The Folklore Book Tag // In Which I Love Taylor Swift and Reading Way Too Much

Taylor Swift released a new album, and in conclusion, I am not okay.

I don’t exactly have the words to explain my happiness when I found out about the surprise release of Folklore, but I won’t lie, there were tears. Taylor Swift has been my favorite artist since her debut album released and I spent hours laying on the floor next to my CD player memorizing every song, and while I’ve loved everything she’s put out, this album has a special piece of my heart.

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I could go on and on, but the lyrics (her best ever), storytelling, and genre (indie folk/soft pop/alternative?!) could not be more perfect. It’s genuinely my favorite album yet and!! I haven’t stopped listening to it or screaming about it since it released. So you can imagine my excitement when Ilsa created The Folklore Book Tag, and now I can talk about the album here while also talking about books!!

A major thank you to both Ilsa and Rhi for tagging me- I’ve loved talking about this album with both of them so far, so this was especially happy.🤍 I’m very much looking forward to talking about the songs, sharing my favorite lyrics at the end of each song, and tying them back to books using Ilsa’s prompts!! (Also, I will be using the graphics she created, so a thank you to her for that too.)


The Rules~

  • Link to the original creator Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink
  • Tag at least 3 people
  • Declare the rules and list of prompts in your post
  • Thank whoever tagged you and link to their post


Wild and CrookedI just read Wild and Crooked, so the ending is the most fresh in my head and therefore I’m putting it for this. The ending isn’t quite as astonishing as, say, We Were Liars, but it did make me emotional and I had to take a moment to acknowledge what had just happened after reading it. It definitely made my heart Feeling Something, and if you aren’t reading this book for the amazing platonic friendships and uniquely brilliant characters, then read it for the plot twists at the ending!

I really love The 1, and what’s funny is that I wrote this whole post somehow forgetting to copy and paste this graphic, and didn’t realize until the very end, so this seems like the beginning of my fangirling but in reality I’ve already spent two hours talking about 15 other Taylor songs by now. But, I love this song because it has an upbeat tune and manages to be fun while simultaneously breaking me? You know, typical Taylor.

“but we were something, don’t you think so?

roaring twenties, tossing pennies in the pool

and if my wishes came true, it would have been you”

Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer, #1)First of all, I am obsessed with this song!! I think it’s my favorite off the album because it gives me the best vibes. ever. I want to dance in the rain while listening to this song for the rest of my days.

I have to pick Strange the Dreamer for this prompt because I truly felt all the emotions with this book. When it was over, I remember sitting on my bed staring into space because I actually could not comprehend what had just happened. I got so emotionally invested in the characters and world Laini Taylor built, so every happy part and every sad part seemed to be amplified.

“when you are young they assume you know nothing,

but I knew you, dancing in your Levi’s, drunk under a streetlight”

The Forbidden WishI read this a while ago, but I still remember being blown away by The Forbidden Wish. I found the premise so interesting, which is why I picked it for this! (It also is a retelling of Aladdin, reminding me of how this song is a retelling of a story about Taylor’s house.) I remember finding Zahra and Aladdin really interesting characters, and enjoying the dynamic between them and hearing about Zahra’s backstory. I couldn’t put this book down because it was that fascinating!

The first time I listened to Folklore I didn’t have strong opinions about The Last Great American Dynasty, but now that it’s been out for a few days, it’s been one of the songs I replay most. I really admire the storytelling in this song and I love that it’s a true story! The way Taylor Swift can take a story and weave it into a song is unbelievably amazing.

“who knows, if I never showed up what could have been

there goes the loudest woman this town has ever seen

I had a marvelous time ruining everything”

Shadow and Bone (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, #1)I do feel bad for calling out any book like this, but I would have to say Shadow and Bone. I actually did like this one, but the problem is, reading it means I need to also then read the rest of the series (especially in preparation for the Netflix show). And…unfortunately, I haven’t been enjoying the rest of the books and am currently stuck on the third one. I just can’t connect to the characters or seem to care about them too much, which makes me sad! (I do like Nikolai.)

