10 Things That Happen in Books But That Don’t Happen in Real Life // Aka Me Exposing Books (But…With Love)

I’m a big fan of realistic fiction.

And it’s true, the YA contemporaries and novels that I read on a daily basis are normally pretty realistic. That’s one of the reasons I like them so much- I love relating to the characters and their situations, I enjoy books set in a world I already know so much about.

But I have to say, throughout all my time as a realistic fiction reader, I have come across many a thing that don’t seem to happen in real life- at least not to any old average person. Me being an average person, I tend to notice these unrealistic things.

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One day, when I was complaining to myself about the unrealisticness of it all, I realized that this would be the perfect topic to write a blog post about! What better way to figure out if other people agree with me on these or if maybe my life is the odd one out instead of the lives of the characters I’m reading about?

I won’t know the answer to this question until after I publish this post and read the comments from it, though, so without further ado, let’s get into my list of things that happen in books but don’t happen in real life. Or at least don’t happen in my real life.


1.) People play Dungeons & Dragons.

I genuinely want to know, does anyone out there actually play D&D? I have never seen it in a store, I’ve never known anyone that plays it, and I definitely would never have heard of it if not for books and television.

I feel like you always hear this mentioned randomly in books- like one of the characters plays it in their spare time, or their older brother does, or it’s in their game closet. I don’t know, I just know that I personally could not tell you a time I’ve heard of it in real life.

Image result for d&d stranger things gif

(We can’t forget the cutest group of kids to ever grace our television screens playing D&D, though. Also, where’s Mike?)

I feel as if this one could just be me, but I’m pretty interested to find out if it is, so if you or someone you know is into D&D, let me know! Otherwise, I’ll probably spend the rest of my life thinking this is something that only happens in books and is not actually a popular real-life activity.


2.) People sleep over at their friend’s houses on weeknights.

I’m pretty certain this isn’t just me having strict parents (because I really don’t?) when I say that I would never be allowed to sleep over at a friend’s house on a weeknight unless it was very special circumstances. Circumstances…that have never happened to me in all my years of living.

That just presents all kinds of problems. First of all, what about school the next day? Isn’t it strange to get ready for school at someone else’s house, away from all your stuff? Won’t you be tired for school if you stayed up as late as someone would at a sleepover? Even if you didn’t stay up as late as normal, wouldn’t you lose sleep from likely sleeping on the floor anyway? Couldn’t you just have a sleepover on the weekend?

Every time I’m reading a book and two characters are hanging out at each other’s houses at night, and then they decide to just have a sleepover…on a school night…I’m genuinely confused. Like, does this happen in real life?


3.) Adults called children “children.”

I notice this the most in middle grade series that I’ve read- to name a few off the top of my head, The Mysterious Benedict Society and A Series of Unfortunate Events. This is not to call out these books (I love them both very much), it’s just evidence of this occurring.

I have been a child very recently, in the grand scheme of things, and I can truthfully say that I don’t remember me and a group of other kids ever being referred to as “children” when being addressed.

Guys? Yes. Y’all? Of course, I live in the south. Kids, kiddos? Always. But…children? I have never heard a teacher or other authority figure say something along the lines of, “Children, this is what we are going to be doing today” or “children, please get out your notebooks now.” That just sounds so odd to me.

Image result for hello children gif chandler

Only Chandler Bing actually uses the word children…though I’m pretty sure when he does it, it’s meant to be ironic. Possibly the usage of “children” to address a group of children was more popular in the past than it is now? But if that’s true, why is it still being used even now?


4.) Somehow having a job, hanging out with friends, having a boyfriend/girlfriend, and studying and making great grades all the same time.

Hello every high school protagonist in the history of ever, I’m talking to you.

I barely have any free time during the school week. All I do is wake up, go to school, go to dance, do homework, and go to sleep. Or sometimes sleep is taken out of the equation, to be honest. People that I do know that have a job don’t have any other after-school commitments besides homework. And to be honest, not that many people in my high school are even in a relationship. Not one of my close friends are, and it would be hard for me to think of people who are.

Maybe it’s just me, but when the protagonist has all these commitments and somehow still manages to fulfill them all, I think that’s just a little unrealistic.


