An Update on My 5 Star Predictions! // Exposing My Skills As a Psychic (7 Months Later)

Way back in January, when the world wasn’t turned upside down, I made some five star predictions.

I like how my January self thought that I would do an update post on what I ended up thinking about the books in March, and here we are in August and I just now finished reading them all (I think that’s fairly representative of 2020)…but even though it took me much longer than I thought to read them all, I did it within the year and I guess that can be some sort of accomplishment!

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I haven’t looked back on this list in a while, other than to occasionally see what books I still had left on it, so this post is basically going to be testing just how psychic my January self was. Or at least how well I know my reading tastes. (Although a fun fact is that my friends always joke that I’m psychic because I have pretty good intuition and I also somehow always manage to guess what song is going to be played right before it comes on, but I’m no Adam Parrish).

I do want to do another one of these prediction posts at some point, because I think they’re fun and who knows, maybe next time I won’t wait seven months to write a second part to it? I feel like that isn’t setting the bar too high.


Call Down the Hawk (Dreamer Trilogy, #1)The first book I predicted would get five stars is Call Down the Hawk! My exact quote was “if I don’t completely fall in love with CDTH, I will be very disappointed” and I’m pleased to say that I was in fact the opposite of very disappointed.

I’ve already talked a lot about why I loved this novel, so I don’t want to be too much of a broken record, but I was truly blown away by this book! I went in telling myself not to expect it to be like The Raven Cycle, and I’m really glad I did that because this book is absolutely not like The Raven Cycle and yet that’s what makes it so good.

The vibe was much darker and in addition to learning more about the Lynch brothers, you also get to meet a great new cast of characters that I really enjoyed reading about. I was basically in awe at this whole book and it did end up getting a very well-deserved five stars!


Frankly in Love (Frankly in Love, #1)Next up is Frankly in Love– which I originally gave four stars, but later changed to three stars because unfortunately there were just too many things I couldn’t get on board with in this book.

It did have some things going for it: the fake dating aspect is a trope that I usually enjoy (and it was executed fairly well here), I felt like it had a really great representation of what high school is like for someone taking a lot of AP classes (and I love it when they talk about classes I’ve taken or know of because it feels so real) and I liked the friendships in it.

However, there were quite a few aspects of this book that I didn’t like at all and I feel like it’s kind of a spoiler to say it (but if you want to know then ask me in the comments or honestly read any Goodreads review of it) so I won’t explicitly state it, but basically my biggest pet peeve in books happened so.🙃

I didn’t hate this book, but I feel like I probably won’t recommend it in posts and it definitely didn’t get five stars, so here’s to my first inaccurate prediction.


A Very Large Expanse of SeaI really wish I remembered more from the next book, A Very Large Expanse of Sea, because I also gave it five stars and I remember loving it!

I think what I loved so much about this book was how much it made me think. I love when books give me a new perspective and expose to me my own shortfalls and hopefully help turn me into a more well-rounded person. I also like being able to take something away from a novel, even if it’s a contemporary (especially if it’s a contemporary), so me taking something away from AVLEOS was really critical.

I also do remember thinking the romance was really sweet (and being convinced that soft boys like Ocean who actually share their feelings don’t exist in the real world, though I’d gladly be proven wrong), so that was something else I enjoyed about this book. Though writing this has made me realize I need to reread it so I can properly remember why I did in fact give it five stars.


The Boy Who Steals HousesThis is the book that made me drag out this post so much- The Boy Who Steals Houses! I had to buy it online, which really is not difficult, but for some reason took me forever to do. However, the purchase couldn’t have been more worth it!!

I don’t want to go on too much about it, because I’m planning to do a mini review soon (most of these other books have passed their time for a mini review already or else I’ve already done one) but I basically read this book in one sitting and utterly fell in love with all the characters and the abundance of waffles and glitter.

I even enjoyed it more than A Thousand Perfect Notes (also by C.G. Drews) which is saying a lot, so I didn’t hesitate before giving TBWSH five stars.


