Series That Will Always Be My Favorites

Hey guys! 🙂 I am happy to say that I am back with a post about books!

*flings confetti*

It has been much too long, and though I have immensely enjoyed my faith-based posts and everything else, I’m glad to be writing about books again!

Today I’m going to be talking about the series that will always, always be my favorites. It’s difficult for me to answer the question, “What’s your favorite book?” …because some of my favorites are not books, but series!

1.) Harry Potter

Yep. I’m not a nerd at all.

There are the people who love Harry Potter, and there are the people who don’t. I’m one of the die-hard fans who has read the books, can quote all the movies, and obsesses over the Harry Potter table at Barnes & Noble every time I go there. 😉 I just can’t resist the magical world it offers.

2.) The Mother-Daughter Book Club

The MDBC is one of the most relatable realistic fictions I’ve ever read. One of the best things about it is that it is completely clean and appropriate, while still capturing the reality of growing up. The characters are true and very well developed, and I feel in love with the series again every time I reread it.

In addition to the fact that the books are just plain wonderful, I’ve been reading Heather Vogel Frederick’s blog for around three years (assuring me the author is just as lovely as her books!). Her blog introduced me to other book blogs and inspired me to start my own.

3.) Percy Jackson- all of them!

I say all of them because there are like five gazillion series. Well, there’s two. And I’m not quite sure what they’re named, I just call them Percy Jackson.

Whatever the titles, I’ve been in complete adoration of them for a while now. Percy and Annabeth are one of my favorite bookish couples, and I have learned a ton about mythology from the series. I think it’s amazing that Rick Riordan was able to make mythology such a big hit with this generation.

4.) Main Street

The Main Street series by Ann M. Martin is like an old friend to me. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have them there. One of my favorite things about Main Street is that there’s a book for each season- that’s not how the series is organized, but there’s a book with Halloween and Thanksgiving, one with Christmas, one with spring…perfect seasonal books.♥

good book

5.) The Mysterious Benedict Society

I have never come across someone who has read this series and not liked it.

Harry Potter? Maybe you’re not a fantasy lover. Percy Jackson? Too much action for some people. But The Mysterious Benedict Society? It. is. incredible. From lovable characters, to witty dialogue, to action-packed chapters. Think of whatever elements you want in a dream book, and the MBS probably has it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂 And that you all had a very Happy Easter! What are the series that you’ll always love? Tell me in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Series That Will Always Be My Favorites

  1. Yes!! Harry Potter! I love the HP table at Barnes & Noble ❤ They have the best selection of POP's! I read one of the Main Street books forever ago. I don't really remember it but I think it was set in autumn… You've made me want to read it again XD I love reading seasonal books.


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