My Favorite Couples from Books//Valentine’s Day Special

Hey everyone! In honor of Valentine’s Day, which is coming up quickly this week, today’s post is going to be my favorite couples from books. ♥ 🙂

Disclaimer: If you are interested in reading The Selection, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, The Mother-Daughter Book Club, Anne of Green Gables, or Little Women and you haven’t yet, then you may want to only skim this post. I don’t want to spoil any of the endings for you!

Maxon and America: The Selection series

Maxon and America are one of my favorite couples. I think I love them so much because of their situation- if America hadn’t applied for the Selection, they never would have ended up together. It was fate! In addition, their relationship was never perfect. There were always flaws and hard moments, and it never felt fake.

Let me just rant for a minute about Aspen. If you were an Aspen fan, we can still be friends, but I’m probably going to question you intensely about that. 😉 True, he never gave up on America, but he also couldn’t take a hint. He almost ruined everything for America and Maxon, and I can’t forgive him for that.

Oh, wait. He’s also just a book character.

Anyway, I was beyond overjoyed when America ended up marrying Maxon. I enjoyed the snippets in the Happily Ever After companion to the Selection series that included the two of them as husband and wife. ♥

Katniss and Peeta: The Hunger Games series

I started out as Team Gale. Similar to in The Selection, he was the familiar. The boy who everyone thought would end up marrying the girl- in this case, Katniss.

But Peeta though. He was there for Katniss every step of the way, and being in the Hunger Games (twice) is something Gale could never understand. (I won’t even mention the whole thing with Prim in the third book.)

Throughout the series, especially in Mockingjay, I cried incessantly over the two of them. “But she loves him now!” “But he doesn’t love her!” In the end, Katniss and Peeta end up together, so I ended up happy.

Harry and Ginny/Hermione and Ron: Harry Potter series

I know that most people think that Harry and Hermione should have ended up together. I’m not one of those people.

Ginny is one of my favorite characters, so of course I have to love her decisions. I think she and Harry were meant for each other…I mean, she had a crush on him forever. I can’t watch the part in The Chamber of Secrets when Harry says hello to her without laughing. 🙂


Moving on to Ron and Hermione, I’m not sure why I think they belong to each other. Maybe because they balance each other out. No matter the reason, they have so many cute moments throughout the books that I can’t help but love them.

Percy and Annabeth: Percy Jackson books (all of them)

Every single thing about these two makes me smile. 🙂 🙂 It makes me so happy to read all of their romantic and sweet moments! My top favorites are when they see each other for the first time in months at Camp Jupiter, and their first kiss- the underwater one. The books don’t mention them getting married, but everyone knows they will. I mean, come on. They’re Percabeth.

Anne and Gilbert: The Anne books

From the moment Gilbert hit Anne over the head with his slate, I knew they were meant for each other.

Just kidding. But seriously, their relationship was on point from the start. 😉

Throughout the 8 books of the Anne of Green Gables series, but specifically the first 7, Anne and Gilbert are a dream couple. They don’t actually get engaged until later on in the series, which I like because it gives the reader a chance to watch Anne date others. She isn’t obsessed with Gilbert the entire series.

Their old-fashioned romance is sweet and unforgettable. I know people will still be reading about it a hundred years from now. ♥

Jo and Laurie: Little Women

Sigh. This is my one relationship that didn’t work out.

I don’t mind Professor Bhaer, but I just feel as if Jo and Laurie should have been the ones to get married. This is a sad example of just not agreeing with the author.

Jess and Darcy: The Mother-Daughter Book Club series

Out of all the couples in The Mother-Daughter Book Club, I have to say that Jess and Darcy are my favorite. What about you?

I think their story is the sweetest. Jess always had a secret crush on Darcy, and then he ended up liking her, too. Everything about them makes me happy- how Darcy tugs her braid, takes her to prom, and doesn’t give up on their relationship when he goes to college. He’s a model boyfriend. The MDBC doesn’t say if any of the girls get married, but I just know that if it did, Jess and Darcy would’ve.

Who are your favorite couples from books? Do you agree with mine? I hope to see you in the comments. 🙂 Thanks for reading, and Happy Valentine’s Day!



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