From what I’ve heard, Exile is the favorite of a lot of people, and rightfully so!! Taylor Swift and Bon Iver’s back and forth gives me chills, and lyrics are truly phenomenal. Don’t mind me crying over her genius and the sheer talent in this song.

“I think I’ve seen this film before, and I didn’t like the ending

you’re not my homeland anymore, so what am I defending”

The Book ThiefI tear up a lot while reading books, but the one book that has made me repeatedly cry is The Book Thief. I mention this book a lot, but it always fits the crying prompts, because it’s genuinely SO heartbreaking. No matter how many times I already know the ending or am prepared for what’s coming, I find myself crying at the end every time I reread it. Don’t get me wrong, though, it’s also one of the most beautiful novels I’ve ever read!

Just like The Book Thief, My Tears Ricochet is heartbreaking and beautiful. It’s one of the songs I connected less with, though I still really like it and I think the whole idea of the song being about her metaphorical death in some way is amazing and the lyrics are some of her greatest!!

“you had to kill me

but it killed you just the same”

Foolish HeartsI couldn’t think of a book to pick for this one, so I went with a book I love immeasurably: Foolish Hearts. I think Emma Mills went into my mind, realized that I love soft boys, witty banter, boy bands, and girls supporting girls, and then she wrote this book and it made all my dreams come true. :’)

I also get the happiest vibes from Mirrorball, very similar to the happy vibes I get from Foolish Hearts. I think this might just be me, but every time I hear Mirrorball, I picture the Snowball dance in Stranger Things season 2 and it instantly makes me smile.

“I’m a mirrorball, I can change everything about me to fit in

you are not like the regulars, the masquerade revelers

drunk as they watch my shattered edges glisten”

The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy (The Penderwicks #1)I just reread The Penderwicks and was hit by such a wave of nostalgia. I don’t even think I was that young when I read this series for the first time (maybe ten or eleven), but it brings out the childhood nostalgia so much. This novel makes me want to go back to the days when my whole world was my front yard and the dollhouse in my room and tea parties and chalk drawings.

That’s exactly how Seven makes me feel too- like I want to be a carefree child again. I know I might sound like a broken record, but the lyrics to this song are achingly beautiful and transport me to childhood right away.

“please picture me in the weeds, before I learned civility

I used to scream ferociously, any time I wanted”

Love & Gelato (Love & Gelato, #1)The quintessential summer read for me is Love & Gelato. I remember buying it at Barnes & Noble back before I was getting all my recommendations from book blogging and falling in love with it. I’ve read a lot of other summery contemporaries since I read this one, but I’ll always look back at it as the epitome of summer- Italian adventures, whirlwind romances, and endless amounts of gelato.

August is…brilliant. I can’t wait to put this on repeat for literally all of August, because when Taylor Swift releases a song with a month for the title, that’s what you do. The chorus is so catchy, and it’s a summer romance in a nutshell and somehow breaks my heart every time.

“for me it was enough to live for the hope of it all

canceled plans just in case you’d call

saying ‘meet me behind the mall'”

The Astonishing Color of AfterI can’t think of a book that fits this prompt more than The Astonishing Color of After. In this novel, the main character is dealing with the aftermath of her mother’s suicide. There is so much loneliness and sadness in different characters- in Leigh’s mother, in the flashbacks, in Leigh and her father as they grieve their loss differently, in Leigh’s grandparents. But this book addresses it beautifully and also managed to leave a message of hope in my heart.

This is Me Trying is so sad, but so hopeful too, just like the book. I think the feeling of giving your all, even when you don’t know if your all is going to be enough, is deeply relatable to a lot of people. I know I’ve said the word “heartbreakingly beautiful” too much in this post, but honestly, it’s the best way to describe all these songs.

