March Recap // I Read Six of Crows, Spring Break, & My Current Playlist!!

All of a sudden it’s April.

Somehow we’ve made it through another month of the year! 2018 still feels like yesterday (yes, I will not stop saying this in every monthly recap), but we’ve already gone through a fourth of the year.

So, even though I can hardly believe it’s April, it’s April!! That means it’s time to take a look back at March and see what happened as far as books, blogging, and life in general.

Blog Title - Design #1 (18)

This post contains a lot of parentheses (if you haven’t noticed, I love them), beautiful book covers, and instances of me obsessing over books I read and the music I listened to in typical Olivia fashion. Continue at your own risk?? But please continue.

Without further ado, into the post!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.21.59 PM

March was a good reading month! I read a lot of beautiful contemporaries, one non-fiction, and even a fantasy. I’m proud of myself for reading fantasy.

BecomingMe Before You (Me Before You, #1)Just For ClicksEliza and Her MonstersAn Abundance of KatherinesLeah on the Offbeat (Creekwood, #2)Radio SilenceSimon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (Creekwood, #1)Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)My Lady Jane (The Lady Janies, #1)

I actually ended up reading so many books off my TBR?? I consider this an accomplishment because I usually get distracted by rereads.

I did reread two books, Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda and My Lady Jane, but that was only because I bought them both this month at a secondhand store (for $4.99 each, what is this magic?) and once I had them I started rereading all my favorite parts and then realized the whole books were my favorite parts, so then I just…reread them.

But! No regrets. I love both of those books with all my heart.

I’m planning on doing mini reviews for most of these, as well as full reviews for a couple of them. To address the elephant in the room, I will be doing a full review for Six of CrowsAka the most hyped book of all time. The only thing I’m going to say is that everyone was absolutely right about it.


How I Did on March Goals:

  • Read 10 books ✅ hi, yes, I’m just as shocked about this as you are??
  • Take book photos ✅
  • Go the library ✅ twice!! because spring break!
  • Keep up on Goodreads ✅
  • Read that fantasy book ✅ dearest Six of Crows, I love you
  • Buddy reads ❌ I didn’t do this? but I want to soon!

April Reading Goals:

  • Read 8 books
  • Take book photos + return to bookstagram!!
  • Go to the library
  • Buddy reads

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.23.22 PM

I wasn’t the best blogger this month. But that’s okay. I posted some, I took breaks when I needed it, and I didn’t feel as much pressure.

Even if I missed some of my posting days, I liked all the posts I did write (I hope you all liked them too) and that’s what really matters!!

I was able to read posts more frequently this month, but sadly I didn’t keep track of some of my favorites. That’s something I’m going to make an effort to do next month!


How I Did on March Goals:

  • Stay on schedule ❌
  • Review/recommendations post ✅
  • Read more of other bloggers’ posts ✅❌ kind of, but not enough!
  • Do a tag ✅
  • Discussion post ❌ hopefully this month??

April Blogging Goals:

  • Stay on schedule
  • At least one book review
  • Discussion post
  • Do a tag
  • Keep track of posts I enjoyed
  • Consistently read other bloggers’ posts


I have been feeling very inspired to blog the past few days- I try to never write out of a place completely lacking in motivation, but I’ve been unusually inspired to write posts and I’ve had a lot of ideas. I’m excited to see what this month holds with blogging!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.24.02 PM

Honestly, it still kind of feels like 2018. I can’t believe it’s actually April??

March was a good month, albeit over too quickly. Nothing too notable happened, but there were a few small things that all accumulated together to create March 2019 for me.

  • I’m on a social media fast. For most of March, and for most of April, I’m on a social media fast. I miss it, but not a lot, and I’m so much more productive now. Y’all, my screen time is down an hour and a half per day. That’s terrifying.
  • It was spring break! Spring break was perfectly relaxing, and I loved it. I spent most of my time watching The Office (with which I am now obsessed), reading, and I also went on a college tour with one of my friends.
  • I also ate these delicious pancakes. I felt like this photo needed to be shared, maybe because I’m evil and just wanted to make all your mouths water.


  • I got a letter board! This seems a little unimportant, but I’m just really excited about it. It’s so cute! Right now I have the quote “after all this time…always” on it. Even though I despise Snape and his obsession with Lily Potter, I still really like this quote and I can’t get rid of the emotional value it holds for me no matter how much I technically don’t like the context.
  • Dance in general. Things are really busy right now in my dance world because our spring concert is at the beginning of May and we also have another performance this coming weekend. I love all my dances though, and I can’t wait!


