My Summer Bucket List // collab with annie @ zoelogist // ft. watching marvel movies, harry potter, & more!

If you know me, then you know I love making lists.

I’m constantly making lists, whether they’re in my head, on paper, or in my phone, and I make lists about pretty much everything. Sometimes the Type A in me really comes out. Despite lists being a part of my daily life, today’s post is something special, because it’s my summer bucket list!

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This post is a collab with an amazing blogging friend of mine, Annie. Her blog is called Zoelogist, and if you haven’t already visited it, I highly recommend that you go read all of her posts right now. 😉 (Or at least read some of my favorites! Even though they’re all my favorites.) Annie is a wonderful human being and I’m lucky that we discovered each other’s blogs and we get to have long comment conversations together.

All of that to say- we’re doing a collab today! Basically, both of us are posting our own summer bucket lists today, and then to jazz things up, we also made comments on the other person’s list. So you’ll be hearing Annie’s thoughts as well as mine in this post!

Without further ado, because I’m too excited to keep carrying on in this introduction, cue the post.


Read 30 books.

This…sounds like an ambitious goal. Especially since I’ve only read 40ish books in the first five months of the year. But I have to say, I’ll be severely disappointed in myself if I don’t manage to reach this goal. Seeing as I have close to zero plans for the summer, it should be completely feasible for me to read 30 books in two and a half months??

We’ll see if Netflix and social media have other plans for me. But I feel like I can do this as long as I don’t neglect reading for other things!

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Wait, I only read 40ish books in the first five months too! But summer reading is a completely different planet than school-time reading-I think you will definitely reach this goal. :))


Do random acts of kindness.

This is fairly self-explanatory! There are so many random acts of kindness that I can easily do and that I want to do this summer. Here are just a few options:

  • Leave positive notes in library books
  • Write notes to my friends telling them how much I appreciate them
  • Leave a small amount of money taped on a vending machine
  • Bake cookies for my neighbors
  • Leave notes on people’s cars unless this is illegal?
  • Pay it forward at a drive-thru

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Ahh, I love this! Especially the notes for your friends. My favorite part about birthdays or Christmas is getting notes from people. If I found a note in a library book or received a pay-it-forward, I would be telling people about that for a while. Haha, is leaving notes on people’ cars illegal??


Watch (most of) the Marvel movies.

A while ago, in one of our many long comment conversations, Annie and I came up with a deal. I can’t remember whose idea it initially was. Maybe it was more of a collective decision. Our deal is that I would watch the Marvel movies this summer, and she would read Harry Potter.

Image result for amazing harry potter gif

This stemmed from our various obsessions, hers with Marvel and mine with Harry Potter. Both of us also wanted to try the other (I was interested in the Marvel movies, she was interested in Harry Potter) but I feel like without this deal neither of us would actually commit.

So! The deal was born, and I can’t decide if I’m more excited to watch the Marvel movies or to witness Annie’s reaction to reading Harry Potter.

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I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. I have already asked to borrow the first Harry Potter book from a friend! I’m actually a little nervous for you to watch the Marvel movies. I just don’t think they can compare to Harry Potter.


Get a tan.

This is on my bucket list every year, and I’ll be interested to see if this is the year it actually happens. It’s not as if I don’t spend a lot of time outside in the summer, at the pool or just hanging out, but the problem is my skin is extremely fair. This leads to minimal tanning.

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Haha, I hope this is the summer! And I’m wishing you all the anti-sunburn luck. :))


Have another Harry Potter marathon, both with the books and with the movies.

Okay, I’m probably too obsessed with Harry Potter.

But now that I’ve admitted it…let me talk more about my obsession. 😉 Even though I reread the books this January and had a marathon of the movies last November…I still think a reread and rewatch is in order??

I miss Hogwarts. I miss the golden trio. It’s time to go back, and I really want to do that this summer!

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This one surprises me zero percent.


Prepare for school stuff next year.