“and my words shoot to kill when I’m mad

I have a lot of regrets about that

I was so ahead of the curve, the curve became a sphere

fell behind all my classmates and I ended up here”

You Deserve Each OtherI’m stealing Ilsa’s answer for this one because the only book I think of in recent months that did give me a book hangover was, in fact, You Deserve Each Other. I definitely went out of my normal comfort zone reading this, but it was beyond worth it! After reading about the true, beautiful love between Naomi and Nicholas, how was I supposed to go on with my life as if nothing changed?

I think Illicit Affairs is amazing- the first time I listened to the album, it made my top three. After listening to the songs a few dozen more times, I don’t know if it’s still in my top three (or even what my top three are, I’m having a crisis) but I still think the lyrics are perfection and that this song deserves every ounce of love.

“don’t call me kid, don’t call me baby

look at this idiotic fool that you made me

you taught me a secret language I can’t speak with anyone else”

A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)I read A Court of Thorns and Roses for the first time this month, and I think it came at the perfect time. It had been on my TBR for ages, until I took it off, but one of my friends irl convinced me to read it (and she read The Raven Cycle since I read ACOTAR). It’s not one of my new favorites or anything, but I did really enjoy it and am looking forward to the rest of the series! This summer, when I’m not doing anything and needed books to distract me, was the perfect time for me to read ACOTAR.

Okay, I just have to say- I’ve had Folklore on repeat the whole time writing this post and Invisible String came on exactly as I started typing this one, so that’s fun. This song is so playful, with really lovely lyrics and such a catchy chorus! I love the idea behind it and I also think it shows off Taylor’s voice really well.

“cold was the steel of my axe to grind for the boys who broke my heart

now I send their babies presents”

I Wanna Be Where You AreI just finished I Wanna Be Where You Are, and while I’m planning to do a more comprehensive review soon, I just need to feature Chloe in this post right now! I really adored reading this book because of her character. Not only is she a ballet dancer (I am too🥺), but she’s dedicated, hard-working, a loving friend, and realistically flawed while still being a solidly good person. Chloe is the perfect example of how amazing a female character can be even without saving the world or being the “chosen one”- but just by being herself.

Mad Woman is one of my favorite songs on the album! I love the subtle feminist undertones, and it’s such a well-written song that spoke to me and I hope a lot of other women as well.

“every time you call me crazy, I get more crazy, what about that

and when you say I seem angry, I get more angry

and there’s nothing like a mad woman”


House of Salt and SorrowsClearly House of Salt and Sorrows has utterly stolen my heart. I am in awe of how atmospheric and haunting this book managed to be. With a dark, foggy seaside setting, eerie cliffs and lighthouses, sisters getting murdered, and mysterious balls- the atmosphere is so grim and spooky. The end of this book also still haunts me and I frequently think about it.

I also have to rave about Epiphany- I haven’t heard a lot of people say it’s their favorite, but for some reason it’s one of my absolute favorites? Every time I listen to it, I get full-body goosebumps. The lyrics are hauntingly gorgeous and I love it.

“something med school did not cover, someone’s daughter, someone’s mother

hold your hand through plastic now, doc I think she’s crashing out

and some things you just can’t speak about”

The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #5)It’s been years since I first read The Last Olympian and I still am not, nor will I ever be, over the Percy and Annabeth moments in this novel. A moment of silence for Percabeth fighting together, (highlight for spoiler)Percy denying immortality for Annabeth, and the underwater scene. There are certainly so many books in PJO and HoO with Percabeth moments that I may or may not reread just for serotonin at random points in life, but this one has an extra special piece of my heart.

Betty is one of my favorites from the album! It’s just so! much! fun! The chorus is genuinely one of my favorite choruses that Taylor has ever written. The energy of this song makes me want to start dancing, and I can’t stop playing it on repeat. I also would like to ask, has anyone else noticed that Taylor Swift always calls out seventeen-year-olds for not knowing anything in multiple of her albums?