5.) Basically anything involving bedroom windows.

Can someone please tell me in what perfect world you live next door to your best friend or your crush (or better yet, your best friend who you have secret unrequited crush on) has a bedroom window across from yours and you can see into each other’s windows?

Because this seems to happen way too often, and I have to say, the chances of this seem very slim to me. Personally, I don’t really know the neighbors which my bedroom window is beside all that well, and besides, my room is on the first floor of my house so my view is the fence, not another window.

Continuing on with the trend of bedroom windows, do people actually sneak out of their bedroom window? Do their boyfriends or girlfriends actually climb ladders and tap on their bedroom windows?

Image result for jughead in betty's window gif

I love Jughead Jones, but I’ve got to say, I think this is limited to teen television shows and young adult novels. I have a screen on my window that would make it pretty difficult to get out of. I have to say, I also don’t see the appeal of balancing on a story-high ladder…it sounds like an emergency room visit waiting to happen.


6.) Walking into your friend’s house unannounced.

I have friends that I am very, very close with. Friends whose families know me well, who I have gone on vacation with and essentially spent my summers at their house and have seen me grown up.

And even through all that, I can’t imagine a scenario that involves me opening the door to their house and just…walking in? Is this weird? Am I the only one who doesn’t go to my best friend’s house uninvited, let myself in, and start eating their food?

I love reading about best friend relationships in books, but that part has never been something I could relate to, or really known anyone who could relate to. Please let me know if I’m alone on this, because I’m genuinely curious.


7.) Running away from home as a kid.

Maybe I was too much of a goody-two-shoes. Maybe I was just a scaredy-cat. Maybe I didn’t even know what running away was. But I can honestly say that I never once considered running away when I was a child.

Image result for if anyone asks i've left the country gif

I feel like running away is brought up so many times in books. There’s sometimes an internal monologue when the character is remembering packing up a suitcase as a kid and “running away” to the end of the block or to their friend’s house before returning. Or, if it’s a middle-grade book, there is a possibly an actual running away scene as part of the action.

What? Where are you going to go? Am I the odd one out for not running away as a kid? Someone help, because this is causing me somewhat of an existential crisis.


8.) Fake dating is a thing that happens in high school.

Now we’re getting into trope-land, which maybe isn’t the best place to be for this post, so after this I will steer us to calmer waters. 😉 But I just had to put this one in here because I have read multiple (more than just To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, though that would be the most well-known) novels with fake dating in high school.

I can’t say I know about much real dating that happens in high school, much less fake dating.

Now that I think about it, this is such a strange concept, and I would be shocked if it actually happens in real life. I actually just Googled it to see if people actually pretend to have a relationship with each other in high school or if it’s all fiction, but I’m already confused Google is confusing.

I can see this happening in the world of celebrities for sure, because I’m positive that fake celebrity relationships exist just for the sake of the fans and the money that can be brought in if people think the two stars of a romance movie are actually dating. (Thank for you enlightening me on this, Evelyn Hugo.) But in high school, I just don’t see this happening anywhere besides books.


9.) People go to school dances and actually dance (in the 21st century).

I wish this was still a thing like it is in books! Sadly, as far as I know, it isn’t. But if it is where you live please tell me and I’ll be jealous.

I added a qualifier to this one because I think this is a more recent development, especially since back in the day they had dances like the Jitterbug and people actually quote unquote went dancing. Now we have Tik Tok dances. I think I was born in the wrong century…

But back to school dances! My high school has homecoming and prom, which I think are the typical dances. (Some places also have Sadie Hawkins, I believe.) However, I don’t think anyone actually goes to the dance to actually dance. If you do go to the dance (which is kind of considered uncool? I don’t get it either), there is not much actual dancing, there is just a lot of standing around with your friends and feeling awkward about the fact that you’re in a fancy dress in the cafeteria at night with a lot of people who you vaguely know from your various classes.

Image result for stranger things the snowball gif

If only this was something that would happen at my high school. If people do dance at all, it’s usually with your friends or the person you’re dating and there isn’t the whole “who’s going to ask me to dance” culture.