This one is a little boring. And also sad, because it’s summer gosh darn it, and I don’t want to be thinking about school. Yet here I am, thinking about school.

Image result for i'm fine ross gif

This summer I’m going to be trying to do as much SAT prep as possible because I have the tests coming up! I’m not going to dedicate my summer to it, but I’m hoping to find a good routine to follow. I’m using Khan Academy to prep because it lets you connect your PSAT scores and then gives you specialized exercises to work on, all for free! This isn’t sponsored. I’m just a nerd.

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Khan Academy is so great! But yeppp, I’m doing SAT prep this summer too. Mental head palm.


Keep improving and growing my blog and bookstagram.

One of the best parts about summer is having time to work on my blog! Writing more posts, interacting more, falling more in love with it- that’s something I’m always up for.

This summer, I want to just continue growing my blog and make it a happier and happier place, as much as I can. I also want to actually dedicate myself to bookstagram?? School has caused me to neglect it more than I wanted to. Here’s to days of taking pictures and posting them and posting them frequently! *raises a glass of sprite to that*

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*raises waterbottle*


Go on adventures.

Summer is a time for adventures. Whether that means exploring my town, going to the bigger city I live near, or even just driving around with music blaring and the windows down, I want to have new adventures this summer.

Image result for adventuring gif

This is actual footage of me talking about the adventures I want to go on. XD

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YES!!! Like a drive-in movie? :))


Make bread from scratch.

Recently, my favorite Youtuber and social media influencer is Kristin Johns. She’s sweet, funny, has the best sense of style, and is a lover of plants and homemade bread and just gives me all the Hufflepuff vibes!

She’s started a new series of her channel where she bakes things, especially different kinds of breads because that’s what she loves to make the most. I’ve never made bread entirely from scratch- only with a breadmaker, which I don’t think counts.

It might sound like I’m stuck in the 1800s, but now I want to make bread too?? Right now I’m thinking about trying the chocolate babka she made a video about, but depending on what else she does a video about, I might change my mind.

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Wait, the actress who plays Pam actually has a whole Instagram stories section about the bread she bakes!


Find new shows and new music.

I’m currently on the last season of The Office, which means I’m soon going to have to find a new show to obsess over. It’s still up in the air what that show will be- I’m hoping I’m able to find multiple shows that I love this summer.

Also, new music! I’m somewhat of a musicaholic. I need to find new artists, songs I haven’t heard by artists I love, and uncover more songs to add to my summer playlist. Also, I’ll be patiently awaiting Taylor Swift’s new music. Or possibly not too patiently because I JUST CAN’T WAIT.

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Oooh, I’m excited to see what show you decide on. Are there any candidates right now? Oops, I guess I’m not supposed to be asking you questions in my thoughts questions, am I? Oops, there’s another thought.


That concludes my summer bucket list!

Thank you all for reading, and thank you again to Annie for collaborating with me on this. Please don’t forget to check out her blog if you haven’t already, because you definitely won’t regret it! 🙂 Oh, and of course go read her summer bucket list, too.

Wishing you all the best summer.✨

What’s on your summer bucket list? Do we have anything that’s the same? Are you already on summer vacation? I’d love to chat with all of you in the comments.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.17.37 PM

P.S. I did a buddy read with the amazing Jenna, and her review of the book we read, On the Come Up, is out on her blog now! Please, please go read it and give it some love. My review is to come!

Photo by Evi Radauscher on Unsplash

52 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List // collab with annie @ zoelogist // ft. watching marvel movies, harry potter, & more!

  1. THIS IS SO CUTE!! I love the little random acts of kindness (I’m going to do the note in a library book one). And HP marathon! I actually plan to re-read them soon! I finally got all the books (YAY).

    My friends and I plan to do a lot of exploration this summer, especially parts of Ontario and Quebec that we haven’t explored yet and are LITERALLY where we live — cheap AND fun. We also want to do a drive in and go look at constellations at this place close by known for clear skies.

