My Nominations for the 2020 Book Blogger Awards // Much Love & Appreciation for Blogs and Bloggers I Adore!!

It’s my favorite time of the year, the Book Blogger Awards!

My favorite part about blogging is the community, and I know many other bloggers relate to that sentiment. Having conversations with other bloggers about books we’ve read, discussing aspects of books and blogging, and connecting in the comments truly makes blogging worth it for me. That’s why the Book Blogger Awards are so special and exciting for me, because I get the chance to promote bloggers I adore!

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First off, a huge thank you to May and Marie for hosting this year’s awards! I can’t thank them enough for their dedication to recognizing and promoting book bloggers. If you’re interested in participating, you should definitely go read their posts (linked to their names) where they list all the rules and categories, especially since I didn’t nominate someone for every category.

Two notes before I start- I specified bloggers with under 500 followers at the end of each nomination, but as I was basing the amount of followers based off the WordPress Reader, if I got it incorrect, I apologize and please let me know so I can fix it!

I also just want to say that I truly love every blog that I follow, and as these nominations are limited and only for book blogs, I wasn’t able to nominate every blogger I love and admire. Please know that I adore each one of you and your blogs, and your hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed and unappreciated no matter what.🤍

Without further ado, to the nominations!


✨Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19)✨

I can’t think of anyone better to nominate for this category besides Taasia @ Librae Paints Pages! I discovered Taasia’s blog from these awards last year, and I’m so glad I did because she not only posts quality content, but she’s also incredibly kind and funny. She fits best teen book blogger so well because she puts out such amazing content and leaves heartfelt comments while still keeping up with school and everything else that comes along with life! *under 500


✨Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)✨

Margaret @ Weird Zeal is such an amazing book blogger. I couldn’t pick which category to put her blog in, so I thought best adult book blogger would encompass it the most successfully! I love her interesting discussion posts and the wonderful recommendations she gives- seriously, her content is so high quality and I know without a doubt that I’ll enjoy any post of hers that I click on.

Lauren @ Twenty-Seven Letters is another adult book blogger I really admire. Not only does she fangirl about Taylor Swift with me, but each one of her posts is put together so beautifully and I know I can expect to love whatever I read, whether it’s a monthly recap, a tag post, or her talking about all her thoughts while rewatching the Harry Potter movies. *under 500

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✨Young Adult✨

Kay @ Hammock of Books is absolutely one of my favorite young adult book blogs! That’s saying a lot, since I pretty much just read blogs focused around YA. Kay is especially perfect for this category because she not only writes really great reviews and discussions surrounding YA novels and topics in them, but she always has great recommendations and I always see her Goodreads reviews when I’m looking at books, influencing me to read it! Not to mention she’s incredibly kind and I really enjoy all of our comment conversations.


✨Middle Grade✨

Although Sophie @ Sophie’s Corner does blog about a variety of genres, I had to nominate her for the middle grade award because she been especially influential in me gaining more MG recommendations as of late! Since I’ve been out of the loop of MG for a while, her continuously mentioning MG in her recommendation posts and monthly recaps has certainly helped me out a lot. Plus, her blog is such a positive space on the Internet and she can always make me smile!


✨Literary Fiction/Classics/Poetry✨

Holly @ Nut Free Nerd also blogs about a lot of different types of books, but her posts surrounding classics have been so wonderful to read, so I’m nominating her for this award! I love how she gets me hyped to read more classics and shares monthly classic recommendations, as well as does reviews of classics she’s read. Her enthusiastic and informative posts are well-loved by me!

BeFunky-collage (2)

✨Best Book Reviews✨

I may have nominated Annie @ Blossoms and Bullet Journals for this award last year, but I’m doing it again, because her reviews are just that good. No matter if I’ve heard of the book or not, I always click on Annie’s reviews because I know they will be eloquently worded, well-organized, and give me a really solid idea of if I want to read the book! She’s also so friendly and easy to talk to, and I love interacting with her.

Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall also has such phenomenal book reviews that I had to nominate her for this! She has such a way with words and always fully covers every aspect of whatever book she’s reviewing, so I leave feeling like I truly know what the book is like. And I can not only always count on her for reliable reviews, but also to be incredibly kind!


