The Levels Of Being Obsessed With Harry Potter // from impartial to in love, how obsessed are you??

So, I’m obsessed with Harry Potter.

I’ve definitely lost track of how many times I’ve said this. Somewhere in the range of, I don’t know, a billion? It’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re going to find Harry Potter gifs, references, and fangirling on my blog. All of this obsessing got me thinking- how do you measure one’s obsession with Harry Potter?

Obviously, there’s not a spectrum out there that can tell you exactly how obsessed with something you are, and as far as I know, there isn’t a Harry Potter-specific one. So, me being me, I have no choice but to create this spectrum myself!

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The spark of inspiration for this post came to me one night when I was about to fall asleep. I was so scared I would forget all about it that I got up from my semi-asleep state and wrote it down right away. That shows you how dedicated I am to Harry Potter. In today’s post, I’m going to list the levels (1-10) of being obsessed with Harry Potter. They start off mellow and Muggle-esque and then proceed to more obsessive waters.

This is all in good fun, and the purpose of this post isn’t to call anyone out, besides myself of course, because we all know I’m level 100 obsessed and it’s getting out of hand! So without further ado, let’s see how obsessed you are with Harry Potter.⚡️



You know what Harry Potter is because it’s a part of pop culture at this point. You vaguely know about Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and you also kind of know that Dumbledore is that wise old guy who looks like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.

But magic? Fantasy? Witches and wizards? No, this isn’t really your scene, so you decide to stay out of it. You’re a muggle, but you’re okay with it.



You’ve always had it in the back of your mind that you should read Harry Potter someday. Every time someone tells you about the books or movies, they good, but it’s never enough to convince you to actually read the books or rent the movies.

It’s possible you’ve seen bits and pieces of the movies at the doctor’s office or because there’s always a Harry Potter marathon on TV somewhere, or heard about some of the book’s plot from a friend, but you didn’t know what was going on so you didn’t pay that much attention.

Maybe I’ll read it someday, you think. You never do.



You’ve definitely read at least part of the first book before. Maybe you got bored, because you didn’t last long enough for them to actually get to Hogwarts (why does it take 100 pages for anything to happen, anyway, you wonder) or maybe you read the whole book and then never cared to find the rest.

Image result for harry potter gifs no

You have seen most of the movies, though not really out of your personal choice. Either your family or friends were watching them, and you tagged along, and you liked them enough to vaguely know the plotline.

You don’t know your Hogwarts house, but you’re pretty sure you’re Gryffindor, because that’s what Harry Potter is, and he’s the good guy so that must be the good house.



You’ve seen the movies and read about half of the books, but they weren’t entirely your cup of tea. You like them well enough, but you’re not necessarily going around recommending them or broadcasting your thoughts on them.

If you go to Universal Studios, you get butterbeer and recognize most of the shops from the books and maybe you buy a keychain. You hear that some universities have Quidditch teams and you laugh, imagining people playing Quidditch without magical brooms.

You like Harry Potter, but you don’t find yourself thinking or talking about it often.


white (4)

This is the midway level, where you’ve crossed over from acknowledging and enjoying Harry Potter’s existence and now are a fan.

Image result for harry potter gifs it's great

You’ve read the books and watched the movies, possibly more than once. You can hold a conversation about Harry Potter with someone and that might help you make a connection. If you see a Harry Potter shirt in a store, you’ll probably exclaim over it for a moment and then realize you don’t really need it.

When prompted about your interest level in Harry Potter, you respond with a, “Oh yeah, I liked it a lot.”



When someone mentions Harry Potter, you smile because it was such a big part of your childhood. Thinking about Hogwarts takes you back to the days where you secretly hoped you’d be getting a Hogwarts letter yourself.

Back in the day, you had a Harry Potter Pinterest board with memes and gifs from the movies. You used to love it a lot more than you do now, but it will definitely always have a special place in your heart because guys, it’s Harry Potter.

You’ve taken the Hogwarts House quiz on Pottermore, and when asked about key characteristics of your personality, you might mention your house as one of them.



You’ve reread the books multiple times. You have pretty developed opinions on all of the characters, and if a conversation is sparked about Harry Potter, you get in the thick of it pretty soon to insert your thoughts.

You know that J.K. Rowling’s last name rhymes with bowling.

You definitely have a least one piece of Harry Potter merch (a house shirt, maybe a mug) and every time you see a picture of a snowy owl you think “Hedwig.” You’ve watched the movie cast interviews on YouTube when you got bored one day and all the memories came flooding back over you.

