August Recap // ft. school and stress, but also taylor swift and stranger things!!

I have a love-hate relationship with August 2019.

Part of me loves it, because it has some summer memories attached to it, there are new Taylor Swift songs to obsess over, and I started watching a show that I now love. But the other half of me only associates this month with school starting, and that’s where the hate part comes in.

August was an odd month filled with a strange mixture of good and bad, so much so that I honestly can’t decide if I liked this month and am sad to see it go or if I disliked it and am glad it won’t be around for another year.

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From somewhat reading, to somewhat blogging, to somewhat having summer vacation, to somewhat starting back at school, to somewhat confusing myself at this moment, August was interesting. Let’s recap it, shall we?

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As I was saying in the intro of this post, reading was kind of strange for me this month. I did read a decent amount of books, but it already feels like I’ve forgotten all the books I read in the first part of the month.

It’s such an odd feeling to look back on the books you read during August and realize that you hardly remember the characters or plot of a book you just finished three weeks ago, and yet you simultaneously feel as if you read it two seconds ago. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks like this. Anyway, onto the books I read!

The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air, #1)Truly Madly RoyallyI Love You So MochiOpposite of AlwaysThe Wishing Spell (The Land of Stories, #1)The Enchantress Returns (The Land of Stories, #2)A Grimm Warning (The Land of Stories, #3)Beyond the Kingdoms (The Land of Stories, #4)Worlds Collide (The Land of Stories, #6)An Author's Odyssey (The Land of Stories, #5)

Clearly, I reread the entire Land of Stories series this month, and I’m not mad about it at all. The main reason I read it was because when I’m stressed, I return to books I love! I reread the whole series in about two weeks, starting when I went back to school. It’s just so comforting to me and I loved getting to read these books before bed, while I was doing my bun for dance, etc.

The other reason I reread them is really exciting, but I won’t be talking about it for another month or so! I’m just going to be slightly evil and keep you in suspense. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely forget about this until I mention it again in a month.

I haven’t done mini reviews in forever, meaning I not only need to review some of the books I read this month, but I also have to review books I read in July! I’m a little worried about catching up on those, but somehow I’ll do it- if you really want me to review any of these, let me know. 😉


How I Did on August Reading Goals:

  • Read 8 books✅
  • Go to the library✅
  • Post 5 times on bookstagram❌ I…posted…once…
  • Clean out my Goodreads TBR✅❌kind of? but like, not really
  • Buddy read❌

September Reading Goals:

  • Read 5 books
  • Go to the library
  • Post three times on bookstagram
  • Stay active on bookstagram, even if I’m not posting
  • Read a classic


So far, being in school has obviously impacted my reading, but I hope I can continue to read a lot during the upcoming months. Reading is such a source of joy for me and, as cliche as it is, is an escape from homework and responsibilities, so I can only hope I’ll have the time for it!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.23.22 PM

Based on my continuing to publish blog posts, when I look back on this month in future years, it won’t seem like I was behind, but I was.

I was very, very behind.

I do this way too often, but I want to take a moment and apologize for my inactivity for the second half of August. Starting back to school and dance hit me hard, and the truth is, I have way less free time than I ever have before. That meant I got very behind on comments, blog hopping, and all my interaction.

I’m trying to take my own advice and not feel guilty about it, but it makes me sad to think about all the great posts I missed out on reading and the fact that this might keep happening. But all I can do right now is be thankful that I got a chance to catch up on comments this weekend, and hope that moving forward, I’ll be able to dedicate a little more time to interacting!

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Still, despite me being MIA, some exciting things did happen this month on the blog! The most exciting of which is that I co-won the Best Small Book Blogger Awards (with the incredible Taasia!) in this year’s Book Blogging Awards!

I’m so incredibly grateful and honored to have received this, thank you all so, so much.💓This means the absolute world to me, and it has made my heart so happy!! Thank you all for encouraging me, supporting me, and just generally being the sweetest and kindest humans ever. Also, congratulations not only to the other winners, but also to all the nominees and to every single blogger out there, because you’re doing amazing and are so loved and appreciated!


One of my other blogging highlights of the month was being able to at least stay on my schedule despite the craziness of going back to school and everything. I truly loved all the posts I did in August!