✨Best Book Recommendations✨

Maha @ Sunshine n Books gives the most amazing recommendations! What I especially love is that she’ll do posts with recommendations for specific topics or genres, so I end up adding a ton of books to my TBR because of her posts. Her blog also just has the best vibes and reading any of her posts makes me really happy and at peace! *under 500


✨Best Discussion Posts✨

The detail and attention Charis @ Charis Rae puts into her discussion posts is unparalleled! Whether she’s writing an in-depth analysis of a book she’s read or discussing themes, her wording is always superb and I always leave her posts with a new perspective or idea. I can’t stress enough how high quality and enjoyable all of her posts are, and how sweet of a person she is as well. *under 500

Sophie @ Me and Ink is on hiatus right now, but I would be amiss if I didn’t mention her here! She consistently has really insightful discussions on her blog, like her one about consumerism in the book world. Not only does she prompt great discussions, but she always replies with such great comments, so the conversation is continued. She’s so kind and her posts are amazing!


✨Best Blog Aesthetic✨

I’m pretty sure I’ll never get over the aesthetic of Tiffany @ Read by Tiffany …it’s truly perfect in every way. My Hufflepuff self (with Aphrodite as my Greek parent) is in love with her pink aesthetic. Her header, post organization, profile picture, color scheme- it’s just amazing, and I love it so much!! (Not to mention I also love Tiffany so much too.)

Similarly, I truly adore the aesthetic of Macey @ Brine and Books. Reading her blog (and visiting her Instagram) is the equivalent of getting transported to a little seaside cottage with an unlimited amount of books and sea air and happiness. Every time I visit her site, I’m in awe of how absolutely stunning it is! Oh, and Macey is THE sweetest and I love every interaction with her.


✨Best Blogging/Writing Voice✨

Rhi @ Marshmallow Harmonies is not only one of the sweetest, most supportive, and positive bloggers I’ve ever talked to, but she also has THE best blogging voice!! It would be impossible for me to read a post written by her and not know right away it was a Rhi creation. I love her sidenotes, personality, and the enthusiasm that she puts into all of her posts. I know I’m guaranteed to love them all! *under 500

Another blogger I adore who also has a phenomenal blogging voice is Nimika @ Wordhaven! She’s genuinely so funny and I know the instant I see a post of hers in my Reader that I’m going to want to read it right away because I’m going to, without a doubt, love it. Ahh, her blogging voice is just so unique and hilarious and it makes reading her blog so entertaining. *under 500

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✨Most Helpful✨

Ilsa @ Whisper of Ink has always been the most helpful and sweet blogger to me! From recommending books that grow my TBR, to supporting tons of book bloggers (I always see her in the comments and she supported my blog when it was a baby), to writing helpful posts to share her wisdom with everyone else (like her one about ARCs!), she’s always been nothing but kind and helpful.


✨Most Supportive✨

I could never stop talking about how supportive and incredibly sweet Lais @ The Bookish Skies is! Lais never fails to leave the absolute kindest comments that prompt great conversations, and she has always been super supportive of my blog and so many others. I’ve yet to have a bad day that a positive, encouraging comment from Lais couldn’t make better! *under 500

Nish & Ngoc @ Nish and Ngoc’s Book Nook are also so, so supportive! They leave the sweetest comments that always make me smile so hard, and I often see them in other comment sections too. I admire their dedication to producing such quality content while simultaneously being such great supporters for other bloggers! *under 500


✨Most Engaged in the Community✨

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books is a truly wonderful blogger in all aspects, but one of the many areas she excels in is being so engaged in the community! As evidenced by the fact that she is a co-host of these awards, Marie is constantly spreading the love through sharing other blogger’s posts and leaving such sweet, meaningful comments on so many posts. She’s truly the best! (And shoutout to her sister, Nyx, who posts on the blog as well and is incredibly sweet, too.)


