Answering All Your Q&As!! // ft. my dancing, blogging thoughts, Harry Potter, + much, much more

It’s time to answer all your burning questions about me!

Just kidding. I’m pretty sure no one is that curious, and it’s likely that you forgot you submitted questions to a Q&A in the first place…but hey! You did! And today I’m going to answer them for you. I hope my exuberance is coming through the computer screen at you right now.

Back at the beginning of June, I had a google form in one of my posts that invited you to ask any questions about me! The Q&A is in honor of Purely Olivia reaching 500 followers, which by the way, I am still crying over asjdiewlncs thank you. So many of you submitted some great questions and I’m looking forward to answering them in this post!

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There are so many questions about all kinds of topics- reading, blogging, writing, dance, and a lot of other random things too?? This is quite a long post, so please settle in, get a snack or a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy. 😉

Without further ado, let’s get to answering some questions!

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May Recap // End of School, New Blog Schedule, & Ask Me Questions for My Q&A!!

Another month has passed us by.

I have to say, I’m not sad to see May go. It wasn’t a terrible month by any account, but it did have its fair share of stress, what with dance recitals and AP exams and end of the year projects…but now it’s summer, and I’m feeling so excited for relaxation!

Besides, May did have some high moments, like my recitals (yes, they were stressful but amazing) and hitting 500 followers on Purely Olivia! Hi yes, I’m utterly crying over this and will do more of this later on in this post. So, all in all, I’m glad it’s over but not sorry it happened. I make no sense.

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In this post, I’ll be talking about everything that happened this month (what I read, what I didn’t blogged, how life went) and then there will be an extra special google form (!!) where you can ask me any questions!! As I’ll explain later in this post, I’m doing a Q&A, and I would love for you to ask me anything.

Now, before I keep rambling on and just further confuse us all- let’s get into the recap!

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Big News! // Q&A For 50 Followers!

Hi there! Welcome back to Purely Olivia. 🙂 Today I have some exciting news- I’ve reached 50 followers!

I’m really happy to have reached this milestone, and THANK YOU so very much to each and every one of my followers!❤️I appreciate you all greatly. It means a lot that you’d read my blog posts!

On my blog birthday post, I had a few polls asking what you’d like to see next on Purely Olivia. What got the most votes was…

A Q&A Post!

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