Recap & Upcoming Posts

Hello readers! I’m sorry this post isn’t happening on a normal posting day for me. I’ve been so busy over the past few weeks that I’ve hardly had time to occasionally think about blogging, much less write an actual post! But today by some miracle I managed to finish my homework and now I have time to sit down and write out a post.

Fall is definitely the busiest time of year. I have so much studying and homework that I don’t usually get any time to read, write, or do anything else on weeknights. Add in dance, life, and the blackhole of Netflix and it’s not surprising that I’m just now getting around to posting! 😉

Today’s post is going to be a recap of October posts, posts I want to have up soon, and my plans for the next few months as far as blogging goes.

I stuck with my blogging schedule for October (yay me!) and here’s what I posted…

If you missed any of those posts, be sure to check them out- they’re all linked above.

So, next I’ll be sharing some posting goals I have for November. Usually for me posting goals don’t always happen but it’s nice to have them! Especially this time of year with school swamping me and the holidays right at our tails, it’s hard to find time for blogging.

  • I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Lilah (thank you!) and I’d really like to do that award/tag and get it up sometime this month.
  • I reorganized my bookshelf prior to my bookshelf organization post and I want to do an updated bookshelf tour.
  • I want to do a Thanksgiving post around later this month.

Those are the posts that I’m planning to do this month, though I haven’t written them yet, so I’m not sure if they’ll actually happen (at least in November).

On a similar note, since the holidays are coming up (squeee!) I really want to do some holiday themed posts! Besides the aforementioned Thanksgiving post, I’ve been thinking up some Christmas themed ones that I want to start drafting soon. I love the holiday season so much! ♥

Here’s a warning in advance. I probably won’t be sticking to my blogging schedule (every Sunday) throughout the holiday season. That may mean more frequent posts or it may mean less posts! It really depends on my schoolwork load and whether or not I’m out of town throughout the holidays. (I really wish I could be a blogger who posted every day without fail, but sadly I can’t. My apologies.)

One last thing… Lately I’ve been brainstorming some more things to blog about, and I would love to start some kind of Bible study or Christian series. I’m not sure though, so I was just wondering what you all thought? Comment below if you think I should do something along those lines!

This was definitely a post full of a lot of information! I just threw a thousand things at y’all all at once…so thanks for sticking with me! See you all in the comments.



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