May Recap // Ending My Reading Slump, I Forgot How to Blog, & The World is Scary

We made it to the halfway point of 2020, and that in itself is a success.

As much as I wish this year had turned out much differently than it has so far, since we have to work with what we got, I’m very grateful that it’s already June. After this month is over, we will have made it through half of 2020, and I really just want this year to be over!! Preferably like right now but unfortunately that’s not how it works.

I do have to admit that at least for me, months after March have been going by moderately quickly, which is something I’m very grateful for. May passed in a series of walks, bike rides, online school and tests, zoom dance classes, and nights spent up late reading. I can only hope June will pass in the same way.

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Despite me neglecting my blog this past month (I know, I’m disappointed in myself too), I still wanted to do a wrap-up post about what I read, what I did while being in quarantine, and the zero that I blogged, because it just seems like the right way to start off a new month!

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May Recap // End of School, New Blog Schedule, & Ask Me Questions for My Q&A!!

Another month has passed us by.

I have to say, I’m not sad to see May go. It wasn’t a terrible month by any account, but it did have its fair share of stress, what with dance recitals and AP exams and end of the year projects…but now it’s summer, and I’m feeling so excited for relaxation!

Besides, May did have some high moments, like my recitals (yes, they were stressful but amazing) and hitting 500 followers on Purely Olivia! Hi yes, I’m utterly crying over this and will do more of this later on in this post. So, all in all, I’m glad it’s over but not sorry it happened. I make no sense.

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In this post, I’ll be talking about everything that happened this month (what I read, what I didn’t blogged, how life went) and then there will be an extra special google form (!!) where you can ask me any questions!! As I’ll explain later in this post, I’m doing a Q&A, and I would love for you to ask me anything.

Now, before I keep rambling on and just further confuse us all- let’s get into the recap!

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