Welcome 2017 & Recap of 2016

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe 2017 is here! It seems like just the other day I was writing a post on Writer’s Digest welcoming in 2016, and now here I am a year later, saying goodbye to it.

2016 has been a year full of blogging changes for me. Last year at this time I was busily planning posts for weeks to come on Writer’s Digest. Fast forward to July and I began planning a renovation for my Weebly blog. Come August, I was starting afresh with Purely Olivia!

Since I haven’t had Purely Olivia for this entire calendar year, this recap will be a short one. After the recap I’ll be sharing my blogging goals for 2017. 😊

Posts in 2016

Since my first post on August 15th, I’ve had 16 posts. I was able to mostly stick to my posting schedule except for a few minor (or major) hiccups. This is just going to my thoughts about some of the posts I did!

  • 8 World War 2 Books I Love– This post was incredibly fun to write! It was just miniature reviews of 8 books set during World War 2. I have actually read a lot more WW2 books since then. 🙂
  • Naming Your Characters– I did this post in my first month of blogging, and it was a bit of a disappointment. I didn’t get any comments and barely any views, but it was fun to write, so I guess that’s good enough!
  • Why I Love Fall– That’s one of the lifestyle posts that I’m so happy I can do now! I just love writing things like that.
  • Rapid Fire Reviews– These are awesome! I recommend this method to any blogger!
  • An Exclusive Interview with Claim to Fame-This is my most popular post yet! Of course, I have to thank Brooke for the idea of “interviewing” the book. 😀 I also loved writing that post, and I hope to do more like it in the future.
  • The Liebster Award– I enjoy doing tags, and I was tagged by Lilah for this post. (Thanks Lilah!) I enjoyed writing it a lot.
  • Holiday Room Decor Tour– Another lifestyle post that made me happy to write.
  • Ideas for Giving the Perfect Gift– I spent a long time on this post, and I was proud of the final product. Even though the holidays are over, it still has suggestions for presents if you ever need one. 😉

These aren’t all of the posts I’ve done here on Purely Olivia, and if you want to see the others, all you have to do is click on the sidebars to the right of this post. (If you’re on a device and can’t see them, then they’re all the way at the bottom.)

Overall Blog Recap

Starting a new blog was slightly scary, but mostly exciting. And it hasn’t disappointed! I like I love all the new features I have. 😉 Though I’ll always consider myself a book blogger, it is nice to feel free to go beyond the reading and writing limits.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of my followers, commenters, likers, and readers! Yes, I mean you! ♥

You have no idea how much joy it gives me to open up my email and see that there is a comment awaiting approval! No matter how many times it happens, my heart never fails to leap.


Blogging Goals for 2017

  • I will try my hardest to never miss a Monday of blogging. (Starting today!) My blog schedule is important, and I’ll do my best to follow it. I will probably keep it at once a week, but it’s a possibility that I can eventually make it twice a week.
  • I’ll make participating in tags I get tagged for a priority!
  • I’m going to try to make my bookish posts and non-bookish posts balanced so there isn’t an abundance of one or the other.
  • I will continue to respond to each comment. 🙂
  • This one is a little out of control, but I hope my community of readers continues to grow! Since starting Purely Olivia, it has, and I would love for that to keep on happening.

I hope you enjoyed my recap and goals! Do you guys have any goals for 2017? What do you want to see coming up in the new year?

Here’s an amazing 2017!



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