September Wrap-Up + IT IS OCTOBER!!

October is my favorite month of the entire year.

And!! it’s!! finally!! here!!


In today’s post I’ll be wrapping up September, with updates about books, my blog, and my real life! Also, I’ll be doing lots of excited screaming about October because IT IS HERE and I am so happy. 😉

First of all, let’s talk about books!

For most of the later end of summer, I was in a major reading slump. Luckily, I managed to pull out of it in the later part of September! I think it’s because I went to the library and was able to get some books I was interested in reading, which really helped.


I haven’t gotten around to reading all of these yet, but pictured above are the books I got from the library! Have you read any of them?

Since I didn’t read much, I don’t have much to say in the reading department this month. Hopefully there will be a lot more updates next time I do a monthly wrap-up!

Now, moving onto the blog section of this post! It was a good month of blogging for me, and I hope October is the same. 🙂

Posts I Did In September:

I’ve been getting more comments and likes lately, and I just wanted to say thank you very much! It means so much to me, and I love responding and getting to know you all. 😊

Posts I Really Enjoyed By Other Bloggers:

There were definitely a lot more that I just can’t think of in the moment! Feel free to link any blog posts you really liked in the comments and I’ll check them out.

ALSO, quick blogging rant- Picmonkey has changed its settings so you can only download the photos you edited if you pay?!? Thankfully, I found an alternate website, which is where I made this post’s image. (Thank you, BeFunky.) Still, I am a little bit (maybe a little more than a little bit) angry at Picmonkey.


In real life, I am so busy.

I’m dancing a lot, which is making me happier than I can ever remember feeling, but I also have tons of homework and school and blogging and a life and I want to read and I have friends and a family and a faith life and I AM JUST SO BUSY.

there’s a taylor gif for everything

I’m trying to slow down and get into a routine for finding time to do everything. And I’m taking deep breaths. That helps.

A Few Really Good Things That Happened in September:

  • My school had their homecoming dance, and I had so much fun taking pictures and going with my friends.
  • I had my first pumpkin spice frappuccino of the season.❤️
  • I ate a lot of good ice cream.
  • Taylor Swift had two singles come out, which has made my entire year kdjfdluceomceiwaumoaumf.
  • My grandmother came and visited and we celebrated her birthday, and my dad’s birthday.


Now I’m looking forward to October!

October is my favorite month, guys. So many wonderful things always happen this time of year! It’s my birthday month, the weather is beautiful, I love getting to start wearing sweaters and boots (well, sometimes it’s way too hot where I live, but still), and just knowing that fall is here.

The arrival of fall means soon it’ll be Halloween and Thanksgiving, and before we know it, Christmas! Though sometimes I find myself wishing for December to be here right now, I also love living through the slow-paced season of fall.

source here!

This quote is from one of my favorite books of all time, Anne of Green Gables, and it reflects my thoughts exactly. I love October, and I am so happy it’s finally here!

A Few October Goals:

  • Read 8 books
  • Start a daily devotional
  • Get my left splits (for dance)
  • Write good quality blog posts for every Monday
  • Keep up with my 1 Second Every Day app each day of the month
  • Slow down and appreciate everything


Thank you for reading this slightly scatterbrained post! Since my schedule has been so jam-packed lately, I wasn’t able to write this until the last minute…meaning it was a little crazy and unplanned! But, hopefully you can get a feel for how my September was and how excited I am for October. 😉

So, are you really pumped October is here, too? What’s your favorite season? Tell me about your September- and what are your goals for the upcoming month? If you’re a blogger who used Picmonkey, how are you editing your photos now? 



41 thoughts on “September Wrap-Up + IT IS OCTOBER!!

  1. It’s sad that Picmonkey isn’t free anymore! Usually I use Phonto (it’s available on the app store) to make my blog post banners, and it’s a great app! You should totally try it!
    Also I listened to Look What You Made Me Do and …Ready For It? by Taylor Swift and I don’t really like LWYMMD because I am so not used to Tay Tay’s new style? I like …Ready For It? better because it reminds me of Taylor’s songs from Red! Have a happy October 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know, right? It was such a great site! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll definitely check Phonto out.😊
      Yeah, I get it! It took me a while to get used to her new style. Now I’m trying to embrace it, haha!
      You have a happy October as well, Chloe!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. It’s a warm winter for where you live? 😆 It’s only the second day of October, and it’s already started snowing where I live (hard and fast)! I need to get out those boots and warmer clothes… 😑

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Why don’t you use picmonkey and then take a screenshot of the screen? that could not answer your problem if i misunderstood… but it could work. I like October cuz it is birthday month and the more fun meets of cross country.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Olivia! I’m so, so glad that you enjoyed my post. This was such a great wrap-up post. It was a lot of fun to read! And I totally agree, October is the best month of the year 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great post Olivia! I am so happy it’s October. Autumn is my favorite season! I was thinking about that Anne of Green Gables quote all day yesterday. October really is great! It stinks that Picmonkey did that 😦 I usually use either Picmonkey or Canva. I’ve never heard of Befunky but I’ll have to check it out, since the picture looks really good!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ugh I’m SO mad about picmonkey too…buuuut I discovered if you use it through facebook IT STILL WORKS FOR FREE!! (I just typed in facebook + picmonkey and it showed me the app?) So shoutout to a friend who told me about that. 😂 Otherwise I’m so mad they made it so expensive.

    And ahh I’ll Give You The Sun is one of my all-time favourites so I hope you enjoy it!

