An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving the Holiday Season // Guest Post by Brooke From Brookeworm

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Purely Olivia. 🙂 Today I have a special guest – it’s Brooke, from Brookeworm!

Over on Brookeworm, I’ll be talking about tips for keeping up with your reading this holiday season. Be sure to go read my post, and check out the rest of Brooke’s blog while you’re at it. Without further ado, let’s get into the post!


Being an introvert is hard. We face obstacles in normal, daily life, but things can get 99.999999% worse during the holiday season. No matter how you celebrate, there are certain responsibilities you have to deal with.

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Q&A For 50 Followers! // Results!

Hey there everyone! Today’s post has been in the works for a little over a month now, and I am beyond excited that it’s finally here. 🙂

It’s time for my Q&A results!

Back in August, I posted about the Q&A I’m hosting. I got a bunch of comments back with questions for me, and today you all are going to get to read my answers. I can’t wait!


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Make Summer 2017 the Best One Yet!

Summer! It’s here!

In fact, it’s been summer for a while now. I love summer, and not just because we don’t have school. 😉 The best part about it is that I have countless hours to just do whatever I want.

I always set high expectations for summer and any other breaks from school. And I don’t always meet these expectations (even though I always tell myself this time I will). And this time, I really am going to try succeed. Today I will be sharing my tips for having a summer where you walk away feeling relaxed and energized instead of looking back and thinking, why did I waste so much time.


Make Summer 2017.jpg

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Reinvented//Episode 1: Ways I Find Inspiration

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day- and can you believe it’s already been April for over a week?! This year has been going by so quickly.

Welcome to the first episode of Purely Olivia’s newest series: Reinvented. I’ve been piecing this together in my mind for a while now, so I’m really looking forward to finally doing it. Reinvented is going to be when I randomly find a post from my old blog and then reinvent it create a new post! For example, if the old post talks about a library trip I took, the new post could be reasons I love libraries. Make sense?

For today’s post, I’m taking this old post about inspiration and changing it up to talk about how I find inspiration! You can feel free to read the post from my old blog, but I assure you that it’s horrific and I got embarrassed just skimming it.

todd skinner

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