Relatable Bookish Problems

Let’s be honest. Being a bookworm is much more than just five star reviews, photogenic books, and discount bookstores. There are plenty of bookish problems that we all can relate to. 😉

I was inspired to do this post by Lilah’s list of bookworm troubles (you should go read hers, too), and I am excited to share the problems I’ve come up with (in no particular order)! 🙂

1.) Reading horrible reviews of your favorite book. Occasionally, I go onto Goodreads and read reviews of books I really enjoyed. I love reading a 5 star review and nodding along with what the writer of the review said, but it always makes me want to cry when I see that “bookworm123” has given *insert amazing book here* 1 star and then ranted on and on about how horrible it is. How?!?

2.) When a book starts to revolve around romance. Yes, I have my ships (America and Maxon, anyone?), but I can’t stand it when the plot of the book is thrown away and everything starts to circle around romance.

3.) When you can’t find a clean YA book anywhere. This is such a big problem for me! It’s the struggle of being too old to read most MG books, but not wanting to expose yourself to all the unclean content of YA books. 😦 That’s why I end up reading and rereading many Middle Grade novels

4.) When you find a book that looks amazing, and then you open it and it’s written in poetry. I don’t have anything against poetry or things written in verse, I’ve just experienced the same letdown multiple times. I’ll read the cover flap and get excited about the novel, and then…it’s not a novel.

5.) When someone says the movie was better. Maybe the movie was wonderful, but it was not better than the book!

6.) The struggle of reading too many books at once. I’ll be reading around four books at a time, and then I’ll accidentally forget about one, and then I won’t remember what happened, so then I’ll have to start over…and then the cycle occurs again. It’s inescapable!

7.) Sequels. Sometimes sequels don’t live up to the original book. It makes me sad to look at a series that could have been so wonderful, and just died after the first book. (Harry Potter is not an example of this. Somehow J.K. Rowling managed to write six more phenomenal books.)

8.) When someone doesn’t agree with you about a book. This one is kind of a joke, because I promise that I respect everyone’s opinion. But there is that little voice inside of me whispering, noooooo when people don’t like a book I like, don’t have the same opinion about who should have ended up with who, etc. 😉

I hope that you enjoyed my list of bookish problems! I had a lot of fun thinking about this post and then typing it all up. Do you relate to these? What are your biggest problems regarding books? I hope to see you in the comments. 🙂





4 thoughts on “Relatable Bookish Problems

  1. Ooooohhh I hate it when someone doesn’t agree with me about my books or says they’re not good!!! What exactly does shipping two characters mean? Can you ship them if one is dead? Thanks this was awesome!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, so do I! 😉 I mean, how could they not like *insert amazing book*?!
      A ship is like saying that you want two characters to be together. (For example, I ship Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.) I’ve never really thought about the rules of shipping dead characters-
      I don’t think there are any limitations to shipping? 😂Thank you for reading,
      I’m glad you enjoyed this post!


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