    I honestly think this is the CUTEST thing ever. I hope you have so much fun with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh, thank you so much! I’m so happy you’re going to do the note in the library book idea. That’s so exciting that you got all the Harry Potter books, they’re always a great addition to a bookshelf. ❤

      Cool! Yeah, I also realized that there are cities right by my house that I could explore for cheap, haha. Ooh, stargazing sounds so fun!

      Aww, thank you again so, so much! I hope you have an amazing summer. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh I love these goals so much, Olivia! I share a lot of them as well. I really want to watch a lot more Marvel movies (I’ve seen 11, so half, but they’re pretty much all the recent ones), but I’m broke and don’t want to buy or rent them. (I’m just waiting to go on a long distance flight to watch them lmao!!) I also really want to read a lot — though that hasn’t been happening a lot lately — and watch shows and blog, and basically do everything I can’t do while I’m in school! Good luck with your bucket list, I’m sure you’ll be able to tick them all off ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah I hope you love the Marvel movies! I’ve watched a bunch of them in the last year and a half or so. It was a little daunting at first because there are so many of them and they all connect, but I’ve really enjoyed a lot of them, though my favorites are Black Panther and Spider-Man Homecoming. Khan Academy sounds really cool—I’ll definitely look into that since I’ll be starting SAT prep in not too long also *cries*

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This was such a cute post! I love Annie’s responses to all the items on your bucket list! My trick whenever I have a lot of books I want to read, is to read lots of graphic novels. That’s the only way I can read this year with all my schoolwork. And speaking of schoolwork, good luck with your SAT prep! That stuff is no fun. I actually opted to take the ACT instead, since the SATs scared me!

    Chana has plans of introducing me to the Marvel universe this summer as well! I haven’t watched a single Marvel movie! I would also love to travel and go on some sort of adventure once my summer class ends! I hope you have a wonderful summer and manage to check off every item on your bucket list!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh, thank you so much!💘I’ve never actually read a graphic novel, at least not in years, but that’s a good tip that I’ll have to utilize soon. Thank you- that reminded me, I should probably do ACT prep too, because I think I want to take it as well since I don’t know how the SAT will go!

      We’ll be discovering Marvel together! I hope we love it. XD Thank you so much, I hope you have the most wonderful summer!


  5. I love this post! It’s so much easier to read in the summer so I 100% believe in your reading 30 books! Also leaving notes in library books is such a good idea maybe I’ll steal it????? Good luck with your tan too hahahaha every summer I just hope to get rid of my sock tan…never happens…lmao

