5 Things No One Tells You About Blogging // ft. the real truth about what bloggers do!!

We’ve all been new bloggers.

Blogging as a new blogger can be incredibly difficult. It’s already difficult (but rewarding!) to be a seasoned blogger, so it’s a given that starting out is going to be hard. All the advice posts and blogging 101 posts in the world can help push you in the right direction, but figuring out all these “blogging things” is something that has to come with experience.

From my time as a blogger (not that I’m any expert, just someone who’s been in the community for a few short years), I’ve learned a lot of things that I wish I would have known back when I started. I could write an advice post, but I’ve done that before and I know there are tons of other incredible ones out there, so I think it would be more beneficial (and hopefully entertaining) if I wrote about things no one tells you about blogging!

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Everything on my list is something that I either didn’t hear about or never read about in an advice post but that I think could be helpful to new bloggers and relatable to bloggers who have been around for a while.

Without further ado, let’s get into the post!


1.) You don’t need to spend any money on your blog.

I can honestly say that I have never spent a single cent on my blog.

Have I spent an incredible amount of time on it? Yes. Have I sacrificed sleep and studying and family time? Sadly, yes. Have I used up a large amount of brainpower and probably damaged my eyes due to staring at a screen for large amounts of time? Probably.

But I’ve never spent money.

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I know for a fact that a lot of positive things can come from investing money in your blog- you can be self-hosted, have a lovely .com instead of a slightly less lovely .wordpress.com, you can probably get a top-notch design. I’m not saying that spending money on your blog isn’t a good idea or that you shouldn’t do it.

All I’m saying is that I think a lot of people think to get pretty graphics or a “good” blog, you have to spend money, and that’s not true.

It does take searching to find graphics and fonts for free that you love, but they’re out there. Maybe it’s not as fun to not own your own blog name, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get followers with an extra word at the end of your URL.

I want to shout from the rooftops that it’s!! perfectly okay!! and possible!! to not spend money on your blog!!


2.) There’s not a set pathway for growth.

One of the biggest pieces of advice that I’ve ever seen in advice posts is to interact, interact, interact. I completely agree with this- in fact, if I were to give a piece of advice for bloggers, that’s what I would say too. However, I don’t think it’s said enough that interaction does not equal automatic growth, and that’s okay.

Yes, I (and many other bloggers!) have definitely seen the direct correlation between interacting (i.e. commenting on other posts, blog hopping, etc.) and growth on my blog. But I think having the mindset that your blog will instantly grow x amount due to interaction might not be a good thing.

Everyone’s growth is different, and that’s normal and okay! My blog is growing slowly, but I’ve seen blogs grow much quicker. There are so many factors that go into growth, and I would never want someone to feel discouraged because they aren’t seeing the results they thought they would see when they’re doing everything right.

It’s easy to play into this misconception, but just remember that there’s no absolute, set in stone, this-and-only-this-is-how-you-grow-your-blog method to follow. It’s different for every blogger!


3.) Html is confusing but important.

I…truly did not know what HTML was until embarrassingly NOT long ago. Turns out, using it can make your posts a lot more fun and interesting!

I feel like no one talks about HTML?? But thanks to it, you can easily make your text different sizes (shh I know you can do this with the block editor but I haven’t switched to it because it confuses me and I don’t like change), center images better (shoutout to May for teaching me that, I literally just searched for the post where she shared that secret for 10 minutes and couldn’t find it but take my word for it), and all that jazz.

I’m definitely sure that there are so many more things I could do with HTML that I don’t know about and still need to learn.

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But despite me not knowing *much* about HTML, the little I do know has helped improve the aesthetic of my posts and also made it more fun because I can make things all cute and tiny and I feel like this is a crucial skill.

All this to say, there’s a lot to learn about HTML, and I wish it was more widely talked about as a helpful tool for bloggers, but it’s genuinely useful and entertaining, too!


4.) Big bloggers are…not scary.

I remember Young And New to Book Blogging Olivia, realizing she needed to become a part of the community in order to feel like she had a place here and to get to know other bloggers who also loved books like her.