The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue (Montague Siblings, #1)I’m sad because I didn’t love The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and I definitely expected to (clearly, as it’s on this list of predictions)- but I didn’t exactly hate it either? It was a solidly average read for me, and I ended up giving it three stars.

Things I liked about this book: I love adventurous historical fiction novels (see: my obsession with My Lady Jane), I liked the characters all right, I thought the romance was sweet, I liked reading about the adventures and Felicity was pretty great.

Unfortunately, this was all I really felt towards this book- that it was just good, that I just liked it, that the characters were sweet- I just didn’t feel super strongly towards any of it, so that’s what led me to give it such an average rating. I didn’t dislike it, but I was expecting to be way more blown away.


You Asked for PerfectAfter that disappointment, the good news is, I was almost correct with my prediction for You Asked for Perfect! Meaning while I didn’t give it five stars, I did give it four stars, and I still really, really enjoyed it.

I’ve talked quite a bit about this book already, as I included it in one of my mini review posts from the last couple of months, but there were so many things I loved about it! The emphasis on academic pressure was so accurate and I’m still in awe over how relatable (and painful to read because of its trueness) that part of it was. I also loved the culture infused into the book, and the family relationships.

I didn’t give this five stars because there wasn’t that one *thing* that makes me give a five star rating (why does that make me sound like a chef explaining that the dish just needs a little more something or other)- but I did correctly predict that I would love it.


Shadow and Bone (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, #1)Last but (kind of) least, I predicted a five star rating for Shadow and Bone. I ended up giving this a three star rating, which is the same as some of the other books in this post, but I think this was a three-star-leaning-to-two, whereas the other ones would be leaning more to a four if they had to go one way or the other.

I’m so disappointed that I didn’t love this book, especially since it’s a series (I’m currently trying to get through the third book), because I loved Six of Crows, and because of the Netflix adaptation coming out. It’s not that I hated it, but I just didn’t really love any of the main characters.

I did like the worldbuilding and the plot of this one (the same cannot be said for the second book in the series unfortunately), but there were other things I just didn’t like at all, like the Darkling or the main character, Alina. Agh, I don’t often do negative reviews so I feel so mean saying all of this- but I was very far off when I predicted that I would really end up loving this book.


To summarize, out of the seven five star predictions, I gave 3 five stars, 1 four stars, and 3 three stars! That’s not bad, especially because most of the time a three star rating for me is pretty good and I give a lot of books that. I’ve been more stingy with my five star ratings this year too, so the fact that three of these got one is pretty good.

I feel like this shows that I…mostly know my reading taste? I didn’t straight up hate any of these, and even for the ones that I didn’t love, the premise still seems like something I would be interested in, and it was more my personal problems with the characters or plot. All in all, I really liked doing this prediction thing and hopefully I’ll do it again sometime in the future (with quicker results)!

Thank you so much for reading this post! Also, I wanted to say that if you maybe wanted to ask me questions for a Q&A, you can do on this post– it would be greatly appreciated. But more importantly, I hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy both physically and emotionally- thinking of you all.💛

Have you read any of these books, and if you have, what did you think of them? Also, tell me your current read because obviously my TBR needs more books…I’d love to talk with you in the comments!

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55 thoughts on “An Update on My 5 Star Predictions! // Exposing My Skills As a Psychic (7 Months Later)

  1. Oh I love this post! I ended up not loving Frankly in Love either. I thought the things the author wanted in the book were great, but it wasn’t executed well. At least in my opinion. I also felt like it had two parts, one about the fake-dating and then that big thing happens and then it was about Frank and his family and his Korean heritage.
    I also really want to read You Asked For Perfect. I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 Right now, I’m reading Eleanor & Park. I almost finished it and I really like it, but it definitely has problems too.

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    • Thank you so much, Jas! Yes- I completely agree. The premise was there but the execution unfortunately wasn’t the best, making it where I don’t look back on the book super fondly (even though I didn’t dislike it necessarily).
      Oh, You Asked For Perfect is so amazing and I hope you enjoy it if you read it! I haven’t read Eleanor and Park before, though I’ve heard a lot of different things about it. Happy reading to you!🥰

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  2. I felt the same way about Gentleman’s Guide !! It was super enjoyable – but nothing more 😦 and I’m so happy you loved A Very Large Expanse of Sea…I can’t remember much from it but I gave it 4 stars and I remember loving the romance so much (and being super sad about the ending!!)