“I’m only seventeen, I don’t know anything

but I know I miss you”

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)Okay, I know I’m probably not the only one here who would die for the Raven Boys + Blue, but…I would. Especially for Gansey because Richard Campbell Gansey the Third has as much of my heart as I think any fictional character could. I think this gang of characters (the gangsey? yes) has proved themselves again and again to be very deserving of all the love in the world, so I’ll give this one to The Raven Boys.

I think Peace has some of most complex lyrics Taylor has ever written! It’s a gorgeous love song, but it also is heartbreaking…like the rest of the album. I interpreted it as being about her considering the difficulty of having a relationship with her fame and wow, beautiful.

“all these people think love’s for show

but I would die in secret for you”

What If It's Us (What If It's Us, #1)Sadly, I have to say What If It’s Us for this. I feel like this was the OG hyped book for me- I think right around the time I started getting really involved in the book community was when the ARC reviews rolled in and it was releasing in the upcoming year. It’s not that I didn’t like this book, I enjoyed it and I thought it was really cute- but I didn’t love it nearly as much as I thought I would, and I haven’t really thought about it after finishing it until I just saw it on Goodreads and remembered about it.

Hoax, however, is one of my favorite songs on the entire album! It’s so, so beautifully written. But wow, was Taylor trying to make me cry? Because she most definitely did. I listened to this song for the first time in complete darkness under a blanket with headphones and there were tears on this song.

“stood on the cliffside screaming, ‘give me a reason’

your faithless love’s the only hoax I believe in”


I’m tagging people that I’ve specifically talked about this album with already, since I know they loved Folklore, but please let me know in the comments if you’d like to be tagged as well~

Annie // Ruby // Lily // Maeve

This post really quickly turned into a long one, but what can I say, I don’t know how to stop talking about Taylor Swift or books, so if you put both of them in the same post, chances are I’ll ramble on for ages. Thank you so much for reading! I hope this post could give you some new book recommendations or song recommendations, and thank you again to Ilsa for creating this tag.

What do you think of Folklore? Favorite songs? Have you read any of these books? I would love to talk about all things Taylor and books in the comments with you.

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55 thoughts on “The Folklore Book Tag // In Which I Love Taylor Swift and Reading Way Too Much

  1. Okay I’m literally listening to folklore on rEPEAT as I’m reading this post (as I have been obsessively since she dropped the album!!) and I’m oBSESSED! I don’t think it’s my favorite album (I really did love Lover and 1989 so much ❤ ) but it's definitely up there in my favorites, and it's the perfect album for right now!! all the calm and sad vibes because quarantine has made me an angsty sad bean lol but I'm so much in looooooove alskfjlsdaf I still can't believe she surprised us like this and I'm just supposed to be okay??

    Also I know you're a dancer too so can I say that this album makes me want to dance so much?? I stopped formally dancing a couple years ago but legit this is so beautiful and soft and melodic and lyrical and this album has (temporarily) pulled me off my sad quarantine ass to pull my old color guard equipment out of my closet and dance aldksfjsdlaf. it is not humanly possible to listen to the bridge of illicit affairs without getting up and twirling I don't make the rules

    My favorites so far are probably cardigan, exile, and illicit affairs, but I kNOW that's going to change because I haven't fully absorbed all the songs yet lol I'm still processing I'll be processing for a while.


    House of Salt and Sorrows is definitely an amazing haunting book! I'm glad ACOTAR has come into your life now (it's such a good series!!), and The Astonishing Color of After really deals with loneliness and sadness but is such an amazing book I love so much!! Love and Gelato has all the summer vibes (lol I wish summer 2020 could be like that take me to Italy or anywhere besides the usa lmao)

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    • The only right way to read this post?? I listened to folklore on repeat as I was writing this so that makes me really happy. I KNOW, like how am I supposed to just pick up and move on and do productive things knowing Taylor Swift has the power to do things like drop an entire album on us that’s this amazing…incredible.

