A Little Life Update :) // ft. Minimal Reading + Online School, But Also New York City!!

Hi! It’s me again.

So…I’m back? I think? I genuinely can’t believe how long it’s been since I last wrote a blog post- the last one I published was in January, and I’ve only been on WordPress two or three times since then. This was definitely the longest unannounced, accidental hiatus I’ve ever taken??

I didn’t exactly mean to take a blogging break, it just happened. And while one hundred percent of me needed to take it, I also missed you all so, so much! I’m kind of going to be making this post just be a catch up for everything that’s happened in the past few months, essentially since the beginning of 2020. Does anyone else also feel as if this year should most definitely be over by now.

I don’t really know if I have a good explanation for being so absent the past three months, but hopefully this post serves to be some sort of evidence that I was doing things and not just ceasing to exist over the last few months??

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