Image result for harry potter gifs i love magic

You really do love Harry Potter a lot.



You’ve had a Harry Potter marathon and you can never stop crying over how small and adorable everyone was in the first two movies. You know that Dumbledore said “did you put your name in the goblet” calmly, and you’re salty over the fact that Weasley Is Our King didn’t make it into the movies.

Your copies of the books are well-worn, but you keep reading them anyway. If you’re having a bad day, you look at pins about your OTPs from the series and they cheer you up. You know that Harry and Ginny were meant to be from the start.

You know exactly what your house (or combination of houses) says about you, you know that Slytherins aren’t all bad and Gryffindors aren’t all good and that Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs deserve way more recognition. If you ever get the chance to go to Universal Studios and see the Wizarding World, you would wear your robes and scarf and part of you would pretend you were, at last, going to Hogwarts.



Let’s be real, you’ve definitely watched the fifty-minute long interview between J.K. Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe. Sometimes you can’t fall asleep because you start thinking something along the lines of, “Harry knew all the other Marauders, even Peter, better than he knew his own father” and then you shed a tear or two or fifty.

Image result for harry potter gifs emotions

When you see Tom Felton post on Instagram with Emma Watson or Matthew Lewis or the Phelps twins, you squeal a little and screenshot it and text it to your friends, even if they’re not necessarily a Harry Potter fan because you just have to spread the love?!

For you, Harry Potter isn’t just a series that you read as a child and loved. It’s a series that you read as a teenager and as an adult and one that you know you’ll cherish and love for the rest of your life. It’s a lifestyle.



At this point, there is no way to describe loving Harry Potter besides it being a part of your identity.

Everyone in your life knows that you love Harry Potter. You’re very dedicated to your Hogwarts House, you have all the books on display (let’s be honest, you might have multiple copies), you can frequently be found crying over Harry Potter headcanons on Pinterest.

You don’t understand why the plot of each Harry Potter book isn’t common knowledge and you can pretty much quote the movies. You usually watch them alone because no one can stand you quoting them the whole time. When you see anything Harry Potter-related in a store, you freak out. You own way too much merch, but it’s okay, you really do need that shirt and jacket and sweatshirt and mug and calendar, right?

Image result for harry potter wow gif

You’re a Potterhead for life. Harry Potter has impacted you in more ways than you can imagine. It’s more than just childhood nostalgia for you, it’s now a part of you.


I have to say, I find myself being at a level 9 or 10 obsession (or should I say, somewhere around 9 and three quarters?) for Harry Potter. Absolutely no one is surprised. I genuinely love this series so much, and I’m seriously never going to stop talking about it! I’m really sorry.

My goal for this post (besides just to have fun and talk about Harry Potter) was to show that there are so many levels of being interested in something, and that they’re all valid and you don’t have to be either a 1 or a 10- you can be a 4, 6, 8, or anything in between.

I’d say that before I reached my current level of obsession, I’ve been at almost all these levels before, and until a few years ago I would classify myself as a solid 7 or 8. 😉 Harry Potter will be something I love for life, but I also don’t think I’ll always be as actively obsessed as I currently am, so my ranking will probably fluctuate at least some time in my life.

I had so much fun writing this post and making the graphics for it because it was just me talking about something I’m really passionate about! I hope you all enjoyed it, and that you’re having a magical week.⚡️

I’m dying to know, what level are you at? Has it changed over the years? Could you relate to anything in this post? I’d love to talk and obsess with you in the comments.

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91 thoughts on “The Levels Of Being Obsessed With Harry Potter // from impartial to in love, how obsessed are you??

  1. Lol I honestly don’t know what I am bc I’m a mix of these?? XD I love the series as a whole, i read/watch it every year, I have a nice collection of merch, I talk about it a lot, and I have fond memories. But I was very late in the game, and tbh there are so many things that drive me nuts. Also JKR’s writing style isn’t my favorite and the books are really repetitive imo, so I honestly don’t know at this point?! Like I always say, “I love it, but…” 😆

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  2. I’m probably around a level eight, although I have done quite a few of the things in the higher levels (haven’t watched that fifty minute interview though!). I love Harry Potter, have read the books many times and read and written fan-fiction too. This is such an amazing post!

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  3. I’m between a level 8 and 9. Hogwarts is my home, and I drag out my very battered books, some of which are two decades old, to re-read. I even read the books to my son, and he’s not even a year old yet! I can’t say I’m a level 10 though because my house is missing a Harry Potter shrine, haha!

