May, The Month of Rereads + Welcome, June!

It shocks me to say that June is almost here.

Yes, I say that in every recap post?? And yes, I say that I say that in every recap post in every recap post?? Hey, I’ll stop staying it when it stops being true. 😉 May has thankfully flown by pretty quickly, and tomorrow it’s officially June.

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7 Book-Related Activities to do in Summer

Summer can be my favorite and least favorite time of the year all at once. I don’t have school, and I can do fun things with my friends whenever I want, but I also get bored easily and find myself wasting time or being lazy.

It’s sometimes difficult to think of things to keep busy with, so today I will be sharing seven book-related activities you can do this summer! 🙂

7 Book-Related

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Make Summer 2017 the Best One Yet!

Summer! It’s here!

In fact, it’s been summer for a while now. I love summer, and not just because we don’t have school. 😉 The best part about it is that I have countless hours to just do whatever I want.

I always set high expectations for summer and any other breaks from school. And I don’t always meet these expectations (even though I always tell myself this time I will). And this time, I really am going to try succeed. Today I will be sharing my tips for having a summer where you walk away feeling relaxed and energized instead of looking back and thinking, why did I waste so much time.


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