10 Struggles All Bookworms Understand

As bookworms, we all face many struggles.

It’s not all hardcover books and ships sailing and five star reviews, that’s for sure. All bookworms have their fair share of struggles, and today Rose and I are going to be bringing ten of those to light. 😉

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This post is a collab with the lovely Rose from A Purpose of Winged Dogs! She posts about books, writing, and more and is always up for a Taylor Swift reference. We’re definitely kindred spirits. Definitely check out her amazing blog and read her half of the post here! I’ll be talking about five of the struggles here, and she’s talking about the other five over on her blog.

I’m so happy to be collabing with Rose, and really excited to talk about some bookworm struggles with you all. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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