      AWWW, I love that. I do think this is probably her album most likely to have songs to dance to! (I’ve always been wanting to dance to a Taylor song but it’s hard because not a lot of them are dance-y beyond being like, ones to jam out dance to if that makes sense.) Okay from now on I’m only twirling during the bridge of Illicit Affairs, you’ve got me there.

      Same?! I think if I had to narrow it down to four, it would be Cardigan, Exile, Betty, and Epiphany but I’m really obsessed with them all and it keeps changing as I listen more.

      Haha you’re so right- I would much rather be in the summer of Love & Gelato rather than this summer-but-not-summer of 2020.👀 I’d do anything just to get out of my town even to be honest!! Ahh thank you for this amazing comment, Kay! xx

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      • Yes the only right way to read this post here I am a day later still listening to the album as I type and no plans to stop anytime soon. Haha I know what you mean; I remember when Look What You Made Me Do was released our team used it a few times for a warm up song and it reeeeally didn’t work… but what can I say when you’re a swiftie you do what you have to do. and yes I’d looooove to get out of this country, I’d like to get out of my town, tbh even getting out of my house (bedroom really) is an exciting adventure I long for

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  2. ahhh omg, thank you for tagging!!! Although now I can’t tag you in my post Olivia hehehe. But also YES to why we love Folklore, the vocals & lyrics are STUNNING. The instrumentals left me DEAD I CANT. It’s such a good album eeppp.

    sksk I NEED to get to Strange The Dreamer asap, been putting it off for far too long and we have fomo. Same goes for The Astonishing Color of After, The Forbidden Wish sounds AMAZING though omg?!?!? I need that Aladdin retelling in my life. Also, I haven’t started S&B yet but NEED to this year (seriously if I don’t I shall make myself disappear off the face of the planet) but I already know I am going to sell my soul for Nikolai. I predicted it and therefore it shall come true. I feel like this comment is just me saying I need to read all the books wow sorry.

    I ~may~ have screamed at your Stranger Things reference yes. I have a totally healthy obsession.

    Ahh okay, now both you and Ilsa have made me even more excited for You Deserve Each Other!!

    “I may or may not reread just for serotonin at random points in life” speaks to my soul and I deeply miss Percabeth. MUST do a reread asap.

    Loved loved loved reading all your answers!!

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    • Ahh, of course!! I definitely thought of you right away.🥰 I know, ahh, every time I listen I’m blown away by the lyrics and the instrumental parts…it’s just perfection. *screams*

      I just read Strange the Dreamer this month (I think, the days are blending together honestly) and so I get the fomo haha!! It was a little hard to get through but the ending made it all worth it, so I’d definitely recommend. The Forbidden Wish is THE Aladdin retelling you’ve been searching for, I promise, it’s amazing. Haha, I think I’m so eh about Shadow and Bone that I’m not too invested in the characters but if I were to sell my soul to anyone from the series, it would definitely be to Nikolai. He doesn’t come in until the second book but he’s worth the wait!!

      “I totally have a healthy obsession” – ME.

      That makes me so excited to hear! I got the recommendation of it from Ilsa first, so it’s like a recommendation chain of You Deserve Each Other.

      Percabeth is my main source of serotonin and I can’t deny it.🥺 Ahh, thank you so much!! As always, this was the sweetest comment ever and I can’t thank you enough for it. xx

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  3. this post made me want to listen to folklore without distractions!! I can only listen to music while multitasking right now, and because of that i wasn’t able to pay attention to the lyrics of the songs 😭😭 but i agree that betty has such a fun tune!

    you talked about so many books that i need to read 😭 i’m so excited to read you deserve each other because i need the serotonin and it’s been a while since i’ve read an enemies to lovers book! ahhh, i keep hearing things about percabeth, which makes me want to reread pjo even more because i don’t remember what i thought of them the first time i read it :((

    i ~kind of~ want to read shadow and bone even though i’ve been spoiled for it and i’m pretty sure i won’t like it because of the netflix show 😂 and also so that i can see why everyone loves nikolai. he was just okay when i read king of scars (i’m such a rebel i read kos without reading a single word of the grisha trilogy 😭😂)

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    • Aww, I’m glad this inspired you to maybe give it another listen.🥺 I felt like the lyrics were super amazing and one of the reasons I love it as much as I do, so maybe you’ll find more favorites then!! Betty is so much fun, ahh.