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    • Aww, this comment made me smile. If I have kids someday, I will definitely be reading Harry Potter to them!❤️I love what you said about Hogwarts being your home, it’s incredible that so many of us around the world get to feel that way. *wipes away tear*



    but I am definitely 9 3/4 of a fan

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  5. I love this post! It’s so cute and relatable omg haha. I’m probably an 8.5ish? (9 3/4 is much better you’re the besttt)–definitely had movie marathons (Dumbledore said calmly…SOBS), my copies of the books are absolutely falling apart but I don’t care and continue to reread, and I’ve spent way too much time sorting my friends and family members into their houses lmaoo. But also I’ve definitely watched the 50 minute interview, although I saved time by watching it at double speed so I could watch a bunch of other cast interviews too–the ones when they’re little babies are the cutest!! Also I’m going to the wizarding world at universal studios soon and I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Aww, thank you! OKAY, YES TO ALL OF THIS. Let’s have a moment of silence for Dumbledore said calmly, because this is a mistake that can never be fixed. *moment of silence* Oh my gosh, I love that you’ve also watched the interview! I will never tire of watching the interviews from when they were babies.😌Also, this randomly came up in my recommended one day, and it’s an interview the girl who played Padma did all about her experience on the movies, and it was SO GOOD?? Here’s the link in case you haven’t seen it- ) That’s SO EXCITINGGG about Universal!! Ahh, it’s one of my dreams to go there. I hope you LOVE IT ❤

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  6. I’m a level 4, I think, except I haven’t seen the movies… 1 and 2 is all. I still have to read books 6 and 7 and I will one day!!! I am a proud Slytherclaw (mostly Slytherin though.. everything except for Griffindor I am 😉 ) This is such a cool post idea, and I love it! Hope you’re doing okay xx

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    • Ahh, I hope you get to watch the movies and finish the books someday if you want to!! Some of the later movies are my faves.😍Thank you so much, Rhi! I’m doing well, very busy and stressed with school, but surviving, I hope you’re also doing well. xx


  7. … I’m DEFINITELY a level 9 or 10 ha-ha! The following section of your post was my favourite … “You know that Dumbledore said “did you put your name in the goblet” calmly, and you’re salty over the fact that Weasley Is Our King didn’t make it into the movies.” I get SO angry about how they messed that up and didn’t add the Weasley is Our King section!! The AGONY!

    I’m a Hufflepuff and wish they got more credit .. they’re such a lovely group. This was adorable. Awesome post ❤

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    • YAY, you’re the first to say that. 😉 Haha, I couldn’t help but call out some of the most disappointing parts of the movies. XD I really love them and think they were incredibly well done, but these two details just *really* should have been in them and I will forever be annoyed that they weren’t.

      HUFFLEPUFFS FOREVER. Thank you so much for this kind comment, Jenna!❤️

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  8. Great post! Love it! I have seen all movies a million times but never read the books. However, I have tshirts/ mugs from harry potter and watch it whenever I am feeling low. Since the movies came out when I was about their age, I basically grew up with them. Watching the first movies is like doing a journey back in time to when I was a kid without worries. I can definetly speak all the movies word by word and they should definetly be on Netflix!

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    • Thank you, Joana!💖If you decide to read the books one day, I hope you love them just as much as you love the movies. I will definitely always adore the movies and the cast! They were so well done and honestly some of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and not just because they’re Harry Potter but because they’re genuinely great productions.


  9. Oh I’m definitely an 8 or 9 – one of my fondest memories was when my sister & I locked ourselves in her room for about 2 or 3 days (I can’t even remember now 😂) to do a HP movie marathon & only let ourselves out to eat, shower & go to the toilet. By the time we finished, we totally forgot what it was like to live like normal people 😂

    A ‘FEW’ HOUSE MERCH ITEMS, YOU SAY?! I was basically dressed in head to toe Hufflepuff gear when I went to see the The Cursed Child & even bought a new Hufflepuff scarf for myself at the merch store EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY HAD ONE AROUND MY NECK. My friends were flabbergasted, honestly 😅

    Words cannot describe how much I ADORE this post!!!

    💛 Ngoc

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    • Oh my gosh, I’m actually crying, that’s amazing.😂Y’all are hardcore fans and I applaud you for that! My friend and I had a marathon, but we were much more relaxed about it, haha. (Though we did wear our matching Harry and Ron sweaters.)