I remember my younger self finding blogs I genuinely loved and being actually a little nervous and scared to comment and follow them because they had hundreds or thousands of followers, got tons of comments, and seemed way more experienced than I ever would be.

Even though it’s normal to be scared, please don’t be, because bloggers are the kindest and most welcoming humans ever!!

I wish someone had told me that, no matter the number of followers or how perfect the blog design or how many comments on their posts, bloggers are genuinely caring, encouraging, and nothing to be afraid of. Some of the big bloggers I was once legit nervous to comment on are now some of my closest blogging friends. I guarantee that they’ll make you feel right at home!


5.) You don’t have to feel bad about inactivity.

I definitely think it needs to be a known fact that you don’t need to feel bad for taking a hiatus, missing a posting day, not participating in a tag, etc.

This is not to say that feeling bad or wanting to apologize for leaving is invalid (I always apologize way too much), I just want all you lovely, amazing, wonderful bloggers out there to know that the community will be there for you whether you’re posting or not.

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We all have busy lives going on outside of blogging, and something has to go on the back burner when things get crazy. Often, blogging is what has to go and that’s completely okay.

Everyone in this community is incredibly supportive and will be cheering you on in all your endeavors. Despite the fact that I can’t think of a more welcoming and encouraging bunch of people, it’s still easy to feel like you’re letting people down when you take a break. Just remember that you aren’t, and that taking time for yourself is nothing to apologize for!

Also, while I was still in the editing process of this post, May posted a super great discussion about guilt in the blogger community, so for some more elaboration on this specific point, you all should definitely go read that.


There we have it, five things that no one told me about blogging, but that I wish I had been told! If this post could help one person, then it will have it done its job, and my hope is that there’s a new blogger out there right now reading this post and gaining some advice from it.

Even if you aren’t a new blogger, I hope you still enjoyed and were able to take something from this post! I do always feel a little strange writing posts about blogging advice because I’m far from an expert, but I still loved writing this.

Also!! The voting for The Book Blogger Awards is now open and closes in just one week, so please, please, please go cast your votes!!

Y’all are the most amazing ever, and I’m so honored to be in the nominations for two categories on this awards?! WHAT, I seriously can’t believe it and I just want to thank you all so much.💓 I may or may not have teared up every time someone nominated me for an award. You’re all the best and I LOVE YOU DEARLY.

All that to say~ thank you for reading this post, I hope you could get something out of it, please don’t forget to vote in the Book Blogger Awards, and I hope you all have an amazing week!✨

What do you wish you had known about blogging? Can you relate to any of these? How long have you been blogging? Are you going to vote in the awards? I’d love to talk with you all in the comments.

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91 thoughts on “5 Things No One Tells You About Blogging // ft. the real truth about what bloggers do!!

  1. i studied HTML coding for literally two years in school and even though i can literally design a webpage using it, I’VE NEVER CONSIDERED USING IT FOR MY OWN BLOG. it never really occured to me since i have the block editor? but honestly, the block editor sucks on the wordpress app for your phone, misaligns all the images and the font that looks GREAT on a desktop 😭

    i really should start learning how to use it for the blog ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    • Okay but that’s so cool that you can design a webpage using HTML?? I could hardly design a webpage using all the helpful advice from WordPress.😂Agh, I’m literally so scared to go to the block editor and hopefully it never makes me switch over because I’m accustomed to the other editor and I just want everything to stay the same, lol.

      Thank you for your comment, Nimika! They always make my day.💘

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  2. As a new blogger this has been a extremely helpful! Seeing some big blogs here can feel a little overwhelming and discouraging and the guilt IS very real especially since I started truly being invested in my blog only this year…Thank you so much for this much needed post! I know nothing about HTML and it’s embarrassing because I also do not want to change to the block editor…I guess I have to figure something out! Thank you for highlighting those facts. And your blog is INCREDIBLE! 😱😍

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  3. In theory, I know I shouldn’t worry about stats and numbers, but I’m also growing very slowly and it gets disheartening sometimes! I wish I could erase this mindset because now it’s very difficult not to feel unmotivated at times because I compare myself way too much, sadly. And I know nothing about HTML o: Loved reading your post ❤

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  4. Great post, Olivia! I can totally relate to everything that you mentioned, but mostly #4 and #5! When I started out my blog, it was very intimidating to comment and interact with other bloggers, especially those with big followings. I don’t think I interact that much in this community until a few months after I started my blog and feel a lil more comfortable about it. I wish I didn’t do that because turns out, many of these bloggers are so kind and extremely sweet!