Is this just my school? Do other people have fun homecoming and prom dances like in books? Please enlighten me.


10.) People don’t know that books other than Harry Potter exist.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first person to tell you to read Harry Potter (and I have…on many occasions). But I have to admit, I find it interesting that the only books people ever seem to mention reading is the Harry Potter series.

Is it because it’s so well-known? Do you have to get permission to name drop a book within another book? Can you only name drop a book if it’s past a certain point of fame? Honestly, I have no idea.

Of course I get excited when characters are reading Harry Potter- it’s my favorite series, after all. However, I wonder if people who aren’t avid fans like me are tired of their favorite books getting shunted to the side. In real life, I can think of quite a few books that are pretty popular with teenagers: Percy Jackson, Shadowhunters series, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and The Fault In Our Stars are all books I’ve heard people discussing in person. Not just online, or else that list would be much longer.


There we have it, the ten things that happen in books but don’t happen in real life! Or at least don’t happen in my real life. Part of me is wondering if I’m going to read all the comments on this post and discover that I have, in fact, been living under a rock and everything I’ve written here is completely invalid.

That being said, I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ve had this idea for a while, and I’m excited to have finally written it and to share it with you all. Wishing you all a great week, and best of luck to all those taking finals or finishing up your semester! I’m right there with you, and we will make it through. ✨

Can you relate to any of these? Did any of these actually happen to you in real life? Please tell me where I went wrong, I’m very curious. I’d love to talk with you all in the comments!

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72 thoughts on “10 Things That Happen in Books But That Don’t Happen in Real Life // Aka Me Exposing Books (But…With Love)

  1. WOAH I RELATE TO EVERYTHING. Like wow. Books can be so stereotypical 😂 I don’t ever go over to my friends house unannounced or even eat their food without asking bc then I’ll feel greedy or something idk 😂 And yes can we please actually dance at dances? I’m homeschooled so I don’t even go dances but that would be so cool to know how to dance and actually DANCE at dances?!? Enjoyed this post so SO much xx 💕💕

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  2. This was a very creative post!! 😀 One of my good friends actually does play Dungeons and Dragons every Friday, she loves it and one day she wants me to come over and play too. And a different friend of mine encourages me to just walk in to her house unannounced lol, I feel weird about doing it so I haven’t but not gonna lie I might try it one day haha! 😀

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  3. I considered running away from home as a kid and I have been to a dance where people danced. Unless you want to visit India, the only dancing I can really say that I know teens to do is the Virginia reel. And how pray tell am I supposed to be able to get into my friends house without someone noticing, Yes, Rinna doesn’t bark, but… It’s a tiny house and there are lots of siblings…

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  4. Interesting post! I actually know a BUNCH of people who play D&D! I’ve tried it but I’d rather play a video game. But it’s pretty big around my area! I also used to have friends stay over weeknights. My parent’s were pretty cool about those things haha!

    Point 4 … I get where you’re coming from. I managed it but it wasn’t easy like they make it in books 😅

    Lmao! Number 6!! I had a really close knit group of friends and we did this a lot. The parents all got tired of getting the door so it just kinda was a thing … Maybe this is a small-town thing?

    Fake dating is an odd one to me as well … But it makes for a neat story (if done right).

    And dancing!! People don’t dance?? Oh my gosh … We danced like mad at my highschool dances!!! We went to ALL the dances (and after parties) and danced the night away.

    I have to agree … I love HP … But reference another bloody book!!!!

    I loved this post. How do you come to with these topics?!

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    • Thank you so much, Jenna!❤️That’s awesome, and after reading the comments, I’m seeing that D&D actually is pretty popular…I think it may be that it’s not a big thing in my particular location.

      Haha! I wish I could, but I know with juggling all those things, something would have to go. Or at least I would have some kind of breakdown that doesn’t happen in books…

      Yeah, maybe it is a small town thing, haha! I feel like I would be weirded out by that! Although funny story, my friend actually walked unannounced in my house today, but that was because my dad was in the front yard when she came over to give me something and he told her she could just go in. It was very strange to suddenly come out of my room and she was in my front hall.😂

      I agree!

