween..😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t read any of these books, but I adore the Selection series, and I was a little hesitant to read The Siren after hearing from some reviews that it wasn’t that good, but now I’ll definitely have to read it! Also, The School for Good and Evil sounds interesting! A school that you can’t leave… I’ll have to check it out after I’ve read some of the many books on my TBR list.


    • Hey Lilah! 😊
      I think a lot of people don’t like The Siren because it’s overshadowed by the amazing Selection series, but I definitely recommend it.
      The School for Good and Evil is great! Think Hogwarts, but obviously not as cool😉(By the way, I took the patronus quiz and mine is a St. Bernard!)
      Thanks for your comment!


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