      THAT’S AMAZING. I don’t have a Hufflepuff scarf and I’m sad about it, because I feel like scarves are such a staple item for a Harry Potter fan’s wardrobe?

      Aww, thank you!! I loved reading your comment. ❤

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  10. Ahhh, I love this post! This is such a creative idea, and your love for HP really shines in it 💗

    I feel like I’m a level six-eight based on reading this? It’s because I read HP as a child and loved all the books, but I don’t remember a SINGLE thing about my reading experience, seriously. I feel like my level would increase all the more if I finally got around to rereading HP!

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    • Aww, Caitlin, thank you!! I had the best time writing this because I’m so passionate about Harry Potter, haha.💖

      Ooh, if you do reread Harry Potter, I would be really interested to hear your thoughts! I wonder if your experience would be different going into it way older. I definitely have taken away different things each time I’ve read it as I’ve gotten older.

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  11. girl, i feel you. 110% of all my creativity comes just when im about to sleep and then i have to make a quick dash to write it down before it run away. OKAY EVEN THOUGH IM NOT A HARRY POTTER STAN I APPRECIATE THIS POST SO MUCH. its so much fun and the graphics are so cute olivia 😭😭

    i think im around a ‘level four’ i read all the books (a couple years back bc my friends pretty much FORCED me to) and i enjoyed them. i loved some characters more than others, i still cri for sirius, but i didn’t have the nostalgia aspect (which is sad for me) like everyone else

    but i love seeing how intense everyone in the fandom is (even if some people are a little scary when you announce yourself as a muggle) and the fanart and fan content is amazing so thats always a plus

    this was such a fun post olivia, i love ittttt 💖

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    • Haha, WHY is that so relatable. I genuinely will be almost asleep and then I have to turn on my light and write down an idea because I know there’s absolutely no way I’ll remember it the next day. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Agh, you’re SO KIND TO ME MAY THANK YOU.💗💗

      Ahh, I’m glad your friends forced you to read them because if they hadn’t then I would be forcing you to read them now. JUST KIDDING, mostly.😉I will always be crying for Sirius. Now I am crying for Sirius right now because I basically cry whenever I think about him.

      HAHA, I hope I’m not scary?? My goal is to be intense, but in a loving and welcoming way that, while communicating my obsession, doesn’t make people feel like I’m going to yell if they’re a muggle.

      Thank you again!! I LOVE YOU 💖


  12. 😂😂 Olivia! This post is so funny!! I think I’m at a 7 maybe? For the lower levels I kept on saying, ok, *this* one’s me. And then I read the next one and was like, nope ok. I am slightly more obsessed than I thought I was. I mean, what kind of person doesn’t have Harry Potter merch?? How can you survive without the Tshirts and buttons and mugs?

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  13. hahah, i love this! this is the most olivia post out of all your posts, honestly. an entire ranking of how obsessed you are with harry potter? yeah, that’s olivia’s work, hahah.
    i think i identify myself as a level five. even though i have not read all the books – i know, a crime! -, i have watched all the movies more than once and i’m really familiar with all the harry potter related stuff. i’d identify with level six, but i do not have a nostalgic attachment to it, since it was a series i read when i was already 14~15, but it’s still one that i think about frequently.
    this was amazing, olivia! thank you so much for sharing!

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    • Thank you so much, Lais! Aww, this made me day.😭💓I have to admit this was a very on brand post for me, lol.
      Yay! I hope you get to read the rest of the books someday if you find yourself wanting to, because there a lot of hidden gems inside of them.
      Thank you again for this lovely comment!

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  14. I think I’m definitely somewhere in between 5 and 6, with sprinkles of 7-10?? Is that allowed :’) This was such a fun post to read; I thoroughly enjoyed it! I found myself smiling at some of the cute little specifics you included, and I related to something in each one. I remember life before Harry Potter, life during, and life after? Maybe during is still an ongoing thing? Not sure haha.