✨Most Creative✨

Hands down, this has to be Ash @ Starlight Strands! I…am absolutely in love with Ash’s blog. Each of her posts are unique, creative, interesting to read, and she clearly puts so much work into producing such amazing content! Not only that, but I’ve had some wonderful comment conversations with her and am so grateful for such a kind blogging friend. *under 500

Xandra @ Starry Sky Books is another blogger whose posts I am constantly in awe of. Each time I read one of Xandra’s posts, I always think to myself how creative is was! Not only does she come up with super interesting topics to post about, but they’re always so well-written and lovely to read.


✨Best Social Media Influencer✨

Mel @ Mel to the Any recently started blogging again and I am so excited about it! I had to nominate her for the best social media influencer award because she’s active on so many platforms and manages to still be the sweetest person ever on them all. Her blog posts are so full of enthusiasm, I always default to her Goodreads reviews, and her ASMR unboxings on Youtube always help me destress.


✨Best Personality✨

May @ My 1st Chapter is on hiatus right now, but I couldn’t not talk about her because she’s absolutely one of my favorites! I love how positive and sweet May is, and all of her posts (and Goodreads reviews!!) are incredible- reading one of her posts is genuinely a lovely experience and her personality shines through in every word. I love her and her blog so much! *under 500


✨Friendliest Member of the Community✨

Malka and Chana @ Paper Procrastinators are the epitome of friendly. Their posts are so inviting and entertaining and they also are amazing commenters. Not only do they leave in-depth comments that lead to more discussion, but they also reply to comments on their blog with such insight, which really means a lot as a commenter! I can’t get over how friendly and kind they’ve both been to me.

Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams is another very, very friendly soul in the book community. Every interaction I’ve had with her has been nothing but so, so kind and sweet! She’s always willing to have a conversation, let me fangirl about a book with her (cough Strange the Dreamer), and I very much appreciate her continued friendliness over the years.

I only recently discovered Ruby @ Ruby Rae Reads, but I’m so happy I did! She’s such a vibrant personality and has been absolutely amazing to me. She’s so friendly it’s off the charts, and I’m really excited to have more and more comment conversations with her and read more of her blog! *under 500


✨Best at Promoting Diverse Books✨

There’s no one better to nominate for this than May @ Forever and Everly! May has not only recommended a lot of my favorite books to me, but she’s also recommended so many diverse reads. The amount of work she puts into her lists of books with QPOC and POC (just to list her most recent rec posts!) is amazing, and has given me SO many new books to read. Plus, she’s such a dedicated blogger (as one of the co-hosts of the awards) and is so, so sweet, supportive, and an overall lovely person!

BeFunky-collage (4)

✨Best New Book Blogger✨

Aria @ Matcha & Memoirs very recently started her blog, but she is perfect for this award! I’m already so in awe of her impeccable blog design, lovely writing style, and the overall aesthetic and vibe of her blog. I really look forward to interacting with her more and seeing what else she posts! *under 500


✨Best Overall Book Blogger✨

When going through the categories, I wanted to place Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea in them all…so she stood out to me as the best candidate for best overall book blogger! I can’t gush about her enough, but I truly adore Caitlin and her blog beyond measure. Her posts are innovative and well-written, she interacts amazingly (how she leaves such beautiful comments on so many posts, I’ll never know), and watching her blog grow has made me so happy because she absolutely deserves every ounce of success and love she gets!


That concludes my nominations! I’m so happy that these awards exist so the love and appreciation for bloggers can be shared.💛 I hope you were able to discover some new bloggers from this list! Thank you again to May and Marie for hosting, it means the world to me and so many other bloggers.

And thank you for reading this post and for doing what you do- you’re very much appreciated and loved by this community and me. Until next time!

Please share with me your favorite bloggers and blogs so I can find new blogs as well!

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Credits for the image in my featured image >> Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash


61 thoughts on “My Nominations for the 2020 Book Blogger Awards // Much Love & Appreciation for Blogs and Bloggers I Adore!!

