March Recap // I Read Six of Crows, Spring Break, & My Current Playlist!!

All of a sudden it’s April.

Somehow we’ve made it through another month of the year! 2018 still feels like yesterday (yes, I will not stop saying this in every monthly recap), but we’ve already gone through a fourth of the year.

So, even though I can hardly believe it’s April, it’s April!! That means it’s time to take a look back at March and see what happened as far as books, blogging, and life in general.

Blog Title - Design #1 (18)

This post contains a lot of parentheses (if you haven’t noticed, I love them), beautiful book covers, and instances of me obsessing over books I read and the music I listened to in typical Olivia fashion. Continue at your own risk?? But please continue.

Without further ado, into the post!

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March in Review (I read books?!) + The Welcoming of April

We’re 1/4 done with 2018.

One fourth. Twenty-five percent. It’s scaring me how fast this year is going by- Easter already happened (happy late Easter, by the way), spring has sprung, and here I am with my head still in January. 😉


For me personally, March has been the best month of this year so far. In this post I’m going to talk all about it, and about April too. Let’s get started!

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