      Definitely read You Deserve Each Other for all the serotonin and enemies to lovers (but also like second chance romance?)…I think I’ll be rereading this book again soon just because it makes me so happy. Aww, if you get the time to reread PJO I hope you enjoy all the Percabeth moments- another main source of my serotonin.😅

      Ahh! I think the beginning of the series starts out all right, but it kind of is going downhill at the moment, but I’ll probably push through so I know what’s going on in the show. I wouldn’t say I love love Nikolai but I feel like he’s the most tolerable character lol, and he can be super funny and charming at times!! I hope you enjoy any of these books that you might read, Caitlin, and thank you for this comment!💖

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  4. Ahhh yes!! Love to see Foolish Hearts in here, I adored that book 🥰 I also loved Cardigan, it might be my fave of the album too! Strange the Dreamer left me capital S Shook and I still haven’t read Muse of Nightmares because I don’t want to be emotionally wrecked like the first one left me!! Also ugh I’m sorry you’re not enjoying the Grisha trilogy, I think they’re so hit or miss and the second and third book are definitely a bit slower! I hope you get through them and enjoy the show when it comes out!! ❤️

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    • Foolish Hearts forever has my heart, as does Cardigan.😭 I haven’t read Muse of Nightmares yet either! That’s mostly because there are a lot of holds on it at my library, but same, I don’t know if I’m ready for the emotional damage it might cause me. Aww, thank you! I hope I can get through the last ones so I know what’s going on with the show, who knows, maybe I’ll gain interest back in the last book.❤️ Thanks for this comment, Erin! xx

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  5. Eeee, I love this album!! The Penderwicks is super nostalgic for me too. Gosh all the characters are my early childhood. Great post 🙂 I would like to be tagged if that’s ok.

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  6. I HAVE to read The Book Thief and The Last Olympian (but I also don’t want to end this series)! Oh gosh I did not like What if it’s us. folklore is GREAT!

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    • I completely feel that! It’s hard to read The Last Olympian but if it helps at all, there’s still the Heroes of Olympus with a lot of the OG characters from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Folklore is the most amazing, ahh!! Thank you for your comment.❤️

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  7. Yass I think everyone was shook when Taylor dropped it like a bomb. I was a huge fan of her up until her album Red, but then I didn;t because she switch her genre to pop-ish, and then this album come out and I was ASDSKLFAKLS because it was FOLK!!! My fav genre of all time! I’ve been playing Exile on repeat and I don’t think I’m gonna stop anytime soon.

    Percabeth is my fav couple too, I need to re read PJO because it has been a long time! And I alread add House of Salt and Sorrow to my TBR, hope I will like it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know!! That makes me so happy to hear that you love this album, especially after not being as big of a fan of her pop- I’m excited that she just straight up did a genre shift and it went so well. I have exile on repeat at basically all times as well, it’s just perfection.😍

      I want to do a PJO reread too! Yay, I hope you love House of Salt and Sorrows as much as I did. Thank you for your comment, Carolina! xx


  8. Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy the Grishaverse trilogy 😦 I actually fell in love with the story & was really hooked. I love Nikolai too, and I also LOVE the Darkling lol :’) Something about arrogant (sometimes terrible) fictionals that I just adore lolol. Anyway, this tag is so fun! I actually really want to listen to this album bc it sounds so good! (I’m thinking I need to hear Red first since apparently this one is like a Red 2.)

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    • I’m so happy you love the Grishaverse trilogy, though! This makes me want to definitely give the third book a chance.💛 Eep, Nikolai is just so charming, he definitely gets the title of being my favorite character. Ah, if you do listen to Folklore, I would love to hear what you think of it! Oh my gosh, Red is another amazing album by Taylor- it does have a similar vibe, but Red is more pop/country, haha.