      They don’t?? (Just TikTok dance moves, which is not the kind of dancing I really want to do at a dance…) Aww, that sounds like so much fun!

      Haha, honestly. XD

      Thank you again! This comment was so much fun to read. Haha, this was one of those ideas I came up with on the verge of sleep and had to wake myself up in order to write it down.

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  5. YES BRING BACK DANCING!!!! I wish that was still a thing 😦 I’m seriously thinking of having a 30s/40s/50s-themed wedding when that time comes, and telling everyone in my save-the-dates to get ready to dance the Charleston :’) These are so true!! I will never get the high school protagonist balancing act lol

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    • FOR REAL. Aww, that’s genuinely such a great idea! I know for sure that I’m going to be on the dance floor at my wedding (in the far future, lol) and I hope everyone else there is too.😉Ahh, yes, the infamous protagonist balancing act…unrealistic realistic fiction at its finest. Thank you for your comment, Macey!

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  6. Well, I didn’t play D&D when I was a kid, mainly because there isn’t a Portuguese version, I think. However, I did play it like five times in my old job. We started playing around 7 PM and stayed in the office until 1 AM playing. I was a drunk barbarian 😜

    However, although I didn’t play D&D growing up, I role-played for years online. I belonged to this online community where we created our own characters in fictional worlds like Hogwarts, Camp Half-Blood, medieval times, etc. I even played a Bolton on a Game of Thrones RPG for a while. I’m still pretty close with some of my online friends from that time.

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    • Ahh, that’s really interesting! Lots of people so far have said they’ve played D&D at one time or another, so now I’m realizing I’m the odd one out here. 😉

      That’s super cool! Hogwarts and Camp Half-Blood are two of my favorite fictional settings, so I can imagine how fun it was to become a character in those places.

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  7. Omg YES. I especially agree with the one about getting perfect grades while having a ton of other stuff going on in your life…who DOES that?? And I can confirm, as someone who grew up across the street from her best friend, that all that window nonsense is indeed nonsense. There was no secret signs or flashlight languages going on at all.

    However, I do actually know a lot of people in real life who play d&d! I think that’s probably a sign that I spend time with a lot of nerdy people haha. Though I don’t know anyone younger than college age who plays…

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    • Haha, I know right?? I’m pretty sure most people who keep their grades up do so by dedicating a whole lot of time to school and not a whole lot of time to anything else. (It’s sad, but true.) Oh my gosh, that’s so cool you did grow up across the street from your best friend, even there was no flashlight communication occurring. 😉

      Ohh, that makes sense on why I don’t know anyone playing D&D, then! Maybe in college I’ll meet people who do.


  8. Great post! I love realistic fiction too, but I agree that sometimes it’s far from realistic. Though I ran away from home once, I totally agree with every other point. The fake dating in books is very fun, but not very real. Just like the bedroom windows. I loved how you described it all 😀

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  9. It is funny that you mention D&D because I only know that my sister university friends used to play it but it does only seem to be certain groups that play but my sister said it was long and boring so I don’t think she was a fan!!
    I know I do wonder how these protagonist manage to do all these things because I definitely don’t think I would be able to handle all of this at all!! How do they do it!?!?
    YES the bedroom window thing!! I don’t understand how that happens so much!! I don’t get it!!
    I don’t think I could ever walk into house unannounced either so I’ve never got that!!
    haha yes Harry Potter does seem to be the only book ever mentioned in books!! 😂😂
    I’m really enjoyed this post and I could definitely relate to it!! Wonderful post Olivia!! ❤

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    • Ahh, cool! I think what I’ve started to learn from the comments I’ve gotten is that it is generally much more popular than I thought, but that it’s mainly popular among college-aged or older people.😂
      I don’t get it either! I can hardly juggle school and dance and my friends and family, I really think I would fall apart with anything else added on top of that.
      I know, right??
      Thank you so, so much! You are so very sweet and I appreciate your comment, Sophie.💓

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  10. I agreeeeeeeee! I could never just walk into my friend’s houses (& sometimes in books they even have keys to each other’s houses) that would be so weird 😂
    My school does have a D&D club but that’s only because one of our teacher’s is a huge geek (in the best way possible)

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  11. Okay, yes, to all of these but also I hate the way teens are represented in lots of books and movies. Like, the adults are ALWAYS right and the kids ALWAYS freak out about something reasonable. I mean, obviously, kids aren’t always right but neither are adults. My parents always told us that they aren’t perfect, and they’re really great parents.
    Plus, in movies teens are annoying.
    Anyway, that’s one that bugs me.
    Great post.