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    • Ahh, I’m sorry you didn’t fall in love with it either- but that’s such a good way to put it, it was just purely enjoyable and that’s all. Yes same, I can hardly remember anything except for that I loved the romance and the story as a whole!! Thank you for your comment, Ilsa❤️

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  3. Yes hello, this is Ruby speaking. Oh yeah Olivia at Purely Olivia’s biggest fan indeed <3<3<3 But also can we be psychics together because SAME!! My gut instinct is usually also always right.

    sksksksk CALL DOWN THE HAWK OMG!! So so so glad you loved this one, I can be less scared (also going in not expecting trc though send help). Not prepared to read it ahhh

    Oh no okay but now I'm scared to read Frankly In Love. I heard such great things about but am scared of the cheating that I've heard a lot about 😦 However, have the highest of hopes for AVLEOS because I ADORE Tahereh.

    YESSS TBHWSH IS SO GOOD! I may have bawled my eyes out and my smile is very large knowing you enjoyed it eepppp. Also def need to read You Asked For Perfect now. It be like that when Olivia raves about a book. I MUST READ.

    Agh it really is a pity we didn't love Gentleman's Guide but also the author apparently did some not so great stuff so like eh?? I read it but looking back also have like 0 connections so it was rather forgettable ya know??

    Glad I am NOT ALONE with the meh reads this year. Like I've had 4?? And basically none of the are YA. I just want to read a book about people my age that I absolutely adore and I… am not finding that. I've only had it with my rereads this year so welp. Hopefully, some of your 5 stars will make mine hehe

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    • RUBY your comments always make me so happy.😭❤️ I’m over here crying but also I am your biggest fan so right back at you :’) Haha oh my gosh I love that we are semi-psychics together??

      It’s honestly such a scary experience to go into Call Down the Hawk because of course expectations are high due to The Raven Cycle and Maggie Stiefvater in general, but I really hope you love it! It’s such a different feel, but I enjoyed it so much and it was definitely worth the “should I read it, should I not” fear.

      Aww, yeah, if you don’t want to read about the cheating (I mean, I don’t think anyone wants to read about it, but if it’s especially triggering or one of your major pet peeves in books) I wouldn’t recommend Frankly in Love, unfortunately- but A Very Large Expanse of Sea is quite amazing and I think you’ll love it. <33

      I'M SMILING. Ahhh!!

      Yes I was thinking about how we talked about A Gentleman's Guide very recently as I was writing this post- I had forgotten was ever on this list until I looked back at my original predictions. I didn't realize that about the author, oh- well, I definitely didn't love this and feel very average towards it, haha.

      I'm so sorry!! I feel that- me being more picky with my ratings this year has definitely made it where I'm rating a lot more books three stars and feeling meh about them (meh meaning I enjoyed them, but they aren't a new favorite and I won't remember too much later). I hope you have some amazing new books in the second half of 2020, and thank you very much for this comment!!🥰

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  4. This is such a fun post idea!! Honestly I feel like every book that I ~think~ I’m going to love I don’t, and every book that I’m dragging my feet to read I end up loving?? I have the ebook for Call Down the Hawk and am so happy to hear that you loved it – I feel like I should reread The Raven Cycle before I finally get to it!! ❤️

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    • Ahh, it was so fun to do! I saw it on a few other blogs back in January (lol) and I highly recommend it.🥰 That’s so interesting- I can definitely relate sometimes, haha. I hope you love Call Down the Hawk, ahh!! Getting to know the Lynch brothers better is so amazing. xx

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  5. I was the same with A Gentleman’s Guide To Vice and Virtue! I honestly expected more from the hype it had on book tube, bookstagram and even front page reviews. Although I wasn’t disappointed. It was fun, light-hearted. I’m really into Historical Fiction and that had a taste of that, while its main focus was more of an adventure plot. You truly are psychic! Glad your five star predictions turned out to be true. Happy reading Olivia! x