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  9. Folklore is such a perfect album, I adore nearly every song on it! 💖 Peace and Hoax are the only two I don’t *love* but I’m okay with those too. My favorites would be this is me trying, epiphany, mad woman, and august. I have to agree with you about Shadow and Bone – I didn’t hate the series, but I only finished it because I borrowed all three books from my friend, and she wanted to hear what I think. As a whole, it’s so underwhelming, with many parts I hated, or parts I thought could have used some improvement. :/ I adore Foolish Hearts and The Astonishing Color of After, and I really liked You Deserve Each Other and I Wanna Be Where You Are, and yes!! Gansey (and the others in TRC) are such incredible characters, I need to reread that series. 🙂 Great post! 💖

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    • Me too!! Ahh, your favorites >>😍 If I had to narrow it down, mine would probably be cardigan, betty, exile, and mad woman…but I really do love them all. Aww, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the Grishaverse trilogy either! I’m hoping that I’ll end up finishing the last book so I can at least finish it out, but since I don’t have the pressure of talking to a friend about it (I get that haha) I might not.

      Awww! Foolish Hearts and You Deserve Each Other both have stellar romances, and I Wanna Be Where You Are was just completely adorable.💗 Thank you so much, Veronika! xx


  10. You know, you were one of the first people I thought of when I first saw that there was a folklore book tag, so I was not surprised at all to see this post 😂 Your personal brand is strong!!
    I’ve been listening to this album pretty much nonstop the past few days (the last great american dynasty is playing as I’m typing this) – I think it might be my favorite taylor swift album! Cardigan is one of my favorite songs too, and I love your choice of Strange the Dreamer to go along with it. Yes, oof, the book thief makes me sob every time I read it. And I’ve read it a lot.
    I’m going to have to join your “would die for Richard Campbell Gansey III” club because yes. I’d die for any of those characters, let’s be real.
    All of your thoughts about the songs are pretty much the same as my own 😂 My favorites at the moment are seven, betty, and invisible string…but tbh the entire album is just a MASTERPIECE

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    • Margaret!! You have no idea how happy this comment made me. I may or may not have turned to my sister in excitement when I read it and said “people I’m friends with online associate me with Taylor Swift!!”…wow, I’m very honored.😭❤️
      I’m also so happy that you love the album! I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite of all her albums as well. Cardigan is so phenomenal! And agh, I know, you’d think after all this time I wouldn’t still cry when I read The Book Thief, but here we are.
      Me too. I would die for anyone in the gangsey, but especially for Gansey himself.
      Haha! I love Betty so much, it gives me the best vibes and is so much fun to sing in the car. Thank you for this very kind comment! xx


  11. I literally LOVED Folklore! One of Taylor Swift’s best! And I loved how she literally kept it a secret and gave us a new album less than a year after Lover was released!!! And I love all the books that you matched up with the songs!! MY favorite song from the album was definitely The Last Great American Dynasty and I love The Forbidden Wish so much! We have similar tasted in books and I love that! So glad that I found your blog and followed! Excited to read more of your posts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW!! Everything about it is just too perfect and the surprise release was the most exciting thing ever.🥰 Ahh, thank you! I love both The Last Great American Dynasty and The Forbidden Wish so, so much. Oh, thank you so much, Manasa! I’m so happy you’re here. xx