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  12. I agree so much with you!!! I have close friends of mine but we’ve never walked into the others house unannounced?? We always have to check with out parents and make time to hang out- we’re always busy, so I just assumed that it was normal, but maybe not. And the climbing into people’s houses through windows…. that’s breaking in.. And again, I wouldn’t want to impose in on them when they’re busy… plus… it’s breaking in???
    Anyways, I loved this post, it really was funny and I definitely enjoyed reading it.

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    • Me too, haha! Even though my friends and I are old enough to drive ourselves to see each other now, we still check with our parents and everything just to be sure. XD Yes with the window situation- also, how does one balance on a ladder while simaltaneously opening a window? This sounds dangerous to me…
      Thank you so much, Gianna! I’m super glad you enjoyed reading it.🤗


      • Same here, I can drive, but I always like to check in with them just to be sure. the window situation seems realistic, but it seems like they’re going through so much trouble.. I just wouldn’t try it for myself!! Your welcome!!!

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  13. This post is absolutely so relatable omg there are so many things that happen in “realistic fiction” that totally don’t happen in real life!! Sleeping over at a friend’s house on weekday nights seems so crazy how would that even work? And I’m convinced now you mention it that being called “children” is a fiction only thing. Juggling all those commitments is crazy and I swear I roll my eyes and get low-key annoyed every time I read about a character who is so called brilliant or something getting into an Ivy League school or something unrealistic like that when they spend all their time socializing and hanging out with their boyfriend/girlfriend…. like no that doesn’t happen lmao.

    And I LOVE the fake dating trope but imagine fake dating happening in high school? lmaoooo NOPE. I swear nobody cares whose dating who. Only one of my high school friends had an actual boyfriend and I have no idea who else was dating who–nor did I or anyone I talked to care. The closet I got to caring would be like before prom someone mentions how this dude asked this girl and we’re like huh okay that’s a cute poster and promptly forget and never think of it again an entire fake dating thing would be so extra and ridiculous and a waste of time and energy

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    • Thank you, Kay! I know, right? When I was writing this post they kept coming to me and I was realizing just how a little unrealistic a lot of things are. Ha, the more I think about it, the creepier calling children “children” is. I get annoyed when characters who spend all their time socializing/never do schoolwork get into an Ivy League too! Like…yes, maybe they’re really smart but there are so many other factors that need to fall into place too?? Even the people in the top of my class at school don’t think they’ll get into an Ivy, and they dedicate so much of themselves to school.

      This paragraph is honestly such a mood, and I wholeheartedly agree. If I hear about people dating, my extent is to say something along the lines of, “they’re cute” and then forget. Sorry LJ and Peter K, but fake dating is seriously not a real thing.

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  14. I love this post so much!! I’ve always found it so hard to relate to YA books, not just the fantasy ones (because, obviously), but the contemporary ones. I always just chalked it up to the fact that I don’t live in America, but now I feel really validated because you’re from there and you also find these things weird.
    I feel the bedroom window thing so much! 1) I share a room with my sisters, so the chances of me and my hypothetical love interest getting caught are much higher. 2) My window isn’t really a window—it’s a glass sliding door that opens into a balcony.
    Omg yes!! How do you have a nice social and love life AND have good grades at the same time? Haha, I feel like books often gloss over how much effort it takes to keep your grades up? Maybe the protagonists I read about are just super smart, but in my experience, nobody is ever smart without putting in their share of work. I go to school with people that I consider to be fairly smart, and yeah, they get good grades because their IQs are naturally high, but they also have to study or else they’ll fail. I feel like smart people in YA books are just smart for the sake of giving credibility to their characters (e.g. this character is organized, so to show that they’re gonna have to always have good grades), but I hate that YA novels always gloss over the fact that smart people also have to work their butts off by NEVER showing a scene wherein the characters so much as pick up a book. Also, school takes up so much of my time that I don’t think a boyfriend/girlfriend is going to be in the works for me any time soon, haha :”)

