My Bookshelf Tour 2017!

Hello everybody! 🙂

I have been wanting to do an updated bookshelf tour for a while now, and I’m so excited to finally be typing it out. I did a bookshelf tour back on Writer’s Digest, but since then my bookshelf has been cleaned out, reorganized, and reorganized some more!

For each shelf, I’ll be giving a brief synopsis of the overall shelf, then giving my favorite book or books, the most special book to me, and an interesting fact about either the shelf as a whole or one of the books on that shelf.


There’s my entire bookshelf. 😀 I’ll be starting on the second shelf from the top (the one with all the thick books). Let’s begin!


My bookshelf is organized by genre, and this shelf is the fantasy/science fiction shelf. As you can see, I have the Harry Potter books (for some reason the Half-Blood Prince isn’t there), all my Percy Jackson books, and some random books.

Favorite Book(s): My favorite books on this shelf would have to be the Harry Potter series. Nothing can top it. ♥

Special Book: The Balance Keepers, which is on the very far right, was autographed by Lindsay Cummings. I haven’t actually finished it, but it was really cool to meet her and it’s one of the few books I have autographed.

Interesting Fact: I got a hardcover copy of The Lost Hero at Half-Price Bookstore for under 10 dollars. And it was in perfect condition. #steal (I promise to never again use hashtags.)


This is a continuation of fantasy/science fiction. Then it moves into fairytales and finally into Christian fiction/devotionals/my Bible. Yes, fairytales have their own little section on my shelf. You’re welcome Hans Christian Anderson.

Favorite Book(s): It’s a tie between The Land of Stories series and my collection of classic fairy tales that has the PRETTIEST cover ever and is like a book lover’s dream.

Special Book: My first Bible. It’s on the far right and is the Bible I got from my church when I was in 3rd grade.

Interesting Fact: I haven’t actually read Physik or half of Flyte (the books turned sideways) because I can never get through them. The story is good, but most of the time I forget that I’m reading them and then when I remember, I can’t recall what was last happening in the story. So, every time, I give up.


This shelf has historical fiction and begins the realistic fiction section. I have an extensive collection of Dear Americas, but other than that, a wimpy selection of historical fiction. I’ve read tons of World War 2 novels but I don’t own any of them.

Favorite Book(s): That would have to be the Mysterious Benedict Society series, with Absolutely Truly coming in as a close second. By the way, the sequel (Yours Truly) is coming out January 31st- I can’t wait!

Special Book: On the far right is an ARC of Mother-Daughter Book Camp that I won in a giveaway on Heather Vogel Frederick’s blog. It’s autographed and is one of my most prized possessions!

Interesting Fact: I only have 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 of the Series of Unfortunate Events.


This bottom shelf is still all realistic fiction. It also includes a clay owl that I made in art class a few years ago. 🙂 A lot of my favorite fictions are on this shelf, and so are many book fair books.

Favorite Book(s): This was the hardest decision so far, but my favorite book one this shelf is Out of My Mind, by Sharon Draper. I did a review on this book on my old blog (an embarrassing review in which I only talked about the characters) and I just love it so much!

Special Book: That would be Book Scavenger, by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman. After reading it, I emailed the author, and she emailed me back. 🙂 Now when I reread it, I remember that the author was kind enough to reply to my email!

Interesting Fact: Many of the books on this shelf were rejects from my sister after she cleaned out her bookshelf. I took them in. 😉


Last shelf! All the way back at the top is the last bit of realistic fiction, then some American Girl books, a little non-fiction and finally classics! On the right is the boxed set of Anne books I got for my birthday this year.

Favorite Book(s): Anne of Green Gables. You can never go wrong with Anne! I think she’ll always be my favorite literary character.

Special Book: My edition of The Outsiders, which I received this Christmas, is a 50th anniversary edition and has some cool stuff inside. I absolutely love that book, and have posters on my door with quotes from that book on them. 😀

Interesting Fact: Hidden in the non-fiction section is a Lush catalog. Haha.

And that was my bookshelf! I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. Tell me about your bookshelf! Do we have any of the same books? What do you have that I don’t? See you all soon.


P.S. This is my 20th blog post on Purely Olivia! I’m so happy to hit this milestone!


14 thoughts on “My Bookshelf Tour 2017!

  1. I’ve been looking for a way to do a bookshelf tour on my blog and it brought me here. I love the way you did this! You’re shelves are so pretty, and I love the interesting facts!

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