  • July Recap // I talked about the cake I made for Harry Potter’s birthday and fangirled about Riverdale, what else is new?
  • I Should Read That Book Tag // A tag that exposes my TBR and made me take a second look at all the books I still haven’t read yet. It was fun, I swear.
  • An Update on My Summer Bucket List // I loved getting to take a look back on what I accomplished and didn’t accomplish this summer!
  • Purely Olivia is Three!! // My blog turned three and I’m still crying because I feel like it’s just an infant still and somehow it’s GROWN UP.
  • What I Love About School // I got to do a really fun collab with two of my favorite bloggers and we talked all about what we love about our schools!
  • 5 Reasons to Read Classics // Talking about classics and grandma spirits in the comments with y’all was amazing, I’m always here to read books from the 1800s.

During the first part of the month, I was organized enough to keep track of some of the posts I loved! Sadly, I wasn’t able to blog hop for most of August, so this is by no means a comprehensive list, but I just wanted to share what I do have.😊


How I Did on August Blogging Goals:

  • Blogging housekeeping things✅
  • My exciting posts I have planned✅ that was the collab I did!!
  • Do a tag✅
  • Some mini reviews❌am I even still a book blog??
  • Stay on summer schedule until back to school✅
  • Blog hop❌

September Blogging Goals:

  • Stay on schedule
  • Do a tag
  • Mini reviews
  • Find time to blog hop at least biweekly
  • Stay caught up on replying to comments (at least within three days)
  • Don’t feel guilty if I can’t keep up


After coming off a blogging high in July, it was very disappointing to watch my interaction go down the drain once I back to school. However, I’m trying to keep a positive mindset and I’m going to be making an effort to increase my blog hopping and commenting in September!

Thankfully, I planned out for the first time ever most of my September posts during the summer, so I’m excited that I already have a couple nearly-finished drafts that I’m planning to publish this month- hopefully, that helps me not fall behind on my posting.

As always, thank you all again for supporting me even when I’m absent or MIA or haven’t been able to give you all the love y’all deserve. ❤

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.24.02 PM

Life hit me hard this month, but it also had its high points. Honestly, looking back at August makes me a little confused, because the beginning of August feels like it was actually a million years ago. Back when I had my life together and was organized and prepared? Can’t relate now.

When I was looking back at my camera roll to see what was notable enough to include here, I was surprised that some things in August actually happened in August. In short, anything that happened before school started back up feels like it happened in some kind of alternate reality.

Okay, enough of my confused rambles- here’s what happened in my life this past month!

  • I…went back to school. I’ve probably said this enough times in this post that you’re over hearing about it, but it was one of the biggest things to happen to me this month. So far, I like my teachers and my classes, but the amount of stress and homework it’s bringing to my life is not fun at all.
  • I did more babysitting. Y’all, I babysat one girl and it was my dream babysitting job because she wanted to watch a Harry Potter movie (!!) and listen to Hamilton (!!!). It was kind of the best babysitting job ever.
  • Taylor Swift’s new album came out, and I’m obsessed! IF YOU KNOW ME, YOU KNOW I’M CRYING OVER THIS. I haven’t voluntarily listened to any other music since it came out, I went to Target on release day, I stayed up until midnight to listen to it, and I’m so, so proud of Taylor. It’s amazing!

Image result for taylor swift lover gif

I can tell this era is going to be my favorite. It’s already my favorite album, besides Speak Now! I think. In case anyone was curious, my favorite songs from the album are I Think He Knows, Cornelia Street, and London Boy, but I love SO many more!

  • Dance started back up again! I’m so excited to be back in the studio. We’ve also been working on choreography for our fall concert, and the whole second act is going to be only dances to songs by Queen! I love that I know the songs because it makes learning choreography more fun.
  • I’ve been watching Stranger Things! The funny thing is, when I talked about watching Riverdale in my last recap, a few people mentioned loving Stranger Things and my response was, “I could never watch that” yet here I am, less than a month later, very much obsessed with it. So far I’m only on season two, but I have to say, this show is VERY GOOD and not near as scary as I thought it would be. Still scary, though. Also Mike is my child and I just want to hug and protect him.

Usually September is somewhat of a meh month for me, seeing as October is my favorite month and therefore September is kind of the long prelude to the main act I’ve been waiting for. However, I hope this one holds some good surprises!


