A Little Life Update :) // ft. Minimal Reading + Online School, But Also New York City!!

Hi! It’s me again.

So…I’m back? I think? I genuinely can’t believe how long it’s been since I last wrote a blog post- the last one I published was in January, and I’ve only been on WordPress two or three times since then. This was definitely the longest unannounced, accidental hiatus I’ve ever taken??

I didn’t exactly mean to take a blogging break, it just happened. And while one hundred percent of me needed to take it, I also missed you all so, so much! I’m kind of going to be making this post just be a catch up for everything that’s happened in the past few months, essentially since the beginning of 2020. Does anyone else also feel as if this year should most definitely be over by now.

I don’t really know if I have a good explanation for being so absent the past three months, but hopefully this post serves to be some sort of evidence that I was doing things and not just ceasing to exist over the last few months??

Beige Grey White Square Modern Furniture Design Blog Title

Also, I know it is all over the media right now, and I’m guessing over people are, like me, using blogging as an escape, but please know that my whole heart goes out to the everyone right now as the coronavirus impacts all of our lives. I will be referencing it in this post a few times, since it’s greatly impacted my everyday life recently, as it has for everyone. I love you all, please stay safe and aware, practice social distancing as much as you can, wash your hands, and we will get through this together.❤️

Without further ado (because is it an Olivia post if I don’t say that?), here’s what I’ve been doing over the past few months!


I lived and breathed school and dance.

I say that in past tense because, well, things are kind of in an odd limbo period for me right now with school and dance. I don’t exactly know what’s going on, but to be honest, I don’t think anyone does right now.

My school (I attend a public high school in the United States) has been moved indefinitely to eLearning for the time being, and my dance has also been moved to virtual classes. I haven’t done enough of either of these to have fully formed an opinion on them, since I just got off my spring break and nothing has come back full force, but that’s where we are now.

As for the first few months of the year, though, school and dance were all I did. Which I love the dance part. And sometimes the school part. That was a huge factor in my lack of blogging- I’ve never had so little free time before in my entire life, and my weekends were just dance, homework, dance, homework, sleep, and it would be the weekdays again.

I find it interesting that a month ago, I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed and as if I couldn’t handle anything life was throwing at me and was at my lowest point, mentally. Life was a continuous cycle of really high highs and really low lows, and I felt sucked into the whirlpool. Now, everything that was overwhelming me has come to a halt, but I would give anything to have it back.

That aside, things were insanely busy, but now that it’s slowed down (I still have school! but it’s way different not going in real life, and not being able to go anywhere on the weekends or after school), I have time to actually write out this post.


I went to New York City!

I feel like after that, I need a happy thing, so here it is- I was lucky enough to take a trip to New York City with two of my dance teachers and all of my best friends from dance. It was truly something that I know I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

I’m so, so grateful that we got to go, since if it had been scheduled for any week later than the one it was, we wouldn’t have been able to go. (Broadway closed while we were there, unfortunately right before our show, the studios we went to are now closed, and now a lot of restaurants are closed as well.)

But we did get to go (!!), and it was so much fun! I had never been to New York before, and it was amazing. I still can’t believe I actually went, it feels very surreal.

IMG_3568IMG_2378 (1)IMG_7323_2

Here are just a few pictures from the trip- first of all, did I compel my friend sitting next to me on the airplane to listen to Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift with me as we descended? Yes, I most definitely did, do not underestimate me on this. 😉

We also got to go to Rockefeller Plaza, which was something we didn’t plan to do, but ended up doing when our Broadway show got canceled! Making lemonade from lemons, because it ended up being a really fun time. The last picture there is of me getting really excited about the road sign saying Alvin Ailey, because we got to take a private class at Ailey (a famous modern dance company!!) and it was so, so cool.


I kept seeing these trash cans everywhere, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever, so I took a picture of one. Such a positive message to see while walking the streets!

Since we were there for dance (we ended up taking one class at Alvin Ailey and six classes at Broadway Dance Center, which was genuinely one of the best experiences I’ve had with personal growth), we didn’t do many Touristy Things, but we did get to walk through Central Park on the first day. We also had a hotel kind of by Times Square, so we went there a few times! It was so cool.

Also, on a complete tangent, I’ve decided that at least once in my life I would want to be in Times Square when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. I know it’ll be so crowded and you have to get there hours in advance, but it seems like it would be such a magical moment, so I’ve decided to put that on my bucket list.


I didn’t read. Like at all.