I have been listening to a lot of music lately, and I decided to share some a bit of my current playlist on this post! (I was inspired by Lais, who did the same, and Annie, because her post reminded me how much fun it is to read about music.)


This is the cover that Amazon music created for my playlist, and I have to say it pretty much sums up my current music taste. Also, it’s oddly aesthetically pleasing to me??

So, here are a few of my favorite songs at the moment.

  • Tenerife Sea, Ed Sheeran // This song is beautiful!! I am in a Very Big Ed Sheeran phase right now, and this song is no exception.
  • Guns and Ships, Hamilton // I finally memorized this! I know, it’s kind of a Hamilfan rite of passage and I’m very late but I’m still proud. So now I rap it every chance I get.
  • Jaded, Chase Goehring // Chase Goehring is an underrated artist that I discovered when he was on America’s Got Talent a couple years ago. My sister and I are fans of all his music, but this one has been my favorite this month.
  • Trust Fund Baby, Why Don’t We // This is such a good song?? I love the beat and it’s been amazing singing this in my car the past few weeks.
  • Olivia, One Direction // Besides the fact that it kind of feels like One Direction is singing to me, this song is genuinely so good. I love the chorus especially.

There you have it, some of the songs I’ve been listening to on repeat! There are a lot more, but I’ll spare us all the trouble and stop here. 😉


I hope you enjoyed this monthly recap! Overall, March was good, but I’m excited to see all that April brings. Hopefully it didn’t bring you any April Fool’s day pranks today.

That concludes this rather lengthy, but incredibly fun to write, post! I’ll see you all next week, or sooner in the comments.✨

How was your March? What was the best book you read? What song do you have on repeat? I’d love to chat with you all in the comments.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.17.37 PM

Photo by Angela Compagnone on Unsplash >> Credits for the image I used in this post’s featured image!

73 thoughts on “March Recap // I Read Six of Crows, Spring Break, & My Current Playlist!!

  1. Great job nailing those goals 👌
    AHHH six of crows is TBR
    My April is pretty open so let me know if you want to do a buddy read!
    I’m loving loving loving Why Don’t We right now ❤ *coughcough* #boybandobsession
    Best of luck with your April goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Isabel! I would love to buddy read something, if you have any ideas let me know and I’ll do the same. 🙂 Oh my gosh, I love that you love Why Don’t We too, haha, boy band obsessions are the best! Thank you again, wishing you a lovely April.💘

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice job!! March was a good blogging/life/reading month for me. 😀 I’m glad it was for you, too. That’s a good amount of books. I most recently read The Little Prince and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane which were simple and short books, but very cute. 🙂 I am now reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin. 😀 I love “Style” by Taylor Swift right now and TobyMac songs.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Why Don’t We is so underated!!! honestly, i don’t get why they aren’t more popular???? I LOVE trust fund baby. And yes, let’s rap Guns and Ships together!!!!!

    So, far safe from April Fools Pranks 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Is that ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’m screaming ah I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it! And I’m curious about your review of Six of Crows, too, it’s true that it’s the most hyped book of all times haha, but I’m glad you liked it! 🙂
    THESE PANCAAKES, Olivia you are indeed evil, I want to eat these right now haha.
    I hope you’ll have a wonderful April ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The best book I read in March, I think, is “Buried Beneath the Baobab Tree.” It was so heartbreaking, but so good.
    I’m digging this post – I love “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda”! And I’m a big fan of “Six of Crows.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I haven’t heard of that one! I’ll have to look it up, I’m a sucker for a heartbreaking but good story. 🙂
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Ahh, both of those are now some of my all-time favorites.


  6. Wow you got through so many books this month, and some great ones too. What did you think of Radio Silence? I have all of Alice Oseman’s releases on my TBR list (other than Heartstopper which I’ve already read) but I’ve heard great things about them and I’m looking forwards to getting started.
    I’m very glad you enjoyed Six of Crows, and that you thought it lived up to the hype (there’s a lot of hype for it that’s for sure!) I’ll be looking forwards to seeing your review when it’s posted.
    I hope you have a good April, and good luck with all your goals for the month as well. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaah, Radio Silence was SO GOOD. I think I’m going to be doing a full review on it because I have so many thoughts! It ended up being my favorite book of the month and I already know I’m going to want to reread it. I haven’t read any other Alice Oseman books- what were your thoughts on Heartstopper?
      Me too! Haha, there is so much hype for it. 😉
      Thank you so much, Beth! I hope that your April is also wonderful.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Great wrap up! You’re doing awesome on your goals overall. I should try listing out monthly goals, maybe I can finally get myself to be productive. If you’re looking for someone to buddy read with, I’m interesting. I’ve never done it before and would love to try it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thank you, Taylor! 💓I’ve found listing monthly goals helps me stay more accountable (though usually I don’t achieve that many of them, haha). Oh, I’d love to buddy read! If you have any books in mind, just let me know by email or in another comment.☺️