There we have it, my August recap. This recap was pretty long compared to my usual, so if you made it all the way to the end, I applaud you. 😉 I think I wasted way too many words talking about how confused I was by the whole month, but hey, sometimes that’s just the way it is.

Even though August was weird, some good memories still came out of it, and that’s all the positivity I need to focus on September being better than August. After all, fall is starting, and that’s something to celebrate in itself!

I hope you’ve all had a great start to your September! Here’s to a wonderful month for all.✨

How was your August? What did you read? Have you watched Stranger Things? Do you like Taylor Swift’s new album? I’d love to talk with you all in the comments.

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Credits for the image in my featured image >> Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

63 thoughts on “August Recap // ft. school and stress, but also taylor swift and stranger things!!

  1. TAYLOR’S NEW ALBUM IS INCREDIBLE. I agree that it might just be my favourite album/era ever?? Maybe?? My faves are London Boy, Paper Rings and Cruel Summer! But it keeps changing as I keep listening haha.
    School starts up again for me this week and I’m just not ready. I’ve had such a long summer and it’ll be so weird to be back after so many months :// Am excited though! I have yet to schedule all my posts though oops, I have two scheduled which is only taking me to next week so I really should get a move on before I go back.
    Thanks for mentioning my post btw!
    Oh & that babysitting job sounds so fun?? Harry Potter + Hamilton yes please.

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    • I LOVE IT, TOO. It’s definitely one of my favorites, the songs just exude so many different emotions and I can’t stop listening to them! Ohh, I love all of those, and I agree, my favorites keep changing, too.✨
      Ahh, I hope you have a lovely back to school this week! I’m glad you’re excited though, that always makes the transition a little bit easier.💗
      Of course, I love reading all your posts!
      Haha, it so fun. The best part was, I didn’t suggest either of those things, we just happened to share a few key interests. XD Thank you so much for this comment, Emme!

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  2. One of the main reasons I love following your blog is because of your love for Taylor!!! Join the club gal! And her albums are always perfect for autumn/fall! I hope school goes well for you and things calm down and feel more manageable soon!x

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  3. Absolutely love reading your wrap up, and I hope that you are doing okay! Congratulations for doing all those amazing things, reading all those books and more. You did so much and braved so many stressful situations!
    I had a great August but am so ready for September to start. Stranger Things is my favourite tv show and I loved the third season so, so much!!! 😀

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  4. Yes, I had a good August. I mean, school starting is never fun (even if I’m homeschooled). I LOVE Taylor’s new album. I think my favorite songs are “Soon You’ll Get Better” and “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince”. Or “Paper Rings”.
    I’ve never seen Stranger Things but I’ve heard it’s really good. If you like Marvel and have Netflix I’d recommend watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I just started Season 2 and it’s good.

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    • I’m happy to hear it! I agree, but at least we were able to balance out the not-so-greatness of school starting with the extreme greatness of Taylor Swift’s new album.☺️ I love all of the songs you named, ahh!! I seriously can’t stop listening it to.
      It is very good! I really want to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at some point, thank you for the recommendation- it probably won’t be for a bit since I just started a couple new shows, but I will definitely keep it in mind.
      I hope you have a wonderful September!

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      • Yes. I’ve had the whole album on repeat ever since it came out. It’s so amazing. It’s a really good show and it took me FOREVER to get around to watching it but I was glad I did. XD. I love getting book/tv show/movie recommendations because if someone else in the blogging community likes it then at least I’ll have someone to talk about it with. Also, if a show has Tricia Helfer in it that’s practically a guarantee I’ll watch it. She’s an incredibly gifted actress and her cats are ADORABLE. Honestly, even if you haven’t heard of her look up ‘Tricia Helfer cats’ because she has adorable cats.

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          • YES. YES. YES.
            True. I love fangirling but it’s very hard when literally no one else watches or reads whatever it is I’m fangirling about.
            Awwww, yes, she has the adorablest (that’s a word now) cats.
            Ooh, yes, Taylor’s cats are soooooo cute.

