April Recap // Time Flew, I Read Books, Watched Gilmore Girls, & Now It’s May?

Not to be a broken record, but I don’t know how it’s already May.

Not only is it already May, but it’s already almost a week into May? I don’t understand where this month went exactly, but I’m very grateful that it went by faster than the year and a half that was March. I think almost every recap post I’ve read so far this month said the same, so I know I’m not alone in this feeling- but I still can’t believe we’re in the fifth month of 2020 already.

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I’m also very excited to be writing a recap post again, because upon looking in my archives, I realized I haven’t written a proper one of these since September! That is absurd, and it just shows how off on my blogging game I’ve been. I hope I never go that long without writing a recap post again, because I love them.

Anyway, now that we’re here (thank you for being here), I’m going to talk about what I read this month (more than March! unsurprisingly, it can’t be difficult to beat March), the little that I blogged, and the even littler that I did in real life, and some goals for May!

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