Purely Olivia is 3 Years Old!! // ft. take my blog survey (!!), memory lane, & other celebrations

Today is Purely Olivia’s third birthday.

It makes my heart so happy to type those words. Three whole years!! It may not seem like a lot, but I’m genuinely so happy and proud that my little blog has lasted that long (it’s practically all grown up by now), and I’m looking forward to celebrating it in today’s post.

Blog Title - Design #1 (44)

In honor of this momentous occasion, I have a few exciting things up my sleeve. First of all, I’ve created a blog survey! I haven’t done one of these in over a year and a half (and my blog has changed drastically since then), so I’m hyped for that. I’m also going to be taking a look back over the years and most definitely getting a little sappy.

I don’t know if I’m the only blogger who feels this way maybe I’m just weird, but in some ways, my blog is like my child, or at least a really good friend, and I’m just feeling really sentimental and excited about Purely Olivia’s birthday right now.

Without further ado, let’s get into the birthday celebrations!


I want to kick off the celebratory post with something I’m very, very pumped about- a blog survey for you to take! I’ve been wanting to do this for forever, so when I was thinking about something special to do for my blog’s birthday, this came to mind.

Even though my blog is now three (three!!) years old, there is no shortage and will never be a shortage of things for me to learn and opportunities to grow. Y’all are such kind supporters and have made blogging an incredible experience for me, so I want to do all I can to make my blog the best experience for you.

That’s what inspired me to make a blog survey! There really aren’t any rules, besides that I would really appreciate your honesty in this. You have the option to take it anonymously or you can say your name and blog, it’s entirely up to you!

None of the questions are required- since this is a longer survey (it won’t take forever, but it is more in depth than just a few questions) I didn’t want anyone to feel like they had to answer all the questions. Of course, I would love to hear your thoughts on everything, but I know you’re all busy and I don’t want to take away too much of your time.

Finally, this survey is a Google form and I think (?) you have to be signed into an account to take it. I’m pretty certain it doesn’t give me access to anyone’s email, but rest assured that everything from this survey will be kept completely private.

Thank you a thousand times over for taking the time to fill out my survey! As I said, my hope is that this can help make me a much better blogger. I’m looking forward to reading your responses!


To continue with the birthday festivities, I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane, aka the history of Purely Olivia. It’s been a long road to get here, that’s for sure.

I know I’ve talked about how this blog came to be in more depth before, but as an overview, I started this blog after blogging on Weebly for two years and then making the decision to create a new blog on WordPress and take it more seriously. This blog has seen a lot of changes since 2016, and while I don’t have screenshots to show the progress (tip to new bloggers, take screenshots so you can see your design progress), I do have some of my old headers just to show how much has changed.




I think the first to second header is probably the most dramatic change, but even just scrolling back from my media library to find these reminded me just how much the aesthetic of my blog has changed (and hopefully improved) over the years.

Something I did in my birthday post last year was take a look at the most popular posts of all time here on Purely Olivia, and those have changed from the last time we did this, so let’s see what posts you’ve enjoyed over the last three years!

blog title - design #1 (11)blog title - design #1 (9)Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.40.53 PMBlog Title - Design #1 (32)

Okay, wow, can I just say that it’s extremely clear what my blog aesthetic is? Besides the glaringly obvious pink vibe we have going on here, I think it’s noteworthy that all of these posts were published in the last year!

The posts that were close behind these were also some of my more recent posts. That makes me excited for blogging in the months to come because the goal is to always go up from here! I feel like this is a good point in the post to say hello to my future self reading this post in August 2020 as she writes her fourth birthday post.

Another thing that makes me all emotional is looking at the world map and seeing where people reading my posts are located. I mean, look at this!

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 2.48.41 PM

So much of the world is pink, and that makes me so happy and blows my mind all at the same time. What in the world?? Pun intended. I hate myself.

The last stop down memory lane is to do something I did in my birthday post last year, which is acknowledge the current top five commenters on Purely Olivia. They’ve actually nearly all changed from last year, besides one.