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  5. OMG I can’t believe I still haven’t listened to TS’s new album AHHHH. What am I even doing?
    I never read the Land of STories series but you make me want to give it a try!
    My August was pretty sad in terms of reading. I only managed to read one book (Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell) and I’m really scared I might be in a slump.
    Have a wonnderful month of September, Olivia 🙂

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    • Ahh, if you’re interested, you should give it a listen! It’s definitely worth it.
      I absolutely love The Land of Stories. It’s probably one of the very top MG series I’ve ever read, and the fact that I still reread it even though I read it for the first time six years ago speaks to that, haha.
      Aww, I’m sorry to hear about your slump! I hope September looks up for you in terms of reading. ❤️Thank you so much, you as well!

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  6. My August was FABULOUS because I got to see Shawn Mendes in concert!! It was just… *eeps* AGH.
    Anyway. I also attended a dance intensive in New Jersey, which was super fun. Plus I got a new blog design, and college classes started. (Sorta yay on that last part. Not really tho.)

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  7. Okay, I know exactly what you mean about looking back at the books you read at the beginning of the month and not being able to remember anything about them. It’s weird when that happens, because it’s usually not because I disliked them, it’s just that my memory is bad!!

    Anyway, I’m glad there were some good things that came out of August for you, despite having to go back to school! Taylor Swift’s new album truly is wonderful 😀 And I’m glad to hear that you’re now obsessed with Stranger Things! Hope your September goes well ❤

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    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! Yes, I’m the same way- I could have truly enjoyed a book, but sometimes if it’s just not memorable enough, it slips away and I’m left wondering “did I even read this?”

      Thank you, Margaret!❤️Eep, I’m so glad you love Taylor Swift’s album too, I can’t stop listening to it and I’m definitely obsessed. I hope you also have a great month!


  8. Ew School!
    I’m about to go into my first exams, so I know how you feel about stress!
    Also, your babysitting job sounds like it was so fun! HP and Hamilton?! A dream job!
    I hope your September and dance starting up again goes well!
    – Emma 🙂

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    • Good luck with your exams!❤️I’m sure they’re going to go really well, and I hope they’re not too stressful and that you get to relax more once they’re over.
      Haha, it really was! I couldn’t believe my luck with that one, honestly.
      Thank you so, so much, Emma! I hope you have the best September ever.🤗

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  9. I loooove Lover so much ❤️❤️ my favorites are probably Cornelia Street and Daylight so far but I know they will all grow on me so I’m full on obsessed and no longer able to pick a favorite 😂 congrats on the award—I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more! School is an oof but I’m glad you’re enjoying your classes so far, even if they come with homework… Thanks so much for mentioning my post and hope you have a lovely September 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s just so, so good! I love Cornelia Street too, it’s the perfect mix of having an awesome, catchy beat and also being deep and emotional.😍Thank you so much, Kay!! Ahh, the homework is not fun at all, haha. Of course, I’m really happy I could shout out just one of your great posts! I hope you also have the best September *hugs*


  10. I just write out a very long comment but it was deleted. The joys.
    I hope you manage to find a balance between the stress of school and pressure of blogging! You should be very proud of scheduling most of this month ahead of time. Good luck with all of your goals, especially the bookstagram one! It’s very easy to fall into a black hole of aesthetic book photos…
    Take care of yourself ☺️

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    • Oh no! I hate it when that happens.😶
      Thank you so much, Erin, that means a lot! I hope you have a wonderful month and are able to accomplish all your goals. Haha, I agree with the blackhole of aesthetic book pictures- I like one photo, or take one look at my explorer, and suddenly I’m following thirty new accounts?
      Thank you again, so much!

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  11. Yay! I loved hearing about your August and you certainly read a lot of books– I really want to read I love you so mochi and I think the cover is amazing!! *heart eyes*
    Also congratulations for keeping up with your schedule and I bet blogging with school is hard work but you shouldn’t be hard on yourself because you are doing great at balancing them. It’s ok not to be able to blog hop as much because life is busying and you can’t always put blog hop and I hope you don’t feel too stressed about it!! ❤
    Big congratulations on winning the blogger award- -you really do deserve it!! You have a wonderful blog!!
    I am so glad you are enjoying stranger things– the plot didn't initially appeal to me but then I watched it because of the hype and I loved it!!
    Don't hate me but I still need to listen to Taylor Swift's new album!! I'm really late to the party, haha but I will listen to it soon!!
    Best of luck with your September goals and school!! I hope you have a great month!! ❤