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    • Exactly! I think I had hyped it up in my head too much, which resulted in me being a bit let down, when it reality it’s not as if I didn’t enjoy it. I love historical fiction too, and the adventure in this one gave such a fun twist to the genre as well! Haha, thank you so much, Catherine- happy reading to you too.💛

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  6. I really expected to give Frankly in Love 5 stars too… whoops I ended up hating it lol I’m glad you still gave it 3 stars and were able to enjoy it despite the bad aspects. I also enjoyed Gentleman’s Guide but didn’t love it, although I enjoyed the sequel a lot more which I think is an unpopular opinion but just Felicity >>> Monty just saying. Also I hATE the Darkling I genuinely don’t get why everyone loves him so much I’m just??? okay he’s sExY dArK and mYstEriOuS but listen people you do realize he’s murdered a bunch of people and literally wanted to put a collar on Alina and control her??? like that seems… not okay but go off about him being good looking I guess. Also Alina is annoying too. Just give me Kaz and Inej pls and let me be happy ❤ loved this post!

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    • I honestly saw so many positive reviews of Frankly in Love before I read it, but then no one else seems to have enjoyed it that much, so I starting to believe that I made up seeing all the hype in my head?? I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it either- oh, that’s so interesting about enjoying the sequel to Gentleman’s Guide more! I actually still have some interest in reading it because I did really like Felicity, so good to know. HAHA wait you have summed up my feelings about the Darkling perfectly- I just find beings that have been alive for centuries finding teenagers attractive very strange (although this is the backbone of so many fantasies cough ACOTAR)…but you know, it’s fine, we have Nikolai. You are absolutely correct, Kaz and Inej are superior. Thank you so much, Kay!❤️


  7. Ahh, you did so well with these predictions!! tbh i can’t relate because i also made some in the beginning of the year, and i haven’t rated any of them 5 stars 😭😭

    i’m so glad that you enjoyed a very large expanse of sea!! i asked my mom to buy a physical copy more than a year ago, and i can’t believe i haven’t read it yet! i also relate to your feelings about the boy who steals houses 🥺 it’s so good, ahhhh. i really wish more people would read it and have their hearts broken and warmed at the same time!

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    • Aww, thank you, Caitlin!! Shoutout to you for originally inspiring me to do this back in January.🥰 I’m sorry you didn’t love any of your predictions, though. :((

      I hope you like AVLEOS if you read it! I also got a physical copy (I think I asked for it for Christmas last year haha) and I kind of put it off way longer than I should have as well but it ended up being so amazing. xx I completely agree, having my heart broken and warmed by TBWSH was an honor, to be honest.😌

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  8. Adam Parrish, is that you?? I’d say getting 3 five star books out of this is a pretty great success rate!
    And hey, seven months between posts is great, because I did a prediction post like this almost a YEAR ago and I’m only just now reading the last book 😅 (Spoiler alert: I’m not nearly as good at predictions as you are.)
    I’m so happy you loved Call Down the Hawk! And I definitely need to read C.G. Drews’ books…I feel like a bad book blogger since I still haven’t! Your 5 star rating for TBWSH makes me even more excited to get to it, though 😀

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    • Ahh, I smiled so much! If only I could be Adam Parrish- or even just be friends with him.😌
      Thank you so much, Margaret! Haha, I am very proud of you for finishing it up, and if you do an update on the predictions, I’ll very much look forward to reading it.
      I love Call Down the Hawk so much! As for A Thousand Perfect Notes and TBWSH, they’re both such masterpieces and I hope you enjoy them if you get around to them. Happy reading, and thank you for this kind comment! xx


  9. This was such a fun post to read! This year I decided to rate my books more critically, so I’m not giving as many 5 stars ratings as I used to, but I feel like maybe if a book was too hyped up that could interfere with your predictions? Like with Shadow and Bone.
    Honestly, I expected to enjoy Call Down the Hawk more, but I still really liked it. Sadly, it wasn’t a 5-stars read for me but I still can’t wait for the next book.