  8. helllooooo! to be honest i didnt read much in march, im trying to get back into my reading grind, slowly but surely. the best book i read this month was ps. i still love you by jenny han (im so late im only now reading the tatb serie omg) and it was SO good.

    this month i was into a kpop mood so the song i listened on repeat was ”say my name” by the group ATEEZ. i loveeeee them theyre so adorable.

    for april i hope to get better at blogging and to do well on my finals and hopefully work a lot on my wips hehe!

    i hope u have an amazing day 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hiii! I hope getting back in your reading grind continues to go well this April. Oh my gosh, I loved P.S. I Still Love You?! It was my favorite book in the whole trilogy.🙈

      I’ve never been into k-pop (but I guess I’ve never really given it a chance either so I can’t really say?) but maybe I’ll have to give that song a look!

      Best of luck with all your goals, and your finals, this month! Thank you so much for the kind comment, and I hope you have an amazing day (and month), too. ❤


  9. Wonderful post, Olivia! March went by way to fast! But I have been waiting for April to come (not that the fact my birthday is in April and I am getting braces has anything to do with it 🙂 ! XD! I listened to “Olivia” It was really good! (I can see why you like it!) I don’t thing there are any songs with my name in it?!? I have been listening to Taylor Swift a lot lately I especially like “Love Story” and “Fifteen” THOSE PANCAKES LOOK AMAZING!!!! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  10. you read so many great books!!! and contemporaries too im all heart eyes. i’m so glad you loved six of crows, it’s such a great fantasy series and i just adore the characters so much. those pancakes look ridiculously delicious and i cant believe you’re temping me like this, so evil

    it looks like you had such a great month though and i hope your april is even more amazing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, always all the heart eyes for contemporary.😍The characters in Six of Crows are actually the best??! I’m sorry for tempting you, May, I had to. XD

      Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful month too, I miss seeing your beautiful posts and I hope your March went well (and that April does too!). ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I love the Hamilton soundtrack but I’m not even going to try to memorize Guns and Ship. XD There’s no way I could do it 😂 For a song I’ve had on replay.. definitely Sucker by the Jonas Brothers. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, that’s what I said, but over a year later, here we are.😂Oh, I really love Sucker, too! And it’s just amazing to see the Jonas Brothers back together, it’s my childhood all over again. I hope you have a great month, Maddy! ❤


  12. Ooh this is such a great wrap Olivia! It makes my heart so happy to see Radio Silence, Six of Crows, AND Eliza & Her Monsters on here❤️❤️❤️ 3 of my all time faves! And I’m super excited to read your review of SoC. Do you have a favorite character from the series so far?? ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh, thank you, Brianna! All of those were so amazing, you just happened to name my three favorite reads of the month. 😉 It’s so hard to pick a favorite?? Based also on Crooked Kingdom (I’m about 3/4 of the way done), I think maybe Jesper…but I love them all!


  13. I think it’s funny how you say 2018 feels like yesterday because for me it feels like a lifetime ago!! I’m super excited for your full review for Six of Crows ❤ 🙂 I also need to add return to bookstagram to my April goals. Your pancakes look delicioussss. I also had some pancakes this month too, and they were such a highlight ❤

    Happy Reading for April!!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Those pancakes are making me hungry!! And I’m curious what you thought of Radio Since and Eliza and Her Monsters since I really enjoyed both of those books! Also, in order to keep track of posts we normally have a draft of our next wrap up ready pretty early in the month, and we add posts we enjoy to it as we find them.

    This month I’ve been listening to 3 songs I’ve discovered from watching Umbrella Academy, on repeat. It makes me so happy every time I listen to them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Oh, I’ll be sure to review both of those, they were a couple of my favorite reads of the month. Thank you so much for the suggestion- that’s a really great idea for me to try out this April!☺️

      Aww, that’s awesome- I haven’t seen Umbrella Academy yet, but I’ve had a few people recommend it to me, so I’ll have to try it out after I finish The Office!