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    • Aww, thank you, Sophie! I Love You So Mochi was beyond adorable, and yes, that COVER. It fits my contemporary cover aesthetic perfectly.🙈
      That’s so insightful, thank you! I’m trying not to feel very stressed about it and remind myself to relax, so far it’s working a bit. XD
      Ahh, THANK YOU!! Hi, don’t mind me over here crying!!
      Stranger Things is so good, I’m waiting to see the third season because I’ve been too busy to watch it, and I can’t wait. I look at ST pins on Pinterest all the time to hype myself up, haha.
      I hope you enjoy it!!
      Thank you again for everything, you’re the best. I hope you also have a wonderful September!❤️

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  12. Sorry to hear you were stressed, Olivia! I think August hit everyone quite hard tbh when they were going back to work and school. I hope September turns out to be better for you ❤

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  13. My August was pretty good, I did a lot of stuff. School starts back on Monday for me but I’m not sure how I feel yet 😭.
    I LOVE TAYLOR’S ALBUM. My favourite songs are The Man and Cruel Summer!!
    Stranger Things is one of my favourite tv shows of all time!! I am so glad you are enjoying it!! That babysitting sounds so great!! Hope you have a great September Olivia !! 💞

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    • Yay, I’m so happy to hear you had a good month! I hope your back to school goes really well too.💖
      IT’S PHENOMENAL, and I love both of those songs so much!! “He looks up grinning like a devil” = one of the most fun lyrics to scream to, honestly. XD
      Really?! I love it, too! It might make its way into my top favorites as well…thank you so much, Kayla! I hope you also have a great month. 🙂

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  14. Okay, first things first. CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING A BLOGGING AWARD!! You deserve it so much, your blog is amazing and honestly, I was just so happy when I saw that you won ❤❤

    Also, don’t feel guilty about being behind on blog hopping! School is the absolute worsttt. And I know that the same exact thing will be happening to me in like a week. I feel like I’ve been doing so well with blog hopping and keeping up with blogs the past few months, but school just started again for me and there is a super high chance that I will just fade into the woodwork 😂

    I was on vacation with my friend who’s a die-hard Taylor fan when the album came out, so I had the honor of listening to the entire thing several times 😂 The Lover music video is so cool! My favorite songs are probably Cruel Summer and Afterglow. Hope you have a great September!!

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    • THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHANA!! I don’t deserve your kindness, thank you for always being so supportive.😭💖

      I have most definitely faded into the woodwork! (Against my will, trying to fight my way back out…but failing, lol.) Thank you for the pep talk, ahh! Here’s to us both trying to not feel guilty about not blog hopping as much during the school year!

      That’s awesome, and I’m definitely that friend who has absolutely made my friends listen to it- my poor friend who I drive home from school has to hear it constantly.😂I love those! My fave is I Think He Knows. Thank you, I hope you also have a wonderful month!


  15. AAHH LOVER YESSS and haha my favorite songs are the same as yours, especially London Boy ❤ and I started watching Stranger Things this month too….. except I gave up.

    THAT SOUNDS LIKE THE BEST BABYSITTING JOB. EVER. tell me tell me tell me… what songs did she like from Hamilton?

    This month was brilliant for your blog content, at least in my opinion!! Hopefully September is even better xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES, LOVER FOREVER. *cries* Aww, London Boy is so sweet and I just love Taylor and Joe, I’m so glad she’s happy.😭💓

      IT HONESTLY WAS, I couldn’t believe we had so many of the same interests. She even suggested both Harry Potter and Hamilton before she even knew I liked them?? She sang Schuyler Sisters for me, haha.

      Wow, thank you so much, Rhi!! Wishing you the best month in the world!!


