Small Things that Give me Joy

Hello! Happy Superbowl Sunday. 😉

Recently a reader commented asking for happy thoughts back. This post isn’t happy thoughts, but instead a list of things that may not seem large in the big picture of life, but give me joy anyway.

“Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy!” -Pslam 47:1

  1. Sitting in front of a fireplace and feeling the heat on my back.
  2. Playing board games with my family.
  3. Getting the glimmer of a story idea.
  4. Opening my blinds to let the sunlight in.
  5. Smelling candles.
  6. Wearing my ballet shoes.
  7. Jumping into a pile of leaves.
  8. Books with dog-eared pages and worn covers.
  9. The smell of the cabinet where we keep the Thanksgiving decorations.
  10. My twinkle lights.
  11. Looking at old videos and pictures.
  12. Remembering things.
  13. Singing with my mom to the radio in the car.
  14. Discovering a book at Barnes & Noble that you never knew existed.
  15. Happy endings.
  16. Movies where the characters have happy endings.
  17. Listening to Disney songs.
  18. The number 9.
  19. These socks.
  20. Looking at beautiful photographs.
  21. Bible verse lock screens.
  22. Knowing that someone understands me.
  23. Getting an email that says someone liked or commented on my post.
  24. Having an ocean wave wash over my head.
  25. Imagining all the places I can travel someday.
  26. Odd numbers.
  27. Eating a Popsicle on my front porch steps. In summertime.

What small things give you joy?

-Olivia ♥



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