  15. Yes, go parantheses. :))
    Ohh, you read Becoming! Was it as amazing as the world has been saying? Ah, I still need to read Eliza and Her Monsters. Okay, I’ve read Six of Crows, Radio Silence, and My Lady Jane. I’m excited to read your review on Six of Crows. Are you going to read Crooked Kingdom? I have not read it. What did you think of the other two? I thought both of them were good, I have to say that I didn’t fall in love with the characters in them. Things I remember: the boy’s mom in Radio Silence was terrifying, I liked the part at the end in My Lady Jane where Jane puts a book on every chair at the wedding and tells him she loves him more than books.
    Ohh yea, the screen time function. (Insert nervous smile emoji.) Ahh, the Office!!! Which season are you on? I’m on four and have been for a while now. What have been some of your favorite moments so far? I think the best way to go on college visits is with friends. Those pancakes look amazing. I love letterboards! That is momentous news.
    Hahaha, I love that One Direction has a song called Olivia. That’s amazing. And I haven’t heard of Chase Goehring before but I’ll have to check it out. I’m listening to Jaded right now while reading this comment. :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! (Always.)
      I did- and yes, it really was as amazing as the world has said. Reading it felt like I was having a conversation with Michelle Obama and it was so informative and intriguing. I have read Crooked Kingdom! I thought it was really good- it wasn’t as good as SOC, but it pretty much lived up to my standards. I loved both My Lady Jane (I thought it was hilarious, and I don’t often read hilarious books) and Radio Silence (I couldn’t put it down). Aww, I like that part too! Haha, the nervous smile emoji pretty much sums up my thoughts on the screen time function. I’m on season 5 of the Office! It’s funny, I remember when I was still on season 1 and you were watching it and now I somehow got ahead. (I think I should be worried about the amount of Netflix I watched on spring break.) I love Jim’s small pranks on Dwight and just the mundane but hilarious (and completely random) things that they do/talk about. Yes, I agree! Haha, they were, and yes, it is momentous.
      I was so happy when I found out, haha. Yay- let me know what you think of Jaded. My favorite song of his is Acapella, in case you wanted to listen to another one.


  16. Yayyyy, I’m so glad you enjoyed Six of Crows! It really is a very hyped book, and despise some minor issues I have with this series, I still consider it 100% worth the hype.
    It seems like March was a very good reading month for you. I hope to find time to read Becoming, by Michelle Obama, but life has been chaotic with school and it is quite a long one – the audiobook is around 19h long? -, so I don’t think it will be happening any time soon. I’m excited to pick up Eliza and Her Monsters next month as well!
    I’ve tried being better about spending less time on social media this year as well, and it’s been surprisingly a good time. I still spend just as much time on my phone because I have been listening to audiobooks there so my screen time hasn’t changed as much. However, I do know that I haven’t been roaming through Instagram and Twitter as much. In fact, it bothers me to do so now. As I’ve stopped checking my phone every five seconds, I’ve actually started to realize just how much people around me do the same. I was the only one *not* using their phone in a subway car the other day, and it hit me just how much we’ve become almost dependent on our phones to entertain ourselves. I am glad that I’ve been going around with a book rather than my phone now!
    I’m so glad you shared some of your favorite songs with us! Ed Sheeran is one of my favs too. I also ADORE the song Olivia; it must be nice to have a song title with the same name as you? Or maybe a pain, if it’s a very popular song. In my country, there’s a very well known song titled ‘Ana Julia’, so all the other Ana Julia’s in Brazil probably grew up listening to someone sing that song everytime they said their name, lol.
    I’m listening to Jaden and Trust Fund Baby right now! I didn’t know these artists at all, so I’m excited to check them out! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you have an amazing April! Sorry for the ridiculously long comment, by the way! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thank you, Lais! I agree so much, it really does deserve the hype. ❤
      Wow, I didn't realize the audiobook would be so long! It definitely took me quite a while to read it, it was about two weeks of me reading it every night before bed. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it and on Eliza and Her Monsters!
      It is crazy how much people (including me, haha) use their phones! When I don't have social media, I constantly find myself in situations where everyone is looking at their phone and I end up feeling slightly awkward with nothing to do.
      It is nice to have a song with my name! It's not crazy popular, I actually have never heard it played in public, haha, so I doesn't get tiring. Haha, that's so funny!
      Ahh, I hope you enjoy them, I'm so happy you could discover some new artists. Thank you so much, and thank you for the amazing comment, I loved it! Happy April☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  17. OMG OLIVIA I’m so glad you liked Six of Crows!! I remember being so scared when I read it because of how hyped it was but ahh it’s so good. And I’m so glad you had a good month and you totally killed it with your goals. I would love to do a buddy read—I have a few books I have to read this month, but maybe we could do one in May if you’re interested? I’ve never done one before but they sound so fun! (Also I’m still super behind on commenting as you can see lol.)

    Liked by 1 person

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