Annie Xia // Kitty Jade // Rhi // Jenna // Chana

Of course, I love and appreciate every comment and seriously have the best time talking with you all. I just thought it would be fun to mention the people who, according to WordPress, have commented the most times!

This concludes this small journey down the timeline of Purely Olivia. I hope next year brings more memories to include in this section of the annual birthday post, and here’s to the memories from this past year.


Finally, I want to give you all a well-deserved thank you.

Thank you for supporting my blog. Thank you for commenting on my posts. Thank you for fangirling about everything under the sun for me. Thank you for being such kind, sweet humans who genuinely make my day all the time. I hope you know that you are amazing and are loved by me and so many other people!

I wish I could give you all cupcakes because unpopular opinion they’re better than cake but instead I have to settle for a virtual hug. *hugs you all* Here’s to blogging friends, the blogosphere, and you guys being the best!


If you couldn’t tell by the amount of rambling in this post, I’m feeling just a little emotional about Purely Olivia turning three, and I’m also feeling so much gratitude. It’s a crazy world we live in where we can have our own websites that are our own corners of the Internet where we can talk about whatever we want and connect with people from all around the world.

I’m very grateful to have this blog, and thank you for sticking around both throughout this post and for my journey as a whole!

If you feel so inclined, I would love for you to take my blog survey so that I can continue to make Purely Olivia a better place for all of us. ❤ Thank you again for celebrating with me today, and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Did you take my survey? How old is your blog? Do you celebrate its birthday or am I just the equivalent of an overly proud mom? I’d love to chat with you all in the comments.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.17.37 PM

P.S. Fun fact, today was my first day of school! Well, this isn’t a very fun fact. I don’t know why I’m sharing that small detail, I just felt like it needed to be out there that summer is totally and officially over for me. 🙃

Credits for the image in my featured image >> Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

71 thoughts on “Purely Olivia is 3 Years Old!! // ft. take my blog survey (!!), memory lane, & other celebrations

  1. Oh my goodness, happy blog birthday girlie! I’m truly so happy for you and how much your blog has grown. I’m not sure how I came across it, but I’m so glad I did! I hope to see it hit 4 and then 5 years someday. Lol sometimes I do celebrate my blog birthdays virtually xD congrats once again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. first of all, Olivia, CONGRATS ON KEEPING YOUR BLOG ALIVE AND WELL FOR 3 YEARS. You are such a good blogger, and I don’t know what this community would look like without you! I genuinely love reading all of your posts, because your incredible personality is visible in all of them. I love how insightful your discussions are, and your blog aesthetic is amazing! Also, whenever I see that you’ve commented on my blog, my heart gets so warm because someone this amazing stopped by my blog 😭❤ I really hope your blog will grow even more because you deserve it so much!! Plus, answering the survey as soon as this comment is posted ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • WHAT, I’M CRYING. Thank you so much, Caitlin!!❤️😭This is so kind of you to say, I genuinely don’t deserve this, oh my goodness. Thank YOU for always supporting and encouraging me and for making my day alll the time with your comments. You’re a phenomenal blogger and person, and I’m so happy to know you!! Seriously, thank you so, so much. Times infinity. You’re the best, and thank you for taking my blog survey, too!! ❤️*hugs you* *melts with happiness*


  3. AHHH AHH OLIVIA, congratulations on three years of blogging yay THIS IS SO EXCITING. I’m so happy that you have been part of this community for so long and so happy to have met you and to chat with you. You’re so wonderful and you always have the best recommendations as well. Here’s to many, many more years of blogging together ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY, LOVE! I’m honestly so glad we connected this year! It’s been wonderful getting to know you and other bloggers more. Ooooo … top commenter over here 😉 It’s because you just write such LOVELY things 🙂 I can’t wait to see where Purely Olivia goes from here!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Aaaah!! Three years!! That’s amazing! I love the blog header design glow up 😍

    😂 Yayyy, I’m so happy I’m a top commentor! But I think that’s just a testament to how amazing your blog is. Literally every time I see that you’ve posted I get excited because your content is just FANTASTIC and interacting with you is such a pleasure. Congrats on three years of blogging Olivia, here’s to many more! 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh, haha, yes, the blog header glow up is definitely real.😂

      Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! That’s such a compliment and it means so much to me that you would say that. ❤️(I’m actually crying like WHAT??!) Thank you, Chana!!


