How I Blog Without Spending Any Money! // Free Resources That Helped Me & My Experience

One of my biggest misconceptions as a newbie blogger was that I had to spend money to be successful.

Even years after I started blogging, when I decided I was going to start taking it seriously, I constantly questioned whether or not I should be spending money on different parts of my blog- did I need my own domain name? Could I get a better theme if I spent money? How would I ever find fonts and graphics I liked without spending money?

And the biggest question of all: how was I going to be successful without spending money amidst so many other bloggers who did spend money?

I can truthfully say that five years of blogging later (three of those years were ones where I was seriously blogging), I have never spent a cent on my blog. Have I spent huge amounts of time, love, and (at times) tears? Yes, definitely. But never have I spent physical money.

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In this post, I’m going to talk about how you can blog without spending money, share some of the resources that have helped me do this through the years, and just overall outline my experience. My hope is that this can help anyone who is on the fence about whether or not they’d like to invest in their blog make the decision for what works best for them. Plus, I would love to hear about the experiences of any other bloggers out there and talk to people who both have and haven’t invested financially in their blogs.

As a disclaimer before I get started, I wanted to clarify that this is a chance for me to talk about my personal experiences and help others in my situation, not belittle anyone who does spend money on their blog. I personally see nothing wrong at all with investing in your blog- in fact, I often wish I could, as I’ll talk about later.

All right, now let’s get into the post!

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