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    • Thank you, Vinny!💛Ahh, yes, I was the same. I didn’t even know about interaction until months after I started blogging, and then it took me even more time to get up my nerve to actually interact. I wish we had both known before that bloggers are so kind and welcoming?! But I’m glad we both know now. 😉 Thank you for your comment!


  5. Great post! I’ve just been blogging for five weeks tomorrow (lol at how I can remember the date, such a newbie 😂) and there’s so much to take in at the start but I’m having a blast doing it! So glad I finally made the leap and started my own blog because it really feels rewarding to have my own little corner of the Internet 🙂

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  6. Ahh.. this was such a lovely post and it has so much good advice!! I wish everybody who it starting a blog reads this!! I’ve never spent money on my blog either but I still think it looks alright and I’m happy with it– you can still have a great experience blogging whilst not spending money on it.
    I really need to know more HTML code because I know the bare minimum and I am slightly reluctant to learn more but I think I will as it seems so useful!! Knowing the different font sizes would be cool and I still haven’t changed to the new WordPress editor either *avoiding change always*
    And yes I was always so scared to comment on people’s blogs especially big bloggers but they are all so lovely that there was no reason to be scared!!
    Great post– I loved reading it and it is all so true!! And you were lovely in it as always!! ❤

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    • Thank you so much, Sophie!💗Ahh, your blog is absolutely gorgeous and I love it so much.
      I also need to learn more for sure- I definitely only know the bare minimum as well. I really should spend some of my free time this summer figuring out different things I can do with it?? HAHA, oh my gosh, I relate so much to avoiding the new editor. XD
      Ahh, so true. That was honestly one of my biggest blogging revelations, haha! Thank you again, you’re so kind, and thank you for reading this post.☺️

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  7. “but I haven’t switched to it because it confuses me and I don’t like change”
    THIS. ^^^^^ THIS IS SO ME. XD

    But really, I agree with all of this! I started blogging about a year (and a few months) ago, and I can definitely relate with the “big bloggers are scary” feeling, XD. Like, they do their job SO WELL??? And they have all these people following them, and zillions of comments, and they look so crazy PROFESSIONAL — how in the world do you even, S A Y anything to them?! I just had to keep reminding myself, “these bloggers are JUST PEOPLE, like who you see in the store, they’re like a really experienced, actually likable, good-at-writing version of you. Nothing scary at all….Lol. 😉

    (for the record, I’ve even hesitated a bit about commenting on your posts, because you seem so PROFESSIONAL, and confident, and just…yeah. XD but all you fellow little bloggers out there!? JUST COMMENT! Really, Olivia doesn’t bite (I don’t think…X’D) and neither do the other bloggers (at least most of them don’t *cough*) )

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    • HAHAHA. I mean…the other editor works perfectly fine and I love it so why would I change??

      Ahh, thank you!💘I feel like everyone has been there at the stage where big bloggers are intimidating, just because we were all once fresh new bloggers who didn’t know that the community was here for us and wasn’t going to base their judgements of us off the number of followers or comments we have, but off our personalities and content. (Whoa, that got deep.)

      WHAT, Julia!! I’m honored, but also like?? I usually feel as far as professional and confident as one can get. I’m just a girl blogging on her laptop on her bed who just likes books and Harry Potter. 😂Thank you for your comment! It made me smile as per usual.

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  8. I think the money thing is REALLY important. I spend a bit on mine since I have a premium account and I had someone design my header. But honestly, you don’t need to spend money. For the first couple of years, I didn’t spend a dime. But once I felt like I knew I was going to continue this for a long time and wanted certain things, I saved some money aside and used it towards my blog. There’s no shame in spending money, but I love how you pointed this out since I think a lot of people feel they need to spend money to have a pretty and successful blog.