  6. EEP OH MY GOODNESS. Congratulations, Olivia! It’s so amazing that you’ve been blogging for so long, wow! I’ve just recently started following your blog, but I’ve known about you for awhile, and I’m already so proud of you! Hope you have another amazing year 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Happy three year blogiversary, Olivia! You’ve grown so much (also, all your top posts are on point— I missed some of these but they’re gold)! Also, got to love the header progression! *insert heart eye emojis* Can’t wait to see what the fourth year of your blog brings!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    Liked by 1 person

  8. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, OLIVIA!!! I can’t believe you’ve been blogging for 3 years already — that’s a mindblowing amount to me (even though I’m slowly getting closer to that), but it makes sense considering how high quality your content is 😎💕 Your blog is truly among one of my favorites, and I am so happy and grateful that blogging has brought us together, because you’re such a kind, lovely person I’m honored to call a friend!!! I can’t wait to see what your next year of blogging will bring, and you should be so proud of everything you’ve accomplished 💗


    • Thank you so, so much, May!!💖✨OKAY BUT I’M ACTUALLY CRYING, WHAT, YOU’RE SO KIND TO ME. I really can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful friend, person, and blogger who always encourages me and inspires me. *hugs* I’m so happy we found each other’s blogs through the vast expanse of the Internet!! Thank you again for everything, you’re amazing.💕

      Liked by 1 person

    this is so exciting!!! and the fact that I’m a top commented makes me so happy, you are too for mine haha. I’m sure everyone else will juts be saying congratulations and stuff but since there’s not much more I can say I’ll leave it, anyway, love you, love Purely Olivia, I’m about to take the survey, bye!! (that sounded like the end of a Lorelei phone call)


    • THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU, RHI!! I don’t know what blogging would be like without your sunny personality and kind comments and our fangirling, and I’m beyond thankful for your friendship.❤️😭
      Aww, yes! I’ve been in such a Gilmore Girls mood lately and for some reason it makes me so nostalgic…we seriously love Lorelai phone calls though. Also, this is random, but my mom watches This is Us and the actor who plays Jess is one of the main characters, and the other night we were talking about how he was also on GG and I showed her a picture of Jess and she was very impressed.😂(She sadly didn’t think Logan was as cute. But I kind of understand.)


  10. Oh, I love how you showed your header progression! That’s cool to look back on.
    YES, I’m a top five commenter!!! Whohoooooo!
    Ohh interesting, what do you think make cupcakes better than cake? Is it because you can take half of the cupcake, and make a sandwich? To be honest, I don’t really like cake or cupcakes, unless it’s ice-cream cake because there’s ice-cream and ice-cream is great or they’re cupcakes with good icing, which doesn’t always happen because I mostly don’t like icing.
    Also, how were your first few days of school??


    • Ahh, thanks! I was a little appalled by my first headers, but hey, progress. 😉
      OF COURSE YOU ARE! I was honestly surprised by the amount of comments it says you’ve commented because I expected it to be at least 100 because we’ve had so many amazing comment conversations, but it only says 30 something?? I feel like that can’t be right…
      I think I like cupcakes better because they’re smaller and I like to lick off the icing (if it’s good icing) and then eat the actual cupcake. Sometimes I can feel sick after eating cake, but I never feel bad after eating a cupcake, haha. I do definitely prefer ice cream cake to regular cake though! In my book, ice cream always wins.
      My first few days of school were good! I think I replied to another one of your comments and asked how yours went, so if you’ve already replied to that one with your answer, then don’t feel obliged to repeat yourself here, but if not- how were yours?
      Also, I got the comment with your survey responses! Thank you very much for that and for taking the time to write them all out in a comment for me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wait what, only thirty?? There’s no way. Because you’ve written way more than thirty posts in the past year, and we comment more than one comment on each post. WordPress, how do your algorithms work? Because the numbers are not adding up for me.
        Ohh, that makes sense. Okay, I am very glad we agree on that point.
        YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!!
        And yes, I just knew my opinions were absolutely indispensable. ;))

        Liked by 1 person

        • I know, it’s definitely not right. I think it might only show me your comments in the last month or something! I’m not sure how to see how many you’ve commented ever- I need to look at the admin page and see if I can figure it out, because it’d be pretty cool to know.