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    • Thank you, Juli! I’ve been the same way- I think I still likely rate more books 5 stars than most, but I’ve tried to be more critical. You’re very right about the hype interfering with a prediction, which is for sure what happened with Shadow and Bone! As long as the hype doesn’t affect my rating though, I’m okay with it.😅 I’m glad you liked Call Down the Hawk! I also can’t wait for the next book.

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  10. i would love to see your thoughts on AVLEOS!! also, i recently finished the poppy war and the dragon republic, which were both amazing, so i highly recommend them.

    i agree that TGGTVAV wasn’t that good. i read it a few years ago, but after some events concerning the author, and finding out about some of the less good aspects of the book, i realized that it is not a book that i liked.

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    • Ahh, I really liked it! I will hopefully talk about it more at some point, but unfortunately a lot of my thoughts have become mixed up with all the other books I’ve read…maybe I should reread it soon. Oh my goodness, I’ve heard so much about The Poppy War and I really want to read it, so I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it as well!🥰

      I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it either, and to hear that about the author- overall, I liked it, but I certainly expected to love it much more.

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  11. I will always stay bummed for you that Shadow and Bone wasn’t really to your liking 😥 I can relate to not clicking with the characters, but that was only true at the start. About 25% of the way through the book, I started to find myself liking them! I really need to read TBWSH already, AND A Thousand Perfect Notes x

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    • Me too, honestly, especially knowing how much you enjoyed it.🥺 I do love Nikolai though, and I hope at some point I’ll finish the third book! Both novels by C.G. Drews are genuinely phenomenal and that’s not just the hype talking- I hope you love them, Macey. xx

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  12. Agh it’s always so disappointing when a book you thought you’d love doesn’t turn out that way. On the flipside, it’s so great when you love a book you didn’t expect! 🤩 (Also YAY for TBWSH! Such a great one *melts* )

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  13. i’m really glad you enjoyed call down the hawk – i’m so scared to finish the raven king and be done with trc but i’m still very excited!! i’m sorry frankly in love didn’t work out for you, but i agree with your thoughts – the fake dating and miscommunication was so weird and not really done well?? 😭😭

    ahh a very large expanse of sea is one of my favorite books and seeing that you gave it five stars made me so happy!! i loved the romance and the heavy themes it dealt with, it definitely made me think too. a thousand perfect notes was my first 5-star of the year and i’ve been wanting to pick up tbwsh for so long, i can’t wait to get into it after seeing how much you loved it!! 🥰 and you summed up the reason i didn’t like shadow and bone perfectly, i read it a while ago but i didn’t care for any of the characters at all. :((

    but you did so well with your predictions, and i’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed most of them!! ❤️❤️

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    • Ahh, how are you liking the series so far? The Raven King was actually my favorite of all the books in the series so I hope you love it.🥺 But I definitely get how hard it is to finish a series and kind of let it go in a sense (though I can assure you as long as I’m blogging I’ll never stop talking about it HAHA). Yes, exactly, there was too much miscommunication in Frankly in Love so I was kind of angry at the main characters a lot of the time.

      Yay, I’m so glad you also love it! If you enjoyed A Thousand Perfect Notes, I definitely think you’ll love TBWSH. It’s not exactly the same vibe, but part of what made me love both of them was the writing style, which is of course similar in both, if that makes any sense.

      Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your comment.🥰

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  14. this was such a fun post, olivia!! i feel like it would be fun for me to do this as well but i think with how rarely i rate books 5 stars, it would be a disaster 😭😭

    i felt the same way about the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue! i let the hype get to me and rated it a lot higher than i should have. it was just… so average haha. (but mackenzi lee has turned out to have been a bit of a problematic mess so i’m glad!) and i’m so glad you loved a very large expanse of sea! i feel like i would also have to reread it to remember everything i loved about it, but the romance was absolutely so sweet 🥺

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    • Thank you so much, May!! Ahh, I get that- I’ve been trying to be more critical with my ratings in 2020 but I do think I still rate books higher than most readers.😌