  16. I’ve been wanting someone to scream about lover with me!!!!
    All yours are good shouts (I love London boy & I think he knows too!) but I think my favs are miss Americana & the heartbreak prince and cruel summer! 💕

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  17. I always find August to be the worst month of my year because…. school. However, I did take some lovely little trips at the start of the month which made Aug ’19 a LOT better than the past two Augusts of my life :’) Definitely feel you on the blogging interactions going down after July, back when I used to have time haha. Good luck with all of your September goals, you can do it!! Excited to hear what you’re keeping secret 😉

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  18. Olivia if it makes you feel any better about disappearing for a few weeks, I used to regularly disappear for a few months on my old blog & NOBODY, NOT ONE PERSON got mad at me about it & in fact every time I returned, everyone welcomed me back with open arms ☺️ But I do get what you mean about the FOMO on good blog posts 😢


    I hope school settles down a little as you get used to routine & becomes less stressful this month! Excited to see what posts you have planned for September 😍


    💛 Ngoc

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    • Aww, that’s so kind of you to say, thank you.🤗I have noticed every time I disappear everyone is of course nothing but absolutely sweet and supportive, but as you said, the FOMO of good blog posts is REAL.

      THANK YOU, OH MY GOODNESS!! Imagine me hugging you through the screen right now, because I AM.😭

      Thank you so much!! I hope you have the best month ever and that September treats you well. ❤

      Of course…I had to, in honor of this being the month of our queen Miss Taylor Swift releasing her album, hehe. It's basically her month…

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  19. Good luck with all your September goals 😄 Oh my goodness, I loved reading the Land of Stories series! Hahaha your babysitting job sounds amazing 😂👌 I’d love to see a review of The Cruel Prince, just picked it up from the library so I’m interested to hear your thoughts on it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Isabel!❤️The Land of Stories is one of my all-time faves, it’s just so fun and adorable. Ahh, I will hopefully be talking about The Cruel Prince at least semi-soon because it’s a popular one. I hope you enjoy it!!
      OHH MY GOODNESS IT’S JUST SO GOOD. I still have the last half of season 3 left but I just can’t stop?! watching?!!!!

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  20. Lovely wrap up, Olivia! My August had a bunch of mixed feelings in there too, but in one word, it was: BUSY! I seriously don’t know how it managed to fly by so quickly! I read 7 books, I believe, my favorites of which were Sadie and the Illuminae Files. I’ve been on an audiobook listening spree, so I haven’t actually been reading many physical novels lately. lol! And I’m SO happy you’ve joined the Stranger Things fandom! The show is marvelous! I love it so much, and I agree that it’s way less scary than I initially thought it would be! (me and horror are a no go).

    I really hope your school and dance classes are going well! ❤

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    • Thank you, Kelly! Ahh, you accomplished so much this month, that’s so awesome.☺️ Both Sadie and the Illuminae Files have been on my TBR for quite some time, so I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them! Oh my goodness, yes, Stranger Things is seriously amazing. My non-horror self can’t stop watching it. XD

      Thank you SO much, I hope you have the best September ever.💓


  21. No matter how many times you apologize for your inactivity, I’ll say this: You don’t have to feel guilty about it, Olivia!! As much as I hate to admit it, school comes first. Plus, I’m so happy that you’re having fun with dance! From the way you talk about it, it’s obvious that you love it, and I’m always gonna be happy if you’re doing something you love!

    ohh, The Land of Stories! I read like, five of those books. they were good, but I got lazy to read the sequels, because after I finished a book in the series, I would think that it was the last one, and then a year later, I’d walk into the bookshop and see another installment 😂 But I’m super excited to see why you reread it 👀

    I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore Taylor Swift fan, but my sister is the definition of one, and she listens to the album all the time in the car! I haven’t listened to all the songs yet, but I think my fave would have to be I Forgot that You Existed! I’m so so happy that this album didn’t disappoint!

    I hope you’re having an amazing September ❤

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    • Caitlin, thank you!!😭❤️That means a lot to me, and I really needed to hear that right now. Aww, thank you, that’s so sweet- yes, I definitely am having a lot of fun at dance even though it takes up all my time, haha!

      HAHA, that was me with this series too- I have the first couple in paperback, because I started reading them after a friend recommended them, and I have all the others in hardcover because I’d come in one day and realize “oh, there’s a new one!” It was always a nice surprise, lol. I do understand why that would make it hard to keep up, though- I’m like that with a lot of other series!

      Ahh, I love that! I seriously listen to it in the car, like, every time I’m in the car.😂I Forgot That You Existed is definitely so good- I love the lyrics and the beat, and it’s just a really catchy pop song. The perfect album opener for sure.

