August Recap // ft. school and stress, but also taylor swift and stranger things!!

I have a love-hate relationship with August 2019.

Part of me loves it, because it has some summer memories attached to it, there are new Taylor Swift songs to obsess over, and I started watching a show that I now love. But the other half of me only associates this month with school starting, and that’s where the hate part comes in.

August was an odd month filled with a strange mixture of good and bad, so much so that I honestly can’t decide if I liked this month and am sad to see it go or if I disliked it and am glad it won’t be around for another year.

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From somewhat reading, to somewhat blogging, to somewhat having summer vacation, to somewhat starting back at school, to somewhat confusing myself at this moment, August was interesting. Let’s recap it, shall we?

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August Recap // A Whirlwind of Books, Dance, & Back to School + Goals for September

Thank goodness August is finally over.

After the amazing, wonderful months of June and July that were filled with reading and blogging and no school and just general happiness, August was like jumping off a cliff into an ocean of reality.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 9.42.17 PM.png

All dramatics aside, it was an okay month…I somehow managed to read a decent amount of books and I didn’t drown under loads of homework, so there is a bright side. 😉

I’m so excited to talk about my month (as far as books, blogging, and life went) and then set some goals for September, too. Which will definitely be a better month than August…I hope. Let’s get started!

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