Recap of April//Currently…

Happy May! Since this post is falling on the first day of the month, it’s the perfect chance to recap April and then let you guys know what I’ve been up to lately. 🙂

My April Posts

I kept to my blogging schedule throughout April. I sincerely wish I could blog more, but at this point I just don’t have the time…I admire all those bloggers who get new content up every couple of days!

April Posts I Loved

Here are a few posts from some bloggers that I just loved this month. Go check them out, cause they’re awesome!

What’s Coming Up In May

So far, a few upcoming posts in May are a review on a wonderful book (you’ll have to wait and see what it is!) and a blogger award I was nominated for a few weeks ago. I would also like to do maybe a lifestyle post?! We’ll see! 😉

Now, onto the “currently” part of this post. I get a thrill out of doing these every time, haha. I don’t know why I never did them back on Writer’s Digest!


Listening To: All the songs I recently bought on iTunes. I’ve been putting the playlist on repeat! A few of my favorites are Lost Boy by Ruth B, Ellie Goulding’s cover of Your Song, and Ed Sheeran’s Nancy Mulligan. Oh, and of course I’m always listening to Taylor Swift oldies. 😉

Currently Reading:

  • 1 Kings.
  • I’m in the middle of books right now, but I’m rereading Little Women because, it’s Little Women. (I’m writing this post ahead of time, so if you want to know what I’ve read since, just click the reading count tab at the top of your screen.)

Currently Watching

  • The Voice, with my family.
  • I’m still watching Gilmore Girls and I just finished season 5.
  • I just started this show called The Great British Baking Show, and I love it! It’s a cooking competition, but without horrible mean competitors. And there are shots of little lambs hopping around in the English countryside.♥
  • I restarted Once Upon a Time, just because the first season is so awesome. (In the past, I got bored in Season 3.)

Currently Waiting For

  • Summer.
  • Season 2 of the Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  • Summer.

Currently Wearing

My weekend uniform, otherwise known as Nike shorts and a t-shirt. It may still technically be spring, but I don’t think the 85 degree temperatures got that memo. 😉

How was your April, and what are you looking forward to in May? What are you currently reading/listening to/wearing/waiting for/watching? Thank you for reading, and see you in the comments.





7 thoughts on “Recap of April//Currently…

  1. Thanks for including me in your post! I’m so happy you liked my review 😀
    I’ve been wanting to watch the first season of OUAT again too. I watched the show almost to the third season but I didn’t like the second season. The first is perfect though ❤
    I am anxiously awaiting summer too! We're starting to get warm weather here. I love it.
    Great post Olivia!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re very welcome, Lilah! I always enjoy reading your blog. 🙂
      You should! I agree with you completely. The story of Snow White and Prince Charming never gets old, but all the constant action did after a while.
      YESS! Summer, please come. 😉 It’s basically summer already where I live, so all I need is no school and an open pool..
      Thanks, Lilah! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Liked by 1 person

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