Should You Have a Blogging Niche? // ft. pros, cons + my thoughts!

To have a blogging niche or to not have a blogging niche, that is the question.

From my time in the blogging community, I’ve noticed one piece of advice that gets repeated, reused, and shows up in nearly every “tips for new bloggers” post. Even my own. That piece of advice is to find your blogging niche.

However, I’ve also read posts (both the advice type and the normal type) that talk about how finding a niche doesn’t always work and that it’s sometimes better to just blog about whatever you want. Reading both sides of the story got me interested in this topic, and I’m excited to discuss it with you all today!

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In this post, I’ll be talking about the pros of sticking with one particular niche as well as the cons of it. At the end, I’ll be giving my thoughts (I’m going to try to make the pros vs. cons as unbiased as possible 😉 ) and insights on the great blogging niche debate.

Also, I want to apologize for if you already read this post or saw it in your Reader?? I messed up some of the publication settings for this post and I don’t think it was showing up (I accidentally posted it four days in the past, which shouldn’t be possible but is). So this is a repost, in case you saw it the first time!

All right, let’s get into the post!

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