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  15. This is such a cool idea and so creative!! It has been so fun to read and I absolutely love your graphics for this post– so magical!! *heart eyes*
    Also I love that you came up with the idea when you were half asleep and had to write it down because I have totally done that– my writing is always insanely messy but at least I wrote it down!!
    I love how you mentioned that people presume they are Gryffindor because it is Harry Potter’s house so it is the best one because people think that all the time!!
    I am level eight but that has definitely increased from when I was younger, I think I only started liking it at age 14 but now I love it and I adore talking about the Hogwarts house and everything. I might become even higher in the next year!!
    This was a wonderful post and I loved it sooo much!! ❤

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    • SOPHIE, THANK YOU.💖I’m so, so happy you enjoyed this, and thank you for the very kind words!!
      Haha, I can relate so much. XD
      So true- I know that when I first read the books as a little kid, I wanted to be in Gryffindor because my childhood heroes (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) were all in it too. Yay, I hope your love for Harry Potter grows!
      Thank you again! ⚡️

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  16. I think I’m also definitely a 9 and three quarters level! I was teetering between the two, but that “Everyone in your life knows that you love Harry Potter.” got me right where it hurts, haha. I have a few Harry Potter tattoos, and I’m just never going to not love it to absolute pieces. Thank you for sharing this, it was so fun!

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    • Haha, it’s so true for me, too- literally all my friends know that I’m way too into Harry Potter.😂That’s so cool you have Harry Potter tattoos! If I was brave enough to get a tattoo, I would consider getting something like the deathly hallows sign or the three stars that are always on a new chapter page in the books. Thank you, and thank you for your comment!

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  17. I always keep a notebook & post it notes by my bed so I can always be ready for anything (because the best thoughts are always at night, right?)
    I also love your graphics for the different levels – so cute! 💕

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  18. YAY this is my first Harry Potter post of yours that I’m reading as someone who has read Harry Potter!!! And hahaha, I love that you got up to write it down. Okay, one thing that I’ve done before but haven’t done in a while is if I think of something before I go to sleep, I’ll throw a pillow at my door so that when I wake up, I’ll be like, why did I throw this pillow and then I’ll remember. I got it from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Weasley is Our King didn’t make it into the movies?????? ARGH. My friend and I have semi-plans to watch the fifth Harry Potter movie at the end of this month. She’s watched the first four already and has maybe read part of the first book, and I’m going in having watched none of the movies so far. Okay, I think I’m in between a four and a five, except I think I would still get excited if I saw any of the actors together in pictures.

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    • That’s so exciting! Aww, that makes me happy.⚡️THE PILLOW IDEA IS VERY CLEVER. Maybe I’ll have to adopt that. One thing I do sometimes is attach a thought to a certain object, so for example, when I look at the lamp, I’ll think of what I wanted to remember. But that only really works when I’m in a conversation and am just trying to remember my thoughts while someone else is talking…it wouldn’t really be good for sleeping, so I’ll have to use the pillow trick. I KNOW RIGHT, IT IS AN OUTRAGE. I hate to tell you, but there is no quidditch in the fifth movie which is ridiculous because it’s a pretty major plot point. I really, really love the fifth movie and I hope you like it too! Oh my gosh, seeing the actors together gives me all the happy vibes. Tom Felton and Emma Watson posted together last month and I was basically just over here squealing, “Draco and Hermione!”

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      • Hahaha, I know right?? Honestly, it’s one of the most usable life hacks I know.
        I KNOW, I was like where is the quidditch??? Ugh what. Okay, to be honest, I was not overwhelmed by the movie. I think it was because the CGI threw me off a bit because of the quality of it now. And because the actors didn’t feel as real as the characters to me. Their amazingness didn’t come across! Specifically, I’m thinking of Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Hermione. And Harry’s uncle was not nearly as horrible as he is in the book! But Umbridge definitely was. Oh my goodness, that lady. I think she might’ve been the best actress in the movie. SO infuriating. And so many plot points were left out! Which is understandable because but stilllllll

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        • That’s totally understandable!! I love the movies, but my love for the books doesn’t even compare with that- which I guess is a good thing, because of course the books will be way more detailed and amazing. I kind of agree with you on Dumbledore, I felt like the second actor who played him was too cold a lot of the time and Dumbledore was always a warm person, you know? Haha, Umbridge definitely was horrible. One of my favorite parts in that movie is the montage of her putting up all the rules and all the students rebelling- it’s so funny and true to the books.

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          • Waaait, there were two actors? Okay yes, you put my feelings into words. Exactly, he was too cold. I think that’s why I love Dumbledore-because he was warm and strong but also imperfect and understood that too much of his ambition could be poisonous. Hahaha yes, all those decrees on the wall?? My friend who is in APWorld right now said it reminded me of how communism cracks down-no clubs, no meetings.

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            • Yeah, there was one for the first two movies and then he passed away, so there was another one for the next six movies. Exactly- he was flawed, but I feel like he was always described as having a twinkle in his eye, especially when he talked with Harry. (Let’s be honest, Harry was, like, his favorite student ever.😂) SO TRUE, I feel like JK Rowling definitely was drawing some kind of paralell to government involvement in school when she wrote that.