One of the biggest consequences of me being so busy the past few months is that I…haven’t read? Like, actually I have read 5 books in all of 2020 and all except for one were rereads.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 3.38.52 PM

This is definitely a scary thing to see, but I’m counting on being able to catch up on reading during the summer. I’m also hoping that the current quarantine will give me a bit more free time, and although I can’t go to the library, I do have access to eBook resources, so that’s going to be really helpful.

I think it’s important to note that I did a reread of Foolish Hearts and of My Lady Jane so far this year, both of which are on my very top favorites list and both of which I highly, highly, highly recommend!

I’m currently reading a few books (aka I’ve started a few different ones and I haven’t read in so long I forgot how to focus on a book)- Anna Karenina (will I ever finish? who knows)Sadie, and Lucky in Love, so here’s to hoping I get back into reading soon.


New shows! Because free time!

In other news, I found a new show on Netflix that is genuinely one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched, and it’s New Girl!!

Image result for new girl gif

This is the most random update, but I felt like this post needed more positivity and, at the moment, this show is one of the things that has made me laugh the most, so here is me talking about it. The main girl is the girl who was the love interest in Elf, and she’s hilarious, and so is everyone else, and wow, I don’t think I ever laughed so hard at a sitcom before. It’s on Netflix, so if you also need something to brighten your days, I would recommend!

I’ve also been rewatching Stranger Things, this time with my older sister (who moved back in since her college went online). She’s never seen it, and I haven’t ever rewatched it in order, so it’s pretty fun to see her experience it all for the first time.

One positive of this situation is that there is more time to watch shows, and bond with people over them as well. So, yay for that. 🙂


I want to be a better blogger now.

I have actually been the worst blogger ever the past few months. I don’t even know if you could call me a blogger because I didn’t do anything a blogger is supposed to do.

I have comments from January that I still haven’t replied to. I haven’t looked at any of the posts people have pinged me back on. I haven’t commented on a blog post in at least two months. I stayed off of WordPress for so long that when I opened it up to write this post, it had logged me off of my account. I don’t have my content planned out and I don’t know what the next post I do is going to be, and I don’t know if I can say that I won’t take a random, unannounced break again.

But I do know that it makes me really happy to be here again, writing a post, finding normalcy even in such a confusing time. I want to thank you all for sticking around and being so kind to me even when I haven’t been around.

You’re all the best, and please imagine me hugging you right now.💛


All that to say, I’m unsure about everything to come for blogging with me, but I promise that I will get comments responded to, I will start commenting on posts again, and I will do my very best to stay as active as I can with everything I have going on.

Again, please stay safe, and I’m thinking of you all! Thank you very much for reading this incredibly ramble-y update post. I’ll see you all next time!✨

How are you doing? Are you also seeking normalcy in blogging? Have you watched New Girl? Or read Sadie? I’d love to talk with you in the comments.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.17.37 PM

Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash >> credits for the image used in my featured image

79 thoughts on “A Little Life Update :) // ft. Minimal Reading + Online School, But Also New York City!!

  1. Ah I love New Girl! It’s one of my favourite series!! Remember it’s ok to take a break if you need one, prioritise your mental health and don’t over work yourself 💛 This is actually the first post I’ve read in 2 weeks as I haven’t been well and it was suspected to be the virus, my symptoms were really bad last Sunday so my mum called the number your supposed to call if your symptoms worsen and spoke to a clinician, but we’ll never know for sure whether it was the virus or not as they’re currently not testing in the UK if you’re self isolating at home, but compared to then I’m feeling quite a lot better now. I’m planning to continue blogging through this time as a way to escape and spread a little positivity 💛

    Emily M x


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    • It’s so good! I genuinely can’t think of another show that has made me laugh as much as New Girl has.
      Thank you so, so much, Emily! That’s so kind of you to say, I’ll definitely take that to heart.💛Oh no! I’m so sorry about you not being able to get tested, but I’m very glad to hear you’re feeling better, and I hope you continue to feel back to normal. Your positivity is so admirable and I’m glad you have blogging as an escape as well. Sending you lots of love! xx

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  2. Listening to Welcome To New York while flying into New York is goals I aspire to achieve someday haha. That trip sounds so fun, glad you were able to squeeze it in right before the apocalypse started. Also omg virtual dance classes sound crazy and bizarre, hope they’re going well! I have to take a chemistry lab online, which idk how it’s gonna happen because the point of a lab is…well… doing the lab in person lmao, so hey, at least we’re all in the same boat together! Hope you’re staying well and safe! (And maybe rereading PJO is a good quick way to catch up on your reading challenge? ;))

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    • Haha, thank you! I was determined to do it, it seemed like the only way to properly fly into New York. 😉 So far, virtual dance classes have been going well! It’s definitely weird, but it’s better than me not dancing for an indefinite amount of time. I hope your lab is going well and the rest of your classes are too! Thank you again, also hoping you and your family are well. xx

