June Recap (I read books again!) + Welcome, July

Happy July, everyone!

I hope you’re having a great day, wherever you are. 😉 Welcome back another recap post at Purely Olivia, in which we will be discussing June and looking ahead to July (even though it’s already the second day of the month)!

IMG_6918 (1)

June has passed in a whirlwind of actually reading books (for the first time in forever) and other summery things.

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Rapid Fire Reviews, July Edition {BONUS POST!}

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second ever edition of Rapid Fire Reviews here on Purely Olivia. 🙂

Though I didn’t have the best reading month in July, an upside is that every book I read was a book I was reading for the first time- meaning, no rereads! That’s a pretty big accomplishment for me. You might as well call me the Queen of Rereads.

So, to comemerate commemorate (I just spent quite a few minutes trying to spell that, until Google finally helped out) that occasion, I am going to be doing Rapid Fire Reviews of each book I read in July!

Rapid Fire Reviews.png

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