Bookish Birthday Haul!

Hey everyone! Olivia here. 🙂

This past week, it was my birthday, and today I wanted to share with you all the books I got, and the books I bought with birthday money. (I won’t be doing a birthday haul of everything that wasn’t books.) I’ve never done one of these, but I’m excited to!

I had a lot of fun photographing my books in preparation for this post, by the way. I’m pretty much a book nerd. Anyway, let’s get started!

First off, my sister got me Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, by Rick Riordan. Since my birthday was earlier this week, I’ve already finished, and if I was doing a formal review, I’d definitely award it five stars!

Basically, it told the stories of all of the major mythological Greek gods. The story was told from Percy’s point of view, which meant you got his snarky, hilarious, indescribable attitude mixed in! That’s the part I enjoyed most about it. The stories that normally would have been long and tedious became funny and gripping! 😀

Next up, my parents gave me a complete set of the entire Anne of Green Gables series. Guys. This was so exciting for me!

I’m especially excited because I haven’t read the last two! I know. What kind of Anne of Green Gables fanatic am I if I haven’t even finished the whole series? 😉

Then, with some birthday money and thanks to Half-Price Bookstore, I got both The Lost Hero and The Mark of Athena. I’ve already read these (they’re part of the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series) but they were the only Percy Jackson books I didn’t have, and I needed them. Plus, at HPB I got them for a fraction of the price at another bookstore!



I’m so excited to read this! In case you didn’t know, it’s the newest book by the author of the Mysterious Benedict Society. It’s not a companion book, which is a little disappointing but understandable, since that series has been over for a while now. Still, I want to read it and have high expectations based off the golden standards of the MBS!

I hope y’all enjoyed reading this short and simple post about all the books I got for my birthday! Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? Are there any posts you’d like to see coming up? See you all in the comments!

Until next Monday,



7 thoughts on “Bookish Birthday Haul!

  1. Happy Birthday! Your presents are great 😀 I’ve had Anne of Green Gables on my shelf for a while, I really need to get around to reading it! Half-Price Books? That store sounds amazing!


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