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  3. it’s so nice seeing you back in my feed, olivia! i missed you, but i’m really happy you got to take a break for yourself so there would be less stress in your life — please don’t feel sorry about it 💞

    i’m so sorry your broadway show got canceled!! i know you were excited to see it, so i hope one day you’re able to go back to nyc and be able to watch a show. and aahh just seeing your pictures of ny makes me nostalgic for it, i can’t believe i was there just 2 months ago… take me back 😭😭

    i’m in the same situation as you with school and dance! i haven’t officially done any classes yet, because my spring break is actually extended for school so i don’t start until next week, but we definitely are going online. i’m kind of excited to see what dance will be like with virtual classes, along with our spring show having to be different!

    i hope things will calm down for you soon, olivia, though i’m sure being in quarantine has already changed things haha! i hope you and your family are staying safe, and i’m glad to see your presence again 🥰💗

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    • Aww, thank you so much, May! That means a lot.💗I’ve definitely missed talking to you and I look forward to catching up with some of your posts soon!

      Thank you, you’re the sweetest- I do hope I’ll be able to see one someday, but the people I went with and I are planning to see an off Broadway show sometime after all this is over to take the place of it. And I feel that, I get nostalgic looking back at this post even now!!

      How are your online classes going so far, both for school and dance? Our zoom dance classes have been actually pretty good, though of course it’s nowhere near the same as real life and I pretty quickly realized which choreography I knew and what I’d been looking at others for, haha.

      Thank you so much, the same to you and your family!🤗This is such an insane time but I hope you’re thriving as much as possible. xx

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      • ah, enjoy your off broadway show, then!! i’m sure it’ll be amazing ❤ and my online classes are going pretty great! zoom dance has also been good (i just hate not having proper space haha), but when i first starting filming stuff for a performance, i was completely thrown off and forgot some of my choreo 😭😭

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  4. Don’t feel bad about an unexpected hiatus. I do it all the time and over time people rediscover your blog and fall in love with it again. I just returned to blogging too after a three-month break due to extra time caused by COVID-19 life disruption 🙂 I’m on the daily blog grind again and it’s been challenging but fun. I’m glad you were able to have that nice trip to NYC before the craziness. I still dream of visiting soon.

    Also I love that you described Zooey Deschanel as “the girl who was the love interest in Elf.” Have you not seen 500 Days of Summer, Yes Man, or Our Idiot Brother? Add these movies to your to-watch list ASAP! lol

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    • Thank you so much, Lori! I haven’t been the best at keeping up even since I got back, with the start of online classes and me not knowing how to structure my newfound free time, but I’m glad to hear that blogging has been going well for you.❤️

      Oops, I haven’t seen any of those! Okay, yes, I will add them to my list, thank you. XD


  5. It’s so good to hear from you! Wow, your trip to NYC looks incredible :DD Glad you were able to sneak it in just in time! These next few weeks will definitely mean a lot of adjusting. I haven’t blogged in ages either (no worries, it happens to allll of us) so hopefully all the extra free time will give me a chance to get back on as well.

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  6. OLIVIA!!!!! HI!!! I’VE MISSED YOU!!!!

    welcome back from your unannounced hiatus (we all need some of those in our lives) 2020 has gone on for too long and we’re tired of her. i hope you’re safe and healthy, it’s really scary whats going on but i hope it will pass soon and this will just be a temporary thing.

    im sorry to hear that you were so overwhelmed this last while, i hope you’re using this time to get lots of selfcare and relaxation time (we have to have some structure to our day or we’re going to LOSE it lol)

    ahhh new york!!! that’s so awesome!! i’m glad you had an amazing time, your pictures are great as always haha love the motivational trash can

    DONT WORRY ABOUT YOUR READING!! you’ll get to it when the time is right. i’m so glad you reread foolish hearts though, that’s the energy we need in 2020. take you time getting back into the blogging world there’s no need to stress yourself out with getting on top of all the comments and pingbacks and posts, we’re always here for you and we enjoy anything you post!! ❤️❤️

    can’t wait to read more of your posts and welcome back!!!

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      Thank you!! I accidentally forgot I came back until just now so I’m just now replying to everything?? It’s hard to get back in the swing, eep. I agree, 2020 should really leave already~ but thank you, and I hope you’re safe and healthy as well xx

      Thank you so much, and yes, I’m there with you, my weekdays are fairly structured, but I’ve been losing my mind on my newly unstructured weekends, haha. (No homework, no dance, what do I do?? I don’t know.)