    Thank you so so much!! I'm literally on the verge of tears right now?? Thank you??? I'm totally not dying over here??? I love our chats so much, and it means the world that you think my posts are all those things :') I definitely agree with so many of these nominations, and thank you so much again!! ❤ hugs forever xx

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  2. Olivia, I’m seeing this and I’m crying because I do not deserve this 😭 I’m so happy I found you from the blogging awards, because you and your lovely personality never fail to make my day ❤ I've been really bad at interaction, but this post has so many bloggers that I already love with my whole heart or that I definitely have to check out! Thank you for being you and I hope you're having the most wonderful day, ily with my whole heart <333

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  3. Hey Olivia!! I hope you are well. 💞 The book blogging awards are a truly amazing thing and I loved reading your nominations so much. It is so wonderful to see people talk about some bloggers they love and you did it with so much passion and love so it was a joy to read. I definitely spy many bloggers I love her as well and I will be checking out the ones I’m not yet following.
    I’m so honoured to be mentioned on your blog and honestly thank you soooo incredibly much for thinking of me. I appreciate it so much, you even reading my posts means the world so thank you for all the support and kindness. I really do love replying to comments as a lot of the time people will comment with something I didn’t think of so it can be so rewarding, and in general I have a great time talking to people. Thank you so much again 💞 !!

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    • Hi Sophie! I hope you’ve been doing well during your hiatus, you’ve been missed, but I hope you’re relaxing and rejuvenating.💗 I love the awards for the same reason! I’m so happy that this post could potentially lead you to some new bloggers.
      It was genuinely my pleasure to have you on this list! You and your blog are so incredible and deserve all the love forever.🥺

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  4. aaaaaahhhhhh oh my god thank you so much! i’m glad you enjoy my recs!!!! i’ll make sure to do more of those! and i am with such great bloggers!! also i’ll check the other ones out hehe
    amazing post!!

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  5. first of all, thank you so much for participating in the awards, and writing such a lovely nominations post with all these kind things to say 🥺 second, AAHH thank you endlessly for nominating ME for an award!! i’m glad i’m able to recommend some good diverse books that you like 🥺😭💕 i see so many of my faves here, but i will definitely have to check out some of the ones i haven’t heard of! and i am so glad that the awards can be meaningful to you ❤

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    • Thank YOU so much for co-hosting the awards and making it possible for me to participate!! I really appreciate all the work you and Marie put into this.💗 I’m also so happy that I could nominate you because you’re so well-deserving of really all these awards!! Thank you again, May, for just being so amazing all the time. xx

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  6. Olivia, I honestly can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me that you admire my blog posts. Your blog was (I’m pretty sure!) one of the first I’ve found, and you’ve always inspired me since day one. You are an incredibly kind human being, and I’m so happy that book blogging brought us together! And you know that I am ALWAYS down to fangirl about Taylor Swift with you 😊 I’m so, so thrilled that you love each of my posts. And I’m even more thrilled to check out some of these blogs I haven’t yet discovered! Thank you so much again! 💜

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    • Aww! Lauren, what, you are so kind! That made me smile so much, thank you.😭❤️ I can’t say how happy I am that you did find my blog and I found yours and we can have our fangirling moments together and I get to read all your amazing content! Wow, this comment made me so happy, thank you. xx

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  7. Thank you so much for the nomination Olivia ❤ I'm so honored to be on this list and I'm glad you like my YA posts and recs ❤ I love so many other bloggers on this list too like Caitlin, Tiffany, Kelly, Xandra, and Marie, and should check out some of these bloggers I'm not familiar with!

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  8. This is such a lovely post about all the love that goes around in the community ❤︎ I’ve found so many new bloggers thanks to you and couldn’t be more grateful! Congratulations on your nomination 😊

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    • Oh, thank you very much, Juli! I’m very happy to hear that this could point you towards some new bloggers- that was the goal and I’m really grateful to you for reading this post and for your kind comment. Thank you so much!❤️

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  9. Hi Olivia! Thank you for your nomination and for all the sweet words! I’m so glad to hear that you’ve found my MG recommendations helpful and I hope that you will enjoy MG books as much as I do one day 🙂 I also enjoyed reading about your other nominations and seeing some of my favourite bloggers on there. I found some bloggers that I haven’t met yet that I should check out too 🙂

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    • Hey, Sophie! Aww, I’m so happy I could mention you and your blog in the post because you are so well-deserving of all the recognition.❤️ Thank you for being so wonderful, and I’m really glad to hear this could point you to some new bloggers as well!