      Yes!! I think the hype was why I thought I would rate it five stars. I wasn’t aware the author was problematic, but a few people have mentioned that in the comments as well, so that’s another reason to not love or promote this book. I need to reread AVLEOS as well, but I do remember finding it so powerful and also super sweet!! Thank you again, May. xx

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  15. This is a wonderful post! I haven’t read any of these books but I hope that’ll change! I love it when books show realistic class scenes in school, that’s just me 😀 I feel like I should really read Six of Crows because it seems to be among a lot of people’s favorites!! Great mini reviews — I enjoyed how you talked about your favorite aspects and thoughts on what didn’t work. 3 five stars, 1 four stars, and 3 three stars is really good, I don’t think I’d get as good results if I was trying to predict, but it might be fun! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Eleanor! If you read any of these, I hope you love them.💗 I completely agree- any book that accurately depicts school is usually one that I love. Six of Crows is definitely a really hyped book, but I enjoyed it and I hope you will too! Haha, I’m glad I didn’t end up giving any of these 1 or 2 stars, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if my predictions had ended up being pretty off. Thank you again for your comment! xx

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  16. i’m glad there weren’t at least any MAJOR disappointments in the list! i never wrote a post for my own 5 star predictions, but i had a low-key list for last year and one of the titles ended up being a 1 star read, so yeah, that was top #5 anime betrayals.

    i just really need to read you asked for perfect already! i bought a copy of frankly in love and i have heard so many mixed things, i really don’t know where i’ll stand. i want to read it soon because i realized i don’t read enough asian male protagonists, and this one has fake dating so of course i have to read it hahah.

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    • Ahh, thank you, Lais! Me too, haha. I’m so sorry that you ended up not loving one of your predictions- that’s definitely the scary part about doing these 5 star predictions, and despite knowing that could happen if I do this again, I somehow…still want to write another one of these posts.

      I hope you love You Asked for Perfect and that you enjoy Frankly in Love more than I did!! Even though there were parts I didn’t love, the fake dating was still cute. Happy reading! xx

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  17. I love you following-up on your five-star predictions, do another one soon??
    AH you can guess what song is going to come up next? Okay Olivia, that is a legit superpower. You have to tell me more more about this.
    Hahah, I literally just got the Frankly in Love pun a few minutes after looking on Goodreads to see why you didn’t like it. Okay, from the cover, I would’ve guessed the narrator was a girl. I think I know what you’re referencing (the first Q&A mentioned it), and duh, that makes complete sense that would be your least favorite thing.
    Ahhh, I still need to read C. G. Drews’ books!!!
    Wait, there’s a Six of Crows Netflix adaptation coming out?? That sounds amazing. I feel like I might like the adaptation more than the book actually.
    Also, Lies We Tell Ourselves came in for me!

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    • Thank you!! I do want to do another one in the next couple of months- I need to find some more books that I think I’ll give five stars too, haha.
      Oh my gosh, maybe this is my superpower?? I don’t know to explain it- it’s not a constant thing, but for an example: one time in dance, we were about to do a combination and my teacher was picking the music and I whispered to my friend next to me “I hope it’s Beautiful People”…and then it was? And this has happened to me multiple times in different scenarios with different people.
      Haha, I think the title is so clever. Oh, I just looked at the questions and yes, it kind of is just spoiled right there- but yes, it was so irritating to read about especially because they just acted like it was okay.
      They’re so good!
      I think it’s an adaptation combining the Shadow and Bone series with Six of Crows? I’m not entirely sure of the details but I know there are cast members for Kaz and Inej and everyone, so it must be more than just the Shadow and Bone trilogy. I KNOW, I hope it becomes super popular.
      Yay! I will DM you. :))

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      • AH that is SO COOL. (Also, I really liked Beautiful People–it was definitely my favorite song off of that album. I don’t think I’ve ever heard another song with lyrics like that one.) Oh my goodness, I feel like there’s some academic saying like, three’s a pattern. Does this feel right that it’s your superpower??

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        • I love Beautiful People too and it’s my favorite as well! I feel like half of Ed Sheeran’s songs are about how he hates the fame and the spotlight and becoming someone he isn’t, and I have a lot of respect for him because of that. I’m not positive if this is my superpower because it’s so…not real, if that makes sense- but it’s a contender.