      Thank you so much!! I hope you are too! Sending you all the hugs ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  22. August was … ok? It’s always a pretty rough month. It’s our last month of winter, and for some reason it seems to be more brutal than the others?! I don’t know why… maybe it just feels that way because the promise of spring is right around the corner?!
    And YES! Taylor’s album is amazing, and I have barely stopped listening to it since it came out. I think Cruel Summer is my favourite, but honestly it keeps changing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, I’m sorry to hear your August wasn’t the best! I hope September brings a lot of good things and spring, too, though.☺️
      IT’S THE BEST, RIGHT?! Haha, my favorite song keeps changing, too- I keep listening more and more and realizing that songs I initially underrated are actually amazing. It’s a good cycle to be stuck in!

      Liked by 1 person

  23. oh my god olivia, the RELATABAILITY of this post!!! there are some times when i feel like i didnt even read a book bc i remember pretty much NOTHING from it and i feel like a ~fake~ reader but its okay i’m sure its just stress and next month will be so much better 💖

    but im glad to see read so many great books (and you have a fun reread of a childhood favoirite) you did PRETTY good for your goals last month!! ALSO CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING the best small book blogger award!! im so proud of you and you totally deserve it 💖💖

    good luck with you september goals. i hope you’re able to manage everything (mainly the dreaded school) and get time for yourself and blogging. i hope youre having a fantastic month

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know right?? This…has been happening to me so much lately, probably because the only book I’ve read in the last two weeks is a reread of Percy Jackson. Ahh, thank you! 💓

      THANK YOU, MAY, YOU’RE THE ABSOLUTE SWEETEST EVER. Please just imagine me actually beaming at my computer screen right now.😭💗I hope you are having the best September and sending you all the love!!


  24. Ohh I’m excited to read about your Land of Stories surprise! Also, I Love You Mochi might be the cutest title ever. Oh my goodness, congrats on winning best small book blogger!!! That’s amazing, Olivia :)). Okay, I actually haven’t worked on any blog posts for the past few weeks and won’t be until the middle of October because I have them scheduled until then, and it’s been so so nice. What classic are you thinking about reading?? Wow, the girl you babysat sounds like the coolest. I AM SO GLAD YOU LOVE HER NEW ALBUM. Hahaha, you’re watching Stranger Things! I’m surprised because when I watch it by myself, I get scared because of the suspense. It’s better when I watch it with friends. And yayyyy, your favorite month is coming soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! Okay, yes, I Love You So Mochi honestly does win cutest contemporary title ever. I can only imagine the excitement the author felt when they came with that. :)) Ahh, thank you so much, Annie!❤️You were so smart to schedule posts…I just posted the last of the posts I had prepared, so now I need to stockpile again because me being able to go on WordPress is very sporadic. (I’m pretty sure I’ve missed so many of your posts, which makes me very sad. But don’t worry, I’ll be binge reading them all sometime soon.) I was thinking of either rereading Anne of Green Gables or reading Anna Karenina, which I got recently. AHH, THANKS, HAHA. I’ve been watching it with my friend and we finished it last weekend! Is it bad that I cried when it was over…I can’t believe now there’s going to be so much waiting until the next season… IT IS! I hope you’re having a wonderful September.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, thank you! It has been a serious life saver. I really don’t think I could’ve written a post the past few weeks. I only have two more weeks of scheduled posts sooooo, we’ll see how it goes afterwards. Ahh, no worries! I can’t wait to read your comments :)) Ohh, I remember you mentioning Anna Karenina! I think on your Instagram story? I actually own Anna Karenina too (from that B&N classics deal from last summer!!), and this would be the point I would suggest a buddy read if it wasn’t during school busyness. When is the next season coming out?? And thank you :)) I hope you have a great last day of September and then an amazing favorite month!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I feel that, I miss writing posts, but it’s important to prioritize school (I guess XD). Haha, yeah, I think I did put it on my Instagram story! I also got it at the B&N classics deal (which is someone STILL going on at my B&N, more than a year after it started…I’m not complaining). Aww, yea, if it wasn’t the midst of the school semester, I would love to buddy read. :// I don’t know when the next season is coming out, I don’t think they’ve said yet! I think they just recently announced that they got renewed for another season, so that’s exciting. Thank you so much! I hope your October has been going well.

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