A Late January Recap // Harry Potter Reread (Again?!), Dancing, & Hamilton

So January happened.

And now it’s almost two weeks into February, but shhh, this recap is definitely on time. It somehow already feels as if it’s been 2019 for ten years?!

Usually January is a mediocre month, but this month was actually filled with a few wonderful things, like a Harry Potter reread (!!!), spending time with friends, and a whole lot of dancing.

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Well, without further ado, let’s begin. 😉

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An {Early} January Recap + HELLO FEBRUARY!

Time is already flying too fast.

Not to be that cliché person who says 2018 is going by too fast, but time is going by too fast! I can’t believe that January is already almost over. Who gave February permission to come so fast?? not me.


As usual, I will be recapping my January as far as it went with books, my blog, and real life experiences. Let’s get to it!

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