July Recap: Blog, Books + Real Life

Happy almost-August, everyone! 🙂

When I saw that this Monday’s post would fall on July 31st, I decided it would be the perfect chance to do a recap of my month as far as books, my blog, and my real life go. I’ve always liked to do recaps like this, so I’m excited to begin!

happy valentine's day


It was a pretty big month for blogging here on Purely Olivia. Not only did I keep to my schedule, I introduced MY BLOG BUTTON and changed around the theme, header, and pretty much everything else on my blog. I’m loving everything new!

Posts I Did in July:

If you happened to miss any of those post, they’re all linked above.😊

What I’m Hoping to Post in August:

This time around, I’ve attempted to plan out my posts for August. Here is a tentative plan for the upcoming month (no promises, though):

  • My 1st Blogoversary is coming up on August 15th! Of course there’ll be a post honoring Purely Olivia’s birthday.
  • I’ve been drafting a post about writing that I’m hoping to get up.
  • Lately I’ve had movie adaptations on the brain, and I was considering doing a post somewhere in the lane of books and movies.


July was a good and bad month for reading all at the same time.

Really good because every book I read was a book I’ve never read before! Surprise, surprise. I normally reread constantly. 😉 But also bad because I only finished 8 books this month. Seeing as that I’m on vacation, I really do expect more from myself.


Buuuut, on a more excited note, THE FINAL BOOK (*tear*) IN THE LAND OF STORIES CAME OUT! And I already read it! It was so good, of course. I need to reread it now because I was so excited to have it, I read it really quickly and probably didn’t retain most of the actual storyline.


I have a pretty hefty TBR right now! Right at the top are We Were LiarsPride & Prejudice, and Always and Forever, Lara Jean. Have y’all read any of these?

Real Life Updates

I had a fairly busy July IRL, mostly because I went out of town. Other than that, I’ve just been staying home- hanging out with friends, reading, writing, working on my blog, that sort of thing.

  • I went on vacation to Boston, which was really fun. We also took a day trip to Rhode Island and a day trip to Cape Cod! While at Wellesley College, which is just outside of Boston, we saw a door that was Harry Potter themed. Pictured below for your enjoyment. 😉


  • I have this one playlist I’ve been playing on repeat. It has songs from Moana, Shawn Mendes (latest obsession), the Dixie Chicks, and one song by Kodaline. ♥
  • School is starting in late August! I’m two-quarters looking forward to it, a quarter dreading it, and a quarter wishing it was just Christmas already.

That wraps up my recap post! I hope you enjoyed reading this *slightly* rambling explanation of my month and goals for August. How are you liking all the new changes on my blog? Have you read the final Land of Stories book yet, or do you want to? Have you gone on any vacations? Tell me about your July! See you all in the comments. 🙂


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