Books That Need to Be Movies (Listen Up, Hollywood!)

We all know that when it comes to books and movies, it’s hit or miss.

There are the greats- Harry Potter, anyone? The Book Thief? In my opinion, those movies really lived up to the books. (Though the books are always better. 😉 ) And then there are the failures. cough*percy jackson*cough.

Today I’ll be sharing with you the books I think should become movies. And these aren’t just books I like- they’re books I believe would make wonderful, action-packed, moving movies. Let’s get started!

1. The Mysterious Benedict Society, by Trenton Lee Stewart

The Mysterious Benedict Society is perfect for a movie. Think about all the things it has going for it!

  • A clear “good” and a clear “evil.”
  • Original characters, all with their own quirky twists.
  • Lots of adventure.
  • Witty lines, humor, and hilarity.
  • Times when you laugh, times when you cry, and times when you smile.


I can completely imagine Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance making their way onto the big screen. Besides, then even more people would want to read the books. 🙂

2. Matched, by Ally Condie

It’s true that Matched isn’t, as far as I’ve heard, such a popular book. (I liked it okay, but didn’t enjoy the rest of the series.) However, I can so see this as a really popular movie.


Dystopian books are big now, and I think they make great movies. It would be interesting to see Cassia’s Match Banquet and her conflict between Ky and Xander in a movie.

3. Since You’ve Been Gone, by Morgan Matson

Since You’ve Been Gone is a sweet, enjoyable YA read. I’m sure that if it were to become a movie it would be enjoyed by so many non-bookish people, too! I could also see this becoming a Netflix series- each episode could be another item Emily checks off on the list left by her best friend, Sloane.


It would be action-packed, romantic, and such a cute chick flick. Can’t you see the movie posters already? 😉

4. Out of My Mind, by Sharon Draper

Out of My Mind is a tear-jerker. I know that if it were a movie, it’d be a tear-jerker movie for sure. But I do think it would be a great one.


The main character, Melody, has cerebral palsy, and no one can tell what she’s thinking. What they don’t know is that she is smarter than most adults- what they don’t know is that though she may not be able to walk or talk, her mind is unaffected. She wants to find a way to show everyone who she really is.

This is such an inspirational book, and sadly many people will never get to experience it because they “don’t like to read.” If it were a movie, the story would be spread to even more people and they too would be inspired.

5. The Mother-Daughter Book Club, by Heather Vogel Frederick

I might be a little biased, because I’ve grown up reading The Mother-Daughter Book Club, but I really do believe it would make a good movie. 😀


It may not be fantasy, it may not have a giant climax, and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I know I’d enjoy it, though, and so would the population of teenage girls. Each of the 4 main characters has a unique personality- but they’re all relatable. It’d be nice to watch such a relatable movie!

And that’s the end of my list! Do you agree with me on any of these books? What books do you think should be movies? Let’s chat! See you in the comments. Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Books That Need to Be Movies (Listen Up, Hollywood!)

  1. Hi! I agree so much with the Matched movie! I read it a whiiiiile ago, and the first book I loved, but then I read #2 and my interest signficantly decreased. I never finished the series, but I do think that as a movie it would have lots of potential!

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