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          • Ohh I’ve never realized it’s a trend throughout his work! Talking about him is just making me hope he comes out with new music. I remember us talking a while ago about hoping him and Taylor Swift would release songs, and although it wasn’t the same year, I think it’s been fulfilled. Ahaha okay got it–the search continues!

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            • Ahh, did you see Ed Sheeran actually ended up releasing a new song the other day? I haven’t heard it yet, but I saw he posted about it and I got really excited. So basically, we are psychics because we predicted new music from him AND Taylor this year. ;))

              Also, this is my official apology for abandoning our comment conversations for FOUR MONTHS. I am very, very sorry and it will not happen again.

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              • AH OLIVIA. Dang, I haven’t been on WordPress for too long — I’m glad we’re having a comment conversation again.

                Ahahah, YES we are psychics!! And um, not only did we get new music from Taylor, but SO MUCH new music. Did Evermore surprise you as much as Folklore?

                Oh my goodness Olivia, I wrote the beginning of this comment without even reading your comment fully because I was so excited. But now I see we had the same thoughts. I officially accept your official apology, and I extend mine as well.

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                • I was SO surprised by evermore! It was such a good surprise though- now I just have spent the majority of this year listening to Taylor Swift, and I’m not mad about it all. Have you listened to any songs from it yet?

                  Ahh, this was definitely all my bad, but I accept your very kind (and unnecessary) apology. :))

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  18. Ahh I really love these kind of posts and it’s so fun to see if your predictions were right, or not! I’m a little sad you didn’t give You Asked for Perfect 5 stars, but I get it, sometimes there’s this little thing we can’t quite put our hand on that prevents us from giving that rating? 🙈 And ahhh you make me want to buy a copy of the boy who steals houses! Can’t wait for your review ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was honestly surprised at some of these, especially since I waited so long to do a followup post! Thank you for reading this and commenting, Marie.💛 That’s exactly how I felt about You Asked for Perfect, but I still plan to recommend it endlessly and have only good feelings about it looking back. I really, really loved TBWSH and it was worth buying a copy of it for sure! I’ll definitely review it. xx

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  19. From the books that I’ve read on this list, I’ve had such similar thoughts! I didn’t always give them the same rating as you did, but that’s mostly because my rating system makes absolutely no sense, even to me.

    What I find most interesting is that A Very Large Expanse of Sea was also a 5 star read for me. But while I don’t think about it often, I definitely know why I gave it 5 stars. It’s attached to several very strong memories, and it was a book that I read in as close to one sitting that I think I’ll ever get with a novel!

    Also, while I’ve never done an outright prediction post for what I think will be my next 5 star reads, I did think that both Middlegame and The Roommate would get 5 stars, and they both got 4 stars in the end. So I don’t think I trust my intuition well enough to say outright what rating I’ll give a book. If I titled the post, Books I Think I’ll Enjoy, maybe that would be different, because that would allow me to be right even for 4 star reads as well!

    Oooooh, but now I have an idea to do a post that’s a mix between the Try a Chapter Tag and a Five Star Predictions post. What do you think of me mixing the two together, so that I try a chapter from a few books, and based on that chapter and the synopsis, I predict a rating? I think that having tested out the writing and met the characters I would feel more comfortable predicting a rating, rather then just blindly choosing a rating based on a synopsis alone!

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    • Haha, I do understand that completely- even after all this time, my rating system still confuses me. 😌 Also, I’m so sorry for this very late reply, but thank you for this very lovely comment. xx

      Oh, I’m really glad you enjoyed A Very Large Expanse of Sea! I actually have a hard time pinpointing why I rated it five stars because my memories of it have faded so much, but I need to reread it soon.

      “Books I Think I’ll Enjoy” definitely allows for much more wiggle room- maybe that’s what I will do next time, haha. Ahh, the idea of trying out a bit of the beginning and predicting the rating from there would be SO interesting! I feel like that could have a lot of different outcomes because so many factors go into me rating a book.

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