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    • Thank you so much, Caitlin!❤️Haha, yes, I’m glad this could be validating for you. (I’ve also realized from the comments on this post that some of these things really depend on where you live, like how D&D seems to be more popular in different parts of the US?). Ooh, your glass sliding door sounds really cool…my window is quite boring and opens up to a small sliver of yard and a fence, so I wouldn’t say the window scenario would work out well for me either.
      Exactly?! I wholeheartedly agree. Keeping up grades is seriously hard work, and the high schools books I read don’t seem to give characters enough credit. Like, most people have to study for good grades. People that are just naturally part in everything are pretty rare! (I wish I was like that, though, especially in physics. XD) School is just an all-consuming force, and you’re so right, YA novels really don’t recognize that!

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  15. Great post!! It’s actually pretty interesting to see your POV on this, and definitely hilarious on many examples!! xD But I must admit some of them actually apply. For example, the high school thing – being busy and still having a social life – I have a friend who’s currently in senior year, has grades above 18 (the maximum is 20), reads a LOT, and is involved in several projects, volunteering, and activities. The sleepover as well, kinda. I mean, when I was younger I wouldn’t really sleep at other people’s houses that often, but sometimes it would happen that I wanted to stay with my cousins for example, and that was during weekdays. Nowadays, I’m in college, and I sleep at friends’ houses during the week pretty often, actually. Aaand, what else … oh, the prom! We don’t really have homecoming here, and some schools don’t even organize prom. I was lucky enough I had one and everyone usually loves dancing – nothing fancy, but having fun! I’m actually surprised you don’t! xD
    Anyway, thank you for sharing this, I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

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    • Thank you, Marta! Ahh, I wish I could relate to your friend who has everything together in high school. XD I manage to keep up my grades, dance, and hang out with friends occasionally, but not without a fair share of stress. 😉 That’s so fun! I feel like that would definitely be more common in college, especially since it’s basically a sleepover with whoever you live with at all times anyway. XD We have homecoming and prom, but I don’t think legit dancing happens, sadly! I’m glad you got to experience that though, because it sounds like fun. Thank you for the kind comment, and I’m really happy you enjoyed this post!

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  16. Oh, i’m dead, this was so funny. Though I did run away from home, when I was 7. But also, that was a foster care situation, so who wouldn’t run away. And I know my sisters both ran away at different times but I don’t know many other people my age who ran away. What’s weird is one of my friend’s mom – she ran away to join the circus when she was a kid and I always thought THAT was the funniest thing ever.

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  17. I have friends who play D&D, and my school has formals where people do dance. A lot. Maybe it’s your school, then? It sounds sad 😦

    This was an interesting post, though! I’d never actually thought about a lot of these things before.

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  18. AH, so many of these are so true. Books are wonderful, but they do tend to create unrealistic expectations about life. Like windows?? There is decidedly less climbing through/jumping out of windows in my life than I would have expected (although I did once get thrown through a window to rescue my friend’s teddy bear). Also these people in books who can juggle school, work, relationships, sports, making meals, and still working on their model-train-painting hobby in their spare time? Who is like this??
    I was reading a book recently where one of the characters was reading The Book Thief and I was like, “Woah, people in books know that other books exist besides classics and Harry Potter?!?!”
    I think the use of “children” in ASOUE and TMBS is because they both take place in a somewhat timeless/old-fashioned setting, but really I never hear anyone address actual children as “children” in real life.
    Also siblings in books are always calling each other “sister” and “brother” and who in the world actually says that?? Does anyone?? I have three sisters, but we only ever address each other as “sister” when we’re trying to be ridiculous. Mostly we just…call each other by our names?
    [The number of Stranger Things gifs in this post makes me so happy!!! I just discovered it a few months ago and it’s one of my new favorite shows 🙂 ]

