My Summer 2022 TBR // Exploring New Genres and Revisiting Old Favorites

Hi, blogging world. Long time no see?

It would be an understatement to say that I’m excited to be writing this post. After a really long absence from blogging (technically a year, but more like two years), I’m hopping back on here to talk about all the books I’m excited about reading this summer.

Just because it’s been so long I feel the need to first say that I’ve dearly missed this space and the people in it. Abandoning my blog was never intentional, but rather a byproduct of my life becoming so busy. However, one of my goals for this summer for myself is to start putting energy back into my passions, so here I am, blogging again and relearning how to be creative and share my love for books. :’)

Lately I’ve been compiling a little list of books that I either want to read for the first time or reread this summer while I have some free time for reading, and I’m really psyched to share it! Without further rambling on my part, onto the books.

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My Summer 2018 TBR // Books I Really, Really Want to Read!!

Summer is so close.

My summer starts in just a few days, and I can’t wait! For no school and lots of ice cream, of course, but mostly for days upon days of reading. Today I’ll be sharing a few books that I definitely want to read this summer.

samsommer-246294-unsplash (1).jpg

Although we all know I won’t read all of these?? And we also know that I’ll read other books too, because that’s just the mood reader inside of me. 😉 Still, I’m excited to set a few reading goals for the months ahead.

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