    The growth is really important too. Mine took a while to grow … and then this year it just started randomly growing at a fairly decent rate. My main thing about blogging is more growth with connecting to others rather than the stats, since the numbers actually don’t matter that much when it comes to reviews and ARCs (at least, that’s been my experience).

    Wonderful post, darling. I really think this is a good post for both older and newer bloggers ❤

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    • Yes to everything you said! I hope someday I can do the same and save money to invest in my blog- I just can’t do that right now, as a student who doesn’t have a steady income. I do think blogging is such a great investment, though. ❤

      I have a similar growth experience?? It took a bit for me to realize that you have to find other blogs so people will find your blog and then after that my blog started to actually grow (slowly, but ya know, growth is different for everyone, gotta stick to the point I made in this post), lol. Oh, that's so interesting- I'm not really involved in the ARC world, so I didn't realize that!

      Thank you so much, Jenna!

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  9. I love this post!! Same about the HTML though. In our blog email, there’s a draft with just HTML commands, from centering images to centering text, to linking up text and image to open up in a new tab. There are so many useful things! I also love what you said about connecting with bloggers, the best part of the community is definitely the interaction, I can never get over how nice everyone is! 💕💕

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    • Thank you so much!💖That’s so clever to have it in an email draft. I used to have some HTML in a google doc but I always forgot to have it pulled up, so now I just google the commands, except for the ones I just naturally memorized, haha. Aww, I definitely love connecting and I also love the fact that everyone is just SO. SWEET. 🤗


  10. Ahh this is such a great post Olivia!! Your advice is so useful!
    I started this blog in June and honestly the book community is so lovely & friendly! Even those bigger bloggers, where I’d be apprehensive to comment at first, are so nice to talk to – everyone is so welcoming 🙂
    HTML definitely needs to be talked about more I have no clue what I’m doing. Beyond making things bold and adding spoilers on GoodReads I know nothing haha.
    & Congrats on your two nominations for the book blogger awards!! That’s so amazing and so well deserved!💛

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    • Thank you, Emme! I’m really, really glad to hear that this was useful.💓
      Yay, I’m so happy the book community has been so welcoming! It’s truly so great to have a place where everyone is so encouraging and just wants to be friends and fangirl about books together.
      Haha, I relate?? I don’t know that much, but the little I do, I learned from Googling and not from another blogger or WordPress or anything. There should be some kind of guide for this…
      Aww, thank you SO MUCH!! That’s so kind of you to say.🤗*hugs you*

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  11. Omg I needed to read this, thank you! I just started my blog a few months ago and have been learning as I go along! This post was so informational and unique from all the other posts I’ve read about being a new blogger. I missed a post last week and felt guilty because life had gotten in the way but it happens. Everyone goes through it. I also had no idea what HTML was either… oops! Thank you for opening my eyes to it, lol 🙂

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  12. Ah, I love this post SO MUCH, Olivia! It really spoke to me, and I fully agree with all your advice! I didn’t go self-hosted until this year, but agree that you don’t need to spend any money on your blog for it to be “successful” or anything like that! We all grow at different speeds, and it’s important for us all to realize that there isn’t one specific recipe to reach point A or B. ❤ And HTML is honestly so important, and I didn't realize I could do the changing text size thing until recently! (actually I kind of did know, but I was too lazy to look it up. Oops!) Big bloggers used to frighten the heck out of me, but once I actually started interacting with them, I realized that they're all the sweetest, most precious dolls ever. Haha! I honestly still can't fully feel comfortable with taking hiatuses, but I'm working on it! 🙂

    Lovely post, Olivia!! ❤

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    • Thank you so, so much, Kelly!💓You’re so right- becoming self hosted is an amazing step, but it definitely doesn’t determine the success of one’s blog. I love what you said about there not being a recipe for getting to point A from B! Also, I relate to the HTML probs, haha. I vaguely knew people changed the font size and that I could *probably* do this, but I didn’t actually look into it until way later. I totally understand still feeling guilt for taking hiatuses, because me too- here’s to hoping we can both keep growing and eventually feel more okay with it! ❤

      Thank you so much! Your comment was phenomenal and I loved it.