    And yay for all the dancing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me toooo…BUT WAIT! IT CAN BE FREE?! Thanks so much for telling me! I don’t have Facebook but still, it’s an option.😉

      I just started I’ll Give You the Sun! I’m about .4 pages in, so I don’t yet have an opinion, but good to know it’s one I’ll probably enjoy!

      Haha, yep! Thanks for reading!


  7. AGH PICMONKEY. Everyone tells me to use it but that website had wayyy too much stuff that was restricted for members or whatever which was super frustrating so I use Canva which is the BEST design website ever. I did use BeFunky for editing my photos but strangely the website doesn’t work on my new computer which is annoying.

    Aw I love all of Morgan Matson’s books they’re SO CUTE. The Unexpected Everything is one of my favorites by her, I own it and am still obsessed with the cover lol. I Am Number Four is pretty good but definitely not amazing imo. You’re wrap-up picture at the top is so cute!! Did you take it? Because I can never find pretty fall pictures on the internet that aren’t cheesy looking!

    I was so excited about Taylor Swift’s new singles!!!!!! Wait homecoming…are you in high school or middle school? I feel so sad I’ve never been to a homecoming dance but lol I’m only a freshman and went to this middle school that was super lame and had like 150 kids and it probably sounds like I live in Topeka Kansas…

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    • Yes, Picmonkey has its struggles! The newest one is only allowing saved photos for members, agh. I used to use Canva, but I wanted to use my own fonts so I switched over to Picmonkey. Aww, that’s too bad about BeFunky! :/ I really like it so far.

      ME TOO! I haven’t read Second Chance Summer yet, though, and I really want to. And thanks for the tip on I Am Number Four. Honestly I just want to know what happens to him, so I’m going to read it.😂

      I got the wrap-up picture from , which has soooo many absolutely free photos you can use without worrying about copyright or anything! IT IS SO AMAZINGGGG.

      Same here! 113% Swiftie, that’s me haha. And yes, I’m in high school and it was my first homecoming dance I’ve been to. WOW that’s a small middle school but haha middle school dances were pretty lame where I live too. 😉

      AND THANKS FOR THE LONG COMMENT it actually made my day because I love long chatty comments and ahhh thanks Sarah!

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      • Oh wow thanks so much that website is really cool!! I’ll definitely be using it in the future! I had found a website like that before but this one is way better!

        Aw sure!! But to be fair you always leave comments on my blog it’s so nice and I still owe you ahaha.

        AH ARE YOU A FRESHMAN TOO? That’ll be kinda weird if you aren’t…you probably aren’t. (I asked if a junior was a sophomore in spanish whoops)

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  8. I’ve read Holding up The Universe and I absolutely loved it!! I hope you enjoy it a lot as well!!
    I’m glad I’ve found a fellow pumpkin spice frappucino lover! I mean..let’s appreciate it’s sugary genius!
    I’ve had a pretty busy month too with school and things but now I cannot wait for Halloween!! October is definitely one of my favorite months of the year! I just love autumn so much. It’s perfect for baking and reading and I just love how cozy everything is!
    Hope you beat the reading slump and you have a better time reading this month <3!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s good to hear! Hope I’ll enjoy it just as much as everyone else seems to have.😊
      YES to all things pumpkin spice, haha! Sugary genius lovers unite.
      I completely feel you! Autumn is just the best season and it has so many feels.❤️
      Thanks for the best wishes, and for your sweet comment! Have a great day!

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  9. PicMonkey nearly ruined my entire day when I found out about it.. But, I agree with Sarah.. Canva is the best! That’s what I use too!

    I love the Taylor Swift gif! And that’s so cool that you are a dancer! I’m a new follower here, so, happy to be getting to know you!

    Anyway, I did a “Would you rather” book tag today and tagged all my favorite blogs. If you’d like, you can check it out here:

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  10. ikr!! I can’t believe PicMonkey made us pay just to download the stuff you make on there… I use Canva now. it’s pretty cool! :))
    and I NEED TO GET MY LEFT SPLITS TOO. high five! my flexibility sucks and it’s so bad. xD

    Liked by 1 person

  11. WHy have I only thought to check your blog out now? IT IS AMAZING!!

    I am really excited that it is October too! Halloween, Pumpkins, fall. SO MANY GOOD THINGS. My favorite season is Summer though. IM SORRY. Everyone is complaining about Picmonkey and I’m just there like oH HELLO, I use Canva! I hope you can read 8 books but…I’ll Give You The Sun. This took me ages to ACTUALLY START LIKING IT. At first I HATED IT but then it gets better and read read read iittt! Hope you enjoy the rest of your library books and I am so glad you are out of your slump

    Liked by 1 person

    • AWE THANK YOU! That made my day.❤️I love your blog, too!

      I know, right? Fall just brings so many wonderful things. Haha, I like summer
      too.😉It’s just like unbearably hot where I live, so that takes some of the shine out of that season.

      Hopefully I’ll be able to get into I’ll Give You The Sun! I’ve heard so many people say that loved it that I feel like it must be good. XD

      Thank you, and thanks for the comment!


  12. ooh it sounds like you had a good September! I’m excited for October too, who doesn’t love fall?
    This is totally random but I think that your wall is like the exact same color as my wall haha.
    I used Pic Monkey for photos too, but now Ivy and I are using Fotor and I actually think I like it better…
    Oh, I nominated you for the a to z bookish survey tag:

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