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow, you’ll have a busy summer! I have a lot of things planned through August, though I’m hoping to keep July free for lots of library visits.
    Great list, I wish you the best with them!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. My Summer Bucket List is still under construction, especially since here in NZ we have just gone into winter! I would love to do something similar to your Random Acts of Kindness! It sounds so cool! Are there any specific books from your TBR you want to tackle this summer?
    -Emma 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh, happy winter to you! I hope it’s a wonderful one. 😉 Hmm, I don’t know if there are a ton of specific books I want to read?? Usually I just see what they have at the library and go with those. I do want to read Red, White, & Royal Blue and The Boy Who Steals Houses for sure. Thank you for the comment, Emma! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  8. This is such a cute post!! Especially the random acts of kindness, you’re gonna make so many strangers happy 😭 And omg I wanna learn how to make bread as well, one of my friends has been experimenting with his wife & their creations are AMAZING 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  9. You “only” read 40 books in the first five months of the year? BUT THIS IS AWESOME already! I hope you’ll get to read a lot of books this summer, Olivia 🙂 And random acts of kindness, ahh this is such a sweet thing to do I love it. And I approve that Harry Potter marathon 200%. We always need Harry Potter marathons in our lives 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thank you Marie! ❤ Eep, you're the kindest. Haha, yes, Harry Potter is always a necessity. (I really need to scream over the young golden trio once again, they just get more adorable every time I watch the early movies.) Wishing you the best summer!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. aaay, olivia, marvel for the win! I love this collab, I never would have thought of doing that haha. annie’s blog is ah-mazing, I love the second one you linked. also, 40 is gooood, you judge too hard (or is that just me I’m at 30 ouches). but my school ended yesterday, and I can’t wait to read more -starts plotting…- aaa, I love the positive notes one! the idea that a stranger thought to make someone’s day better is the sweetest. good luck on the SAT’s, I know that preparation can be hecka exhausting. and yes! I’m one of those people who preps for school as much as possible during the summer and waits for vacation during school.. oops.
    adventures away!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aah, thank you, Vaishnavi! I know, Annie’s blog is the best. :)) Haha, maybe I’m being too hard on myself?? You should be super proud of 30, that’s amazing.💘I’m so glad you’re on summer vacation now, I hope you have the best time reading and relaxing during your time off! Oh my gosh, I relate- I try to prep for school in summer but during the school year all I want is summer. XD Thank you for the lovely comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. OOOO make bread from scratch sounds so fun!! i want to see pictures/updates on this 😍 One of my friends loves making sourdough and red bean bread. It’s also so much healthier too when you make it yourself. I also love the random acts of kindness ❤ I'm definitely going to be trying to do more in the future too~

    Liked by 1 person

  12. OMGG hope you enjoy the mcu movies! i’ve been a marvel fan for as long as i can remember (my parents have always been mcu nerds lol). i’ve been binging all of them on repeat lately? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Sooo, am I biased if I say I love this post?? :))
    Hahaha, I love that you used a Harry Potter gif for our Marvel/Harry Potter exchange. Wait, wouldn’t be so cool if people exchanged worlds they love like this? I’m guessing the other world you would want to exchange would be Friends? Hm, I would say the next world I would want to exchange would be The Divine Cities. But whoa whoa whoa I am getting way too ahead of myself here.
    Also random thought, did people still make bread in the 1800s? When did most people start buying premade bread instead of making it themselves?
    Also, have you heard of KD? It stands for Karen Dillard, and it’s a SAT/ACT/test prep company that has several locations in the area. I don’t know there’s any close to you though. It’s a bit of a right of passage for people at church.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, not at all. 😉
      How could I not? I use Harry Potter gifs even when Harry Potter is unrelated to the topic. XD That would be SO COOL. Hmm, yes, Friends is a possibility for sure. The Divine Cities?? Do I sense a future exchange already??
      Ohh, good thought. I would have to do research but I’m guessing buying bread has been around for a super long time (like way before the 1800s) but that as the years go on it becomes more and more normal to buy bread instead of making it yourself.
      I haven’t! Though I just looked it up and there are a few close by. I’ll have to look into that!

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Hey Olivia! I’ve been hanging around your blog for a bit but I’m only saying hi now. 😊 Your blog is so fun! I love it so much 💙 because your writing style is very engaging and I’m obsesseddd! I hope we can become friends!
    – Aditi xx

    Liked by 1 person

  15. This list is amazing!! my summer started in march and it actually ends, well, tomorrow haha, but I think I was able to do most of the things you did in this list, so I believe in you! I managed to get so much reading done and it was amazing, so I definitely think that you can read thirty books, especially since you don’t have a lot of plans. Also, it’s so amazing that you made a deal with your friend like that. I hope she loves Harry Potter and that you love the Marvel movies!! Good luck on practicing for your SATs too! I believe in you ❤❤ Seriously, all of these goals are super admirable but look feasible. Good luck and I hope you tick all of them off of your bucket list :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Caitlin!💓Ahh, I hope going back to school goes well for you, best of luck with your first day. :)) I’m glad you were able to have an amazing summer! Congrats on reading so many books.🙌🏼Thank you for everything, ahh, and wishing you the best with your school year!!

      Liked by 1 person

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