  13. i started my blog a few months ago, in april. i can totally relate to most of those things and some of them are hard to.. let go in a way? like the ‘being intimidated by big book bloggers’ thing. i tell myself i shouldn’t, but i think i’ll always be a little bit nervous when i comment on their posts because i’m never sure if i’m bothering or not or if they think my thoughts are relevant. i just need to remind myself to do me and that if they didn’t want any comments… well they would have disabled that feature lmao.

    this was such a nice read!!

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    • I definitely get that! Just know that your thoughts ARE relevant and amazing and you’re right- if bloggers didn’t want to hear other people’s thoughts on a topic, then they wouldn’t have comments or they wouldn’t blog about it at all. ❤

      Thank you so much, and also (belated) welcome to the blogosphere, Saoudia!

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  14. Awesome post, Olivia! I relate to all of these so much! 😭 When I was a new blogger, everything was so overwhelming and confusing to me. It took me forever to gain followers, but then I realized the magic of interaction!

    But now that I think about it, I haven’t spent money either. 🤔 However, I have spent lots on books!

    And big book bloggers are still intimidating to me! 😂 To be honest, I think it’s because I had a bad experience with some of them. I would comment on some of their posts, but they would only reply to their blogger friends. But I think that was just once or twice, because all of the big bloggers I know are so welcoming and nice! 😊

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    • Thank you so much, Xandra! Aah, I feel like we all had that epiphany moment where we learned the magic of interaction.😂✨

      Okay YES I have definitely spent lots of books?? But I don’t count that as money spent on blogging, since I would have bought books with or without being a book blogger. XD

      Oh no, I’m so sorry you had that experience! :// But I’m glad that for the most part, big bloggers have been super sweet and welcoming to you. ❤


  15. Thank you so much for talking about all this stuff! You’re honestly the first person I’ve ever seen mention money and blogs, which is something I wonder about all the time! I haven’t personally spent money on my blog but I always compare to other people and wonder whether I need to, to have a website that looks like theirs. And big bloggers are so not scary! That’s definitely something it took me a while to learn but everyone I’ve talked to has just been so nice and welcoming, I wish I hadn’t been afraid to comment on their posts at the start!

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    • Ahh, Abi, thank YOU for reading!💘I sometimes get stuck in the comparison game when it comes to bloggers who spend money vs. who can’t/don’t, but at the end of the day I know the same amount of beautiful sites that are self-hosted as the number of beautiful sites that aren’t. I’m the same way with big bloggers! I’m a little sad it took me a while to learn that everyone just wants to be friends.🤗

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  16. These are all such important and interesting points to make! HTML is so annoying but I am glad I learnt it because it makes my blog so much more readable and easy to manage now that I can actually identify an issue! I especially love the point about money; there has been so many points where I wonder if I shouldn’t just pay up for a domain, but there are so many amazing blogs without them that I feel no need to an more!
    -Emma 🙂

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    • Ahh, thank you, Emma!💗I feel the same way about HTML as you- sometimes I wish there was an easier way to do things, but in the long run it makes me love my blog even more. I’ve also been there for you for the domain, but just know that you’re doing amazing!

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  17. I love this post! I definitely agree & feel like the book blogging community is one of the most welcoming & supportive communities out there – in fact, I feel like some of the bigger bloggers actually go out of their way to make you feel welcome cos I guess everyone remembers what it was like being the newbie! And there’s never any pressure to churn out content plus everyone is always so lovely when you need to take a break that it doesn’t matter anyway! ❤️

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  18. Oh my goshness!! Love, love, love this post!! 😁💞🎉 Yes, preach it from the rooftops!! YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND MONEY ON YOUR BLOG!! Anyways, lol, this was awesome and I related to all of these so much! 😂❤