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    • Ahh, thank you! I most certainly relate to thinking there would be more climbing out of windows going on in my life as compared to how much goes on (which is none). The teddy bear story sounds very interesting. 😉 Haha, the model train painting hobby made me laugh. So true, though!
      That’s so cool! The Book Thief is amazing, so I’m happy to hear a character was enjoying it.
      That’s definitely very true. I do love the timelessness of those books, I just find the usage of “children” highly unrealistic. XD
      HA, I do not call my sister “sister” either! You’re right, I only do it if I’m jokingly saying something along the lines of, “my dear sister, would you do this for me” or the like. I have heard some parents call their children “sis” or something, like if they’re talking to their younger children. But I never grew up doing that so it seems odd to me.
      YAY! Same here- I only watched it for the first time this summer, but it quickly became an obsession and a love for me.
      Thank you for this comment, it was amazing!

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  19. Ahah I love this post Olivia, this is so damn true, though I have to say…. I close my eyes on the best friends climbing out each other’s windows, because I’m secretly happy when this happens in books and shows and stuff, I find it cute haha even if you’re right, this is potentially very dangerous hahaha 🙂

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  20. While I do agree with some, others I absolutely don’t !

    1- I do “know” of people online playing it! We also have a comic book store that sells dices and D&D stuff; however I never played myself (most definately as I never really had more than ONE friend xd)
    2- Yep, my parents would never had allowed me either!! For all thoses reasons.
    3- I live in french.. so erh, “children” doesn’t apply to me XD However.. i’m racking my brain upon if the equivalent in French “Les enfants” has been used and, I’m blanking. I actually don’t know.
    4- now THIS! Although I always had WAY too many time on my hand, my parents wasn’t allowing me to work while studying. and Frankly I don’t think I would’ve been able to, although I was a straight A student as of which didn’t really studied x) but it’s different while working — you become tired and distracted and all that. I did got a boyfriend in senior year but we didn’t lasted long ahaha so I can’t comment on that front.
    5- Yep. both of my houses were kind of in a random spot xD like the one I currently live with my parents since 9th grade is in the middle of nowhere in a dead end. I’ve always been between old couple or new couple. Never really had surroundings of people my age. (though my bestfriends was like, up the road/next street over and something where I could walk there — but I feel that’s a little different)
    6- Oh this one I do! She moved out of her mother’s house now, and to be frank I didn’t visited her there yet.. but when she was still with her mom I used to just knock once and enter. But we’re 3hours apart – so I mean, She had been expecting me as we were texting while getting there.
    7 & 8- Nope, I agree with thoses. I *may* had thought of running away like, once or twice, but erhh… I NEVER could’ve had pulled it off xd
    9- THAT WE DID!! more in high school than elementary school, because duh. Most of the teenagers were drinking and showing up barely dressed and drunk xd I used to love them so much – popular party music playing, we would be dancing all together; sometimes in a “dirty dancing” kind of way (basically boys grinding behind/in front of you), people would kiss and all that jazz – just randomly within the year, on a friday. Then again, the city im from has a 16-18 club where they don’t sell alcohol (people STILL came drunk though) so yeah xd

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    • I’m glad you could relate a little, haha!

      1- That’s so cool! Yeah, a lot of other people have said they know people that play it too, so I think it’s just me. XD
      3- Haha! Good to know.
      4- Oh yes, that completely makes sense. No matter how smart or studious you are, it definitely complicates things to have a job.
      5- Yes! Growing up, most of my close friends lived in walking distance as well, so it was simple for me to walk to their houses, but we had no secret codes going on.
      6- Oh, gotcha- yes, one of my friends and I did used to have a secret knock so we’d know it was each other, but we always still let each know when we were coming, haha.
      9- Wow! That most definitely does not happen where I am.

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  21. Omg I love this post so much!! A lot of these are definitely things I’ve seen in books/tv and been super confused about because they don’t seem like something that would happen in real life—especially the one about sleepovers on school nights (although that may have more to do with my anitsocial-ness lol), the bedroom window thing, going to friends’ houses unannounced, and fake dating.