  12. OH MY GOODNESS when Percy says no to immortality. I haven’t thought about that scene in so long. I love that scene. Literally if I was Rick Riordan, it would’ve been encouragement enough to write the entire series just to be able to get to that one scene. When he walks through all the swords????
    Okay folklore sidenot, I’ve replayed the ending of the 1 multiple times now to figure out what the shocking ending is but it just ended again and I still didn’t catch it so I’m going to go look the lyrics up real fast. Oh no, I still don’t know if I got it. –headpalm–
    Wow you listening in the dark under a blanket sounds like the best way to listen to this album. Also, do you think she released it end of July so people could listen to August in August???
    I don’t know what my favorite song is yet because I’ve only listened to the songs while I’ve been doing something else, so I don’t know the lyrics yet—but I’m working on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love that scene too.🥺 Sometimes I go back and reread cute scenes such as that one without actually reading the full book- I think this is a sign of an obsession. Haha, I know! Wait, are you talking about the scene where he kind of just goes all war-crazy and kills all the monsters and everyone is just like “this kid!?” and even Annabeth is sort of afraid of him? I might be very off with thinking you were talking about that scene.
      Haha, I think the prompt was saying that as a whole the song is about a relationship that ended and you’re sad about it, so I think that’s why the prompt is what it is.
      It was very much the best way. It was also past midnight, since I listened right upon its release, which made it even better. Oh my gosh, haha, I didn’t think about that, but maybe! I know I have been listening to August every day of August so far and I even made it my bullet journal theme for this month because, well, of course I did.
      Once you know, I would love to hear!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ohh okay, I wasn’t talking about that scene but that feels very familiar too. (Ahaha, first Barbie Mariposa and now Percy Jackson.) Okay, I went to find it in The Last Olympian, and this is weird because in my head it’s this huge, grand scene, but it’s so short. I think it’s because I’m missing all the build-up to it. Here’s the quote: I turned, but before I could leave, Poseidon called, “Honor Guard!” Immediately the Cyclops came forward and made two lines from the thrones to the door-an aisle for me to walk through. They came to attention. “All hail, Perseus Jackson,” Tyson said. “Hero of Olympus…and my big brother!”

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  13. ahhh dancing in the rain while listening to cardigan would be so beautiful 😭😭😭 it’s definitely the perfect song for rainy weather! also, it’s so funny because i didn’t like the last great american dynasty much when i first listened to it either, but now i absolutely love it and the bridge is perfection 🥺 and pairing foolish hearts with mirrorball is such an amazing idea, i had the same thought that mirrorball just radiates happy and comforting vibes!! 💖

    i read the penderwicks series when i was younger, too, and reading you talk about it just made me so nostalgic ahh! it fits seven perfectly, because i think both of them have that sense of mystery and i always imagine children running through the forest when i listen to seven 😅

    “heartbreakingly beautiful” is THE perfect way to describe these songs!! when i wrote my answers i found myself using ‘beautiful’ way to often haha, but it’s truly the only word that gives taylor’s genius justice. ugh i’m having a crisis over my top three too!! but i love illicit affairs, cardigan, mirrorball, betty and… okay i was just about to list all of the songs so i’ll stop there. 😳

    anyways, this was a lovely post and i really enjoyed reading it!! 🥰🥰 (also, i’m sorry for being so late to it, i read it a while ago but completely forgot to comment 😭)

    Liked by 1 person

    • At this point, dancing in the rain with cardigan playing in the background is basically my life goal.🥺 There are so many killer bridges in this album that make me SOB and I love that even when they’re softer I can still sing them really loud, haha. The vibes of Foolish Hearts and mirrorball are indeed the same and they are the loveliest ever. *cries*

      Aww! I reread one of The Penderwicks last month and it was the most nostalgic and sweet experience because I just adore these characters so much. Batty having all her adventures with Hound is so equivalent to the lyrics of seven, why is this connection making me almost cry??

      It really is the only way to describe it…every time I listen the songs are just so beautiful and also break my heart, so heartbreakingly beautiful it is.😌 You about to list all the songs when trying to narrow it down is seriously so relatable, it is impossible for me to do so because I love them *all.*

      Thank you so, so much! Ahh, no reason to be sorry at all, I appreciate this comment so much. You are way too sweet to me🥺🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Ahahah cardigan and hoax are among my favs from folklore too!!!! Haha what a coincidence — in the folklore book tag I did, I also chose a Penderwicks book for the prompt for seven 😄Your book recommendations are so helpful!!!!!

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