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  19. I love this post so much, I want to print it and frame it and just throw it in everyone’s faces. Gently, because I’m not like that obviously. THIS IS A PERFECT post, Olivia, thank you for writing all of this ❤ I 200% agree with everything on here, and I think that it's so, so important to state that you don't have to spend any money on your blog at all for it to look awesome, to feel good about your blogging and to overall, DO AMAZING things. ❤ And yes about the growth thing. It's easy to try and compare yourself to other bloggers, to try and do a perfect recipe in order to grow your blog, but the truth is, it doesn't really exist. Stats go up and down, interactions can help but they're not a direct path to success, either. What matters the most is that we enjoy ourselves ❤ And the "big bloggers are scary", 200% here with you on what you said. I am terrified sometimes to try and chat with some people but ultimately I am always glad that I took that step and always glad for the lovely exchanges we can have 🙂
    I need to work on that last one and not feel too bad about hiatuses and inactivity, haha.
    THIS IS A GREAT POST I LOVE IT. Thank you for writing it ❤

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    • Aww, Marie, thank you so much! ❤ You're so kind, thank you oh my goodness. 🤗I really agree with everything you said in this comment. I love that it's possible to blog and grow your blog without spending money, but also that you can spend money if you'd like and it's really all the same. ❤ I feel you with the talking to bloggers step! At first it can be intimidating, but once you do it, you realize there was nothing to worry about in the first place, haha.
      Same here! I'm just taking that journey slowly but surely. ❤

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  20. This is so important! I’ve been around WordPress, in general, for a long time and I definitely wish, not only book bloggers, but bloggers in general stated these things more often. I think a lot of times when someone first starts out blogging they just go in completely blind and then end up with so many doubts and anxiety from the ‘what ifs’. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to this post because this has been the refresher and the reminder that I needed. Even more so with the part of inactivity. Right now I’m participating in The Reading Rush and I’m so behind in posts and sharing reviews. To be honest, I’ve been really beating myself up about not being more active and getting those reviews posted. Coming across this post was the reminder that I needed that it’s okay to not be active.

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  21. Olivia, your posts so far have been GODSENDS. thank you, even though I don’t think I’m a new new book blogger since I have a few months under my belt already, this post was super helpful and I agree with everything you mentioned! Sometimes I get jealous of people with a .com instead of a wordpress.com, but I honestly don’t think that right now, my blog needs it or that people will care. There are so many amazing bloggers out there who have free domains and that’s perfectly okay! Also, OH MY GOD THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME HOW TO MAKE MY FONT SIZES DIFFERENT. I thought that once I discovered the classic block editor, I had finally unlocked the key to doing that, but apparently not and I spent a good few minutes fuming at my laptop and wordpress. little did I know that it was all in the html! I agree that big book bloggers aren’t scary! Literally all of them still find the time to interact with all of their followers, and that’s amazing. even though I’m still small, I have gotten to know so much of them, and whoever says that they’re clicky is dead wrong! AHHHH I SAW THAT YOU GOT NOMINATED FOR TWO CATEGORIES AND THAT’S AWESOME. it’s so well-deserved, and you best believe i’ll be voting for you, because you deserve all the recognition and more!

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    • Caitlin, you’re literally so so kind to me!! Thank you so much.😭❤️I’m really glad this post could be helpful to you, that was the goal for sure! Ahh, you’re so right about domain names. I go through phases where I want a .com so bad but at the end of the day it’s really all okay and doesn’t affect my blogging. :)) AHH, YOU’RE WELCOME, HAHA. It took me much too long to figure that out so don’t worry, you’re ahead of me, lol. You’re also spot-on about the big bloggers! It’s amazing to see how everyone takes the time to interact and comment and be friendly to everyone no matter how “big” or “small.”💓Oh my goodness, thank you so much, Caitlin, that means the world to me! *hugs you* Congatulations to you as well on your nomination, ahh, I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU and pssst I may have already voted for youuu. 😉


  22. I’ve been blogging for 3 years ~technically~ and 1 year ~properly~, and it’s been such a ride! I swear, I learn new things every month that I’m in it, and I love that. I keep hearing that HTML is so important, so I guess I should actually try to make some headway in that area, especially now that I finally will be taking the plunge and spending money on my own domain & going self-hosted very soon :’) This was such a lovely post & a very creative approach to sharing info w/new bloggers!


