Reinvented//Episode 1: Ways I Find Inspiration

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day- and can you believe it’s already been April for over a week?! This year has been going by so quickly.

Welcome to the first episode of Purely Olivia’s newest series: Reinvented. I’ve been piecing this together in my mind for a while now, so I’m really looking forward to finally doing it. Reinvented is going to be when I randomly find a post from my old blog and then reinvent it create a new post! For example, if the old post talks about a library trip I took, the new post could be reasons I love libraries. Make sense?

For today’s post, I’m taking this old post about inspiration and changing it up to talk about how I find inspiration! You can feel free to read the post from my old blog, but I assure you that it’s horrific and I got embarrassed just skimming it.

todd skinner

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