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              • Ohh, okay. I like learning all these Harry Potter facts. :)) Do any others come to mind? Yes, always with a twinkle in his eye! Oh, that’s interesting-I wonder if she did do that on purpose. Because they were written during the Cold War maybe??

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                • Ooh, I know a good one. It’s from the second movie, which I don’t know if you watched yet- but at the end when Harry is in Dumbledore’s office and Lucius Malfoy comes in, the actor who played Lucius wanted to add a line to his exit, so he said “Let us hope Mr. Potter is always around to save the day” and Daniel Radcliffe ad-libbed “Don’t worry, I will be” and it’s just such a good scene and very impressive that they actually came up with those lines on the spot. that’s a link to the scene, and the comments pretty much sum up my thoughts on it.😂 Oh yeah, maybe!

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  19. Ahh I love this post so much, Olivia, such a wonderful idea! ❤ I have no idea where I fit in, maybe a level 7? I do marvel at how little they are in the first movie, too and that would make me a level 8 hahahaha, I'm not certain, but I'm certain I do love harry potter quite a lot haha ❤

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  20. It’s hard to describe haha By the way I talk about Harry Potter, everyone who knows me irl must think I’m a 10. But it’s more complicated than that. I didn’t read the books when I was a kid so they didn’t play a big part in my childhood. I’ve read the books only once, in Portuguese, but I have my own copies, in English. I’ve watched the movies multiple times. I understand most references. I own some merch (a wand necklace, bookmarks, a Luna Funko POP Figure, pajamas, clothes). I’ve talked about Harry Potter multiple times before for tourists, because my city is filled with places that have inspired J. K. Rowling. I’m always doing research about my House traits and when asked about myself, I might mention my House. What should be my level? xD

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    • Aww, this comment genuinely made me so happy to read! Your love for Harry Potter is so sweet, and I can definitely relate.❤️⚡️I feel like you should put yourself wherever you want, and honestly you sound like a 10 to me haha?!! It’s just the best and I’m so glad you love it and that’s so cool about living somewhere with places that inspired JK Rowling.

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      • aww, thank you!! maybe between a 9 or 10 then haha it’s really interesting to see tourists coming to Porto only because of their Harry Potter love … I’ve written a post about those places this month, in case you’re interested 😀

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  21. I love Harry Potter and could probably read the books a thousand times. I love all of the little details in the books and find them magical to read time and time again. I don’t really have any merchandise though but I’d love to go to Universal Studios one day and thought the London Studio Tours was amazing. I somehow don’t know what my Harry Potter house is though. I know loads of different spin offs that I’d love to see and characters that I’d like to know better but Ive never taken a house test and I honestly don’t know why. Maybe I’m worried about being disappointed with the result? 😅

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    • You’re so right, rereading Harry Potter is the most magical feeling in the world!✨That’s so cool that you’ve been to the London Studio Tours. After Universal, that’s my other main Harry Potter dream. It’s so interesting that you’ve never taken a house test- but I think it’s fun, because you get to decide what you want to be rather than being told what you are (at least, what you are according to just one test) and that’s awesome. Thank you for your comment, Charlotte!

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      • Id so love to go to Universal one day but it’s so, so far from me 😔 the studio tours is amazing too though. It’s fabulous seeing some of the sets and costumes and learning how much work went into everything. I hope you get the chance to visit both one day.
        I may try out Pottermore one day and do it then. I just keep putting it off and idk why. And it’s okay, thanks for the wonderful post ❤️

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  22. Wow this was posted ages ago but I am still gna comment cause I relate to this very much. I honestly loved that convo between JK Rowling and Daniel, it didn’t feel as long as it actually was (would defo watch a 3 hour long one). Not sure if you’ve been to Harry Potter world yet but it’s soo good! Really feels like your in the movie and the butterbeer (and many other things) is amazing too. Also I am a Gryffindor 100% I think that about myself and my other friends who are Harry Potter fans, the quiz confirmed it as well!
    If u end up seeing this I loved the post btw 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for this comment, Tiana! I loved reading it so much.💛I would for sure watch a three hour (or longer) conversation between JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe, no question about it, haha. Oh, I would love to go to Harry Potter World someday, it’s definitely on my bucket list! I want to try the butterbeer so bad…and just experience the magic of it all.✨Thank you again, so much!


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