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    • I love that you keep learning new things!! I feel the same way about blogging, it’s a wild ride but it’s awesome to keep on growing and learning as I go.💖That’s so exciting about going self-hosted, best of luck with that new blogging endeavor! Thank you so much, and thank you for your kind comment. 🙂

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  23. I wish I had had someone to explain some of the very simple aspects of WordPress to me because oh my goodness, that was an enormous headache at first. Ugh, I still have a vivid memory of working on a mini-reviews post and the book covers doing wack things to how the text was aligned. Did something like that ever happen to you?
    Yes yes yes, interacting with other blogs would definitely be my primary piece of advice.
    Okay hm, I don’t know how long I’ve been blogging, but I’ve been blogging on Zoelogist for two years. There were some false starts before that, so if I went from the very very beginning, it might be four? Did you have any false starts before Purely Olivia? I don’t think I’ve told you this, but my blog has gone through multiple name iterations by now.

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    • So true! I remember spending so much time Googling “how do you do ____ on WordPress,” lol. It would be nice if there was a guidebook or something. AHH, YES, doing mini review book covers + text is something that’s still always a struggle for me!! It usually messes up a few times before I can get it right.
      Ahh, that’s so cool. Four years is a long time! I don’t know if what I had counts as a false start- I had a blog since 2014 until I started Purely Olivia in 2016, and I blogged really consistently on it, I just decided to make a new blog so I could switch to WordPress and get more into book blogging, and that’s when this one was born. Ahh, really?? What were some of your names before Zoelogist? (Also, this is very sad, but I kind of pronounce the name of your blog zoologist in my head even though I know that’s not it…)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Okay, there was Uniquely Magic, Portable Magic. Based off the Stephen King quote if you’ve heard of it. Oh, my first ever one was Running With a Backpack! Because it’s so insanely hard. But it’s actually gotten easier I would say. Maybe because I’ve grown in size? That would make sense, I guessss. But that name was too long.
        Hahaha, that is totally okay :))

        Liked by 1 person

        • I love that quote! That’s a really clever blog name. Haha, running with a backpack HAS gotten easier with time- it’s one of those things that I never thought about but upon reflecting on it, realized that it used to be more difficult than it is now.
          Hehehe ;))

          Liked by 1 person

          • Thank you!
            Haha, I know right? Every time I run with a backpack, I tend to think about how difficult it is and then my old blog and then back to the feeling of running with it on. I’ll have to ask my friends if they’ve noticed the same thing!

            Liked by 1 person

  24. I’m so glad I came to read this. I literally just started my blog yesterday and I am already so overwhelmed with thoughts like “What if nobody likes me?” and “I have no idea how to make a blog.” I literally sat in the library for 3 hours and got two things done!!!! I’m not sure HMTL or Block editor are and that really scares me!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh, first of all, welcome to the blogosphere!❤️🎉Secondly, you’re already doing amazing and it’s normal to not know what most things are at first. (It seriously took me so many Google searches just to figure out how to operate WordPress.) If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to email me or comment! I hope you have a wonderful time here.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. I haven’t spent a cent on my blog either and I’m glad, especially after reading your post! GIRL I just go to this page I bookmarked and copy paste the HTML code for small text because I’m LAZYYY as heck. And I can’t memorize gibberish and hashtags and weird symbols. NO I refuse to guve up my way of life and switch to the block editor!! I agree- change is so overrated 😂
    I love this post and I LOVE your blog so much!! I checked it out a while ago but there was no response I was daunted by how big your blog was and the types of big bloggers you interacted with… so yeah 😂 I’m glad I’m giving it another go, however!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I do the same thing for some of my HTML…when I can just Google it every time I need to use it, why memorize it? 😉 Thank you so much, oh my gosh, you’re so sweet!! *virtual hug* I’m so sorry that you commented and there wasn’t a response- I always respond (although it takes me a while sometimes XD) so maybe your comment went to the spam folder somehow?? I’m glad you’re here, though, and thank you for visiting my blog, it means a lot.💖

      Liked by 1 person

      • We should trademark that quote and put it in a plaque- “Why memorize when you could Google it?” 😂
        Haha it’s fine! I keep seeing you around but I hesitate to reach out?? I guess lots of big bloggers are super sweet when you convent on their blogs but kinda forget about you and your blog *smh*. 💙

        Liked by 1 person

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