    However, I do know a few people in real life who play Dungeons and Dragons, and there is some dancing at my school dances. Usually not a whole lot of people go to them, and there isn’t any slow dancing or anything, but kids generally dance a little, especially for those songs that everyone knows the dances to like the cotton eye joe and the cupid shuffle, and near the end of the dance when they’re feeling slightly less awkward.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Annie! Ahh, I’m very happy you could relate. Ha, even though I won’t deny I can sometimes be anti-social when it comes to gatherings, my mom never would have let me anyway. XD

      Oh, I kind of relate to the dancing thing! At our dances people sort of move around and sway to the beat with their friends, but I have never seen slow dancing or organized dancing, haha. I love what you said about “at the end when they’re feeling slightly less awkward”- so true!

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  22. Hi Olivia! I found this post through Emmie @ Another Night of Reading. I love this list! It’s really making me think critically about the books I read. But at the same time, I have to laugh at some of these. For example, my husband DEFINITELY plays roleplaying games all the time. Not D&D, perse, but something very similar. In fact, he’s off to a role-playing convention this weekend. (Which means more time for me to blog. Mwahaha!)

    I also both walk into a few of my friends’ houses unannounced and I definitely “ran away” as a child. But, like, not how they do in books. I packed a backpack with granola bars and Capri Sun and basically went hiking for 12 hours. I was so cool.

    The rest? Definitely not real. The window thing slays me — you’re so right! I’ll be paying closer attention in future novels. Great post!

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  23. HAHA I love this list. I want to write one of these sometime.
    1. Dungeons and Dragons! I want to try playing this at one point. Okay, I can’t think of a concrete memory in which somebody told me they play it, but I do have a few vague instances in which somebody might have said they do.
    2. Okay, I have heard people at school talk about sleepovers during weeknights because of parents gone or something.
    3. This one made me smile. I’ve never thought about that!
    4. Where’s the homework in books?
    5. SO TRUE.
    6. Okay there is one person (Jonathan) with whom I would feel pretty comfortable showing up unannounced. But I have never actually done it before.
    7. I have never ran away from home.
    8. HAHA okay I have a funny story about this one. During the summer in our church group chat, somebody talked about a dream she had had about me and this other guy kissing. So I went and made another groupchat with that guy and Jonathan, and was like just go with it, okay? And then I went back on to the big groupchat and was like, I guess this is a good time to tell you guys…. So then from there, we pretended to date for a good five months for maybe-except the catch is for a great majority of that time only one of our friends thought it was real. We did talk about “breaking up” and then never revealing the truth, but it was started to weigh on my conscience so now it’s over.
    9. Nooo dances are pretty fun at my school! It’s not really dancing though. Just a lot of jumping and moshing. Sometimes dance circles are made and then there’s a little bit of actual dancing.
    10. Also true. Unless they’re a bunch of readers and talk about classics.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You should!! I support this notion.
      1. Honestly, I can’t help but just think about the Stranger Things kid gang when I think about D&D. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?
      2. Oh, me too! That’s the only extenuating circumstance I can think of where my parents would be okay with sleeping over on a school night.
      3. Haha :))
      4. Okay, for real! I’m looking at you, “realistic” high school novels. Where is the stressing over GPA/rank/AP classes/nightly homework for hours? I feel like unless the point of the book is to focus on academic stress, it doesn’t talk about it at all.
      6. I have a friend I would show up unannounced to as well, but I definitely haven’t done it either, haha.
      8. ANNIE. THIS STORY WAS SO UNEXPECTED. I can’t believe you kept that up for five months (and I think it’s so funny that you continued to keep it up even though only one friend was tricked). That’s crazy! I am impressed, and also quite shocked that you…fake dated someone. I take back everything I said in this post about fake dating being just in novels, you have proved me wrong. ;))
      9. That’s fun!
      10. Oh, true. You do hear Little Women and Pride & Prejudice and Tom Sawyer and the like being mentioned!

      Liked by 1 person

      • 1. Oh yes, definitely in Stranger Things, but I think I’ve heard people briefly mention playing D&D games in real life.
        8. Hahaha, I promise you it was so much less crazy than it sounds. I would actually describe it as low-key. But thank you very much for reacting like I actually did a YA novel thing!

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