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  10. SOMEHOW i got the approval link very late and when i first clicked on this post,,, i was NOT expecting to see my blog here??? and i am SO emotional that you would think of me???? no im not crying, YOU are 😭 thank you so much, olivia!! it means so much to me and gives me that extra incentive to blog more ❤

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  11. Ahh I’m so honored to be on this list! Thank you so much, Olivia, both for the nomination and for all of your kind words ❤ And I’m especially excited to be nominated alongside Lauren, who I also love!! I’m delighted to see so many of my favorite bloggers here, and I can’t wait to check out the ones I don’t already know 😀 Thank you!! ❤

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  12. olivia… i’m going to cry right now!!!! 🥺🥺🥰 thank you so, so much for the nomination, especially in that category – it means the world to me that you think my posts are creative ahh 😭😭 you’re too kind, i love our interactions as well and we’re so lucky to have you in the community!! 💖💖 i love so many of the bloggers you nominated as well, and can’t wait to check out the new ones as well ❤

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    • Ahh, Ash!! I’m crying alongside you because I love you and your blog so much.🥺 You’re very incredible and nominating you for an award is the least I could do to recognize your dedication and all you bring to the community! Thank you so much for this comment, and I hope you find some new blogs to follow.💛

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  13. Hello Olivia!I just wanted to say hi here(since i just started following you)and i already fell in love with your blog!It was great to spread all the love through your blogs and hope you doin well there<3

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  14. OLIVIA!! 😭😭😭💕💕 i love youuuu. i can’t believe you nominated me for best overall blogger 🥺🥺❤️ i’m so honored!!! and you give me too much credit for blog hopping. i always fall behind on it (hence why i’m commenting on this post so late lmao). you’re the real queen of leaving beautiful comments in people’s posts 🥺 also i’m getting emotional thinking about how we’ve been following each other for so long already :(( following your blog is one of the best decisions i’ve ever made, and i’m so glad we became friends!! (though i’m sad that you witnessed how cringe my blog was back then 😅😅)

    i love this post so much!! you are such a sweet soul, and i love your passion for supporting book bloggers. ❤️ i really need to post my own nominations soon, ahh!!

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    • Ahh, Caitlin, I love you and your blog SO much!!💖 You’re so deserving of the nomination and ahh, no, you definitely need to give yourself more credit for being such a supportive fellow blogger. xx Okay wait stop I’m going to cry?? Thank you, me too.🥺 I’m so so happy we found each other’s blogs and have become friends, too!! (And pssh, your blog was never cringe.)

      Thank you for making me so happy with this comment!! You’re phenomenal. xx

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  15. OLIVIA OMG🥺🥺🥺 I would have NEVER expected to be nominated ever, and you just made my whole entire YEAR with your generous and kind words. Thank you so so much, it means the absolute world to me, truly. My heart is so full right now🥺 ❤ xxxx

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  16. Olivia!! Thank you so so much for nominating me!! 😭❤💛 I love you and your blog so much, it means so much that you nominated me for Most Creative! You’re so sweet!! And thank you for taking the time to make this lovely post, I’m so happy to find some new bloggers here!

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  17. olivia!!!! thank you so much for all your kind words, it honestly means soooo much. your blog has been a huge inspiration for me since day one, and it makes me the happiest that you also appreciate our interactions just as much! thank you so much for the nomination!

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  18. I… am actually tearing up right now, I don’t know what to say! Thank you so so much Olivia, it means the absolute world to me. I am so lucky to be able to connect with amazing bloggers like you at the beginning of my blogging journey, and the love and support I’ve seen so far within this community is so pure and beautiful. I am looking forward to our future conversations and to get to know you more <33 Sending infinite virtual hugs xx

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  19. Thank you so much for your nomination, Olivia! It means the world to me! I always get so scared that my comments are too long! (I believe I once left you an 8 paragraph ESSAY for a comment) So hearing that my longer comments are actually appreciated makes me so very happy! 💕

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  20. OLIVIA 😭 thank you so, so, so much for thinking of nominating me for the awards, I’m so honored, thank you so much ahh 😭 There are so many fabulous bloggers here I adore 💛 thank you for taking the time to do these awards!! 💛

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