          Liked by 1 person

  11. happy blogversary, olivia!!!!
    i haven’t known your blog since the beginning, but i do love your content. you’ve always been the nicest + your blog aesthetic is beautiful and incredibly inspiring. i love your harry potter related content and when you share long lists of favorites – it’s truly inspired me to write my own top 5 posts and discuss characters/tropes in depth. also, your comments are always super thoughtful and i think you do an amazing job interacting in the community!
    thanks for being such a positive and amazing person! here’s to many more years of blogging! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Lais!💖
      Oh my gosh, thank you so much, that’s so kind of you to say. Ahh, I’m seriously just over here tearing up, thank you, Lais! I could definitely say the same about you and I’m beyond happy that we get to chat about books and life through blogging.
      Thank you again!! You’re amazing!!😭

      Liked by 1 person

  12. oliviaaaaaaaa!!! congratulations!!! thats absolutely amazing and im so happy and proud of you 🥳👏✨💖😍 we love the pink vibe of the blog, its too cute
    omg hard agree, cupcakes are 100% better than cake. theyre cuter and more portable, how could anyone disagree
    AND GOOD LUCK WITH SCHOOL, i hope it’s not TOO awful

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mayyy! Thank you so much, my friend.😭💖Okay, yes, cupcakes are way more convienent not to mention they somehow taste more delicious to me?? (For reasons unknown, but in my head they’re valid.)
      Thank youu! So far it’s not been the worst, but not the best either, haha. I hope you have a great year too! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  13. I am so sorry this is really late but Happy Blogiversary!! Wow 3 years is incredible and I think your blog is wonderful– I love reading it and I love talking to you!! You should be so proud of your achievement!!
    I really like looking back at your different designs– I wish I kept pictures of what my blog used to look like but yours are so cool. I love your design– it looks so professional and I love the colour scheme– yay to pink!!
    I love looking at the map– I think it is amazing that so many people across the world have visited my blog and I get to interact with them all!! It blows my mind!!
    I think cupcakes are better than cake too– although by go to dessert would be tiramisu!! haha!!
    Again big congrats on your blogging achievement and I am so glad I found your blog!! Here’s to the next year!!
    Also I know your first day back at school was a while ago now but I hope it went well!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, don’t worry about it at all! Your kind and thoughtful comments always make my day.💓Thank you a thousand times over for your sweet words, Sophie, ahh, you’re going to make me emotional!!
      Aww, thank you. Haha, pink is the best. I agree, it’s really cool to look at the map and see the tangible results of my random posts that are just appearing into this void of the Internet…
      Ohh, tiramisu, yum! I do like tiramisu, though my favorite dessert is definitely ice cream.
      Thank you so much!! You’re such a kind soul and I’m so happy we’re friends. 😭💗

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Happy belated blogiversary, Olivia!! I’m so glad that I found your blog, way back about a year and a half ago I think? Hope you had a great blogiversary and first month of school ❤

    (Btw, I was going back through your posts to try and figure out how long it's been since I found your blog and I found this post—https://purelyolivia.wordpress.com/2018/01/22/the-liebster-award-2/—that has screenshots of your previous design. It's so fun to see how much our blogs change over time!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so, so much, Annie!!💖I’m really grateful that we’ve Internet-met each other through blogging because our comment conversations always bring a smile to my face.

      Aww, that’s so awesome!! Thank you for finding this, wow. My blog has definitely changed quite a bit from the original, haha! (So has my writing style, it was a little hard for me to read that post just now because I’m so critical of my past writings. XD)

      Liked by 1 person

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