      Thank you! Yes, the motivational trash can was a highlight. XD

      Foolish Heart is always the energy I need!! I can seriously always cry over Gideon, no questions asked. AWW I’ve missed our Emma Mills obsessions! Thank you so, so much, you’re the kindest and this comment has made my heart so happy thank you thank you thank you💗

      I can’t wait to catch up on some of your posts that I’ve missed soon, I’ve missed reading them so much!


  7. It definitely sounds like you have been busy with dance and school, and sometimes you need a break as it really helps you and you have always got to put your mental health first. It doesn’t make you a bad blogger at all, we all need breaks!! ❤ I hope you are well and staying safe.
    Going to New York sounds amazing and get to experience the city sounds like an incredible experience, I'm glad you had a nice time but it is a shame your Broadway performance was cancelled!!
    I feel bad when I haven't read as much but it is just life and I'm sure you will be able to catch up, at least you had some good reads. I need to check out My Lady Jane!!
    I've only seen bits of New Girl but it did look fun when I watched it, I'm so glad you love it!! ❤ I wish you all the best!!

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    • Thank you very much, Sophie! That’s so kind of you to say, and it’s definitely very true.🥰I hope you’re doing well also!
      Aww, it was a wonderful experience- and it’s okay about the Broadway show, I’m sure it would have been phenomenal, but it’s better to stay safe rather than take a risk for sure.
      My Lady Jane is so good! I would highly recommend, it’s probably the funniest book I’ve ever read. New Girl is the best! Thank you for this comment, Sophie, wishing you all the best xx

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  8. Hey Olivia! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog because I relate to this post so much!

    I too have just returned from an unexpected blogging hiatus that started all the way back in January. With online schooling starting and basically all of my activities being cancelled (I dance as well! Specifically in musical theatre productions), I have tons of free time now. Sooooo, I’m back!

    I’ve been off my reading game lately too. I’ve read like four books this year, and the goal I set in January was seventy-five… yikes. But I have hope that I can still meet my goal by the end of 2020, as long as I stay focused on catching up.

    I’m wishing you luck on your blogging endeavours! You seem like such a fun person, and I loved reading this post! Stay healthy and safe ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Hi, Octavia! Aww, thank you, that means a lot.💛

      I completely understand that! It’s such a crazy time and basically everything is readjusting to a new normal. That’s so cool you’re a dancer as well, and in musical theater- I wish, I love musicals but I can’t sing or act. XD I hope your transition back to blogging goes well!

      I definitely think you can reach your goal! I know for me, I always read the most during summer and that’s often when I catch up or get ahead of my reading game. You got this!

      Thank you so, so much, this was such a kind comment! I hope you also stay healthy and safe.🤗

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  9. Don’t doubt yourself, you are an amazing blogger even if you’re taking hiatuses. I just came off a three week hiatus, and while it was very good for me, coming back to blogging I felt upset with myself. But you just need to know that as long as you keep trying and you want to do it, it’s going to happen!!
    Also, you are going to LOVE New Girl!! I’ve been watching it recently myself and I have been laughing nonstop, it is so funny and hilarious, you’re definitely going to have fun with that!
    Don’t forget to stay safe yourself as well, it is a dangerous time and its important to take care of yourself and keep yourself safe as well as you can!!

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    • Aww, thank you, Gianna!💖The same goes for you, hiatuses are very necessary sometimes and can make blogging enjoyable again, which is of course what it’s all about.
      It’s so good! I’m on season two now, and it never fails to make me laugh.
      Thank you so much, the same goes to you! I hope you’re staying safe and healthy during this time. xx

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      • Your welcome! And keep enjoying New Girl, it only gets funnier and better, I can promise you that. And the same to you too!! Stay safe and do your best to stay sane in the midst of everything!!

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  10. ahhhh welcome back!!! i’ve missed you so so much 🥰

    and wow i’m so interested in to know how online school can have dance?? and ahh that’s so excitiing you went to NY too! was it for a competition? next time you’re in NYC, you should totally take a dance class at Steps on Broadway!

    take your time with blogging because i’m always excited for your posts! i can’t wait for whatever you write next ❤️

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    • Thank you, Tiffany! I’ve missed you too, and I’m so happy to know that we’ll get to have our comment conversations again.🥰

      Haha, it’s crazy! Right now we’re using zoom, and just doing the best we can to dance as full out as possible in the space we have at our homes. I didn’t go to New York for a competition since I do concert dance, it was just a trip to take master classes for some of the girls in my company! And oh, I’ve definitely heard of Steps- I think we were going to take a class there but it ended up not working in our schedule, so we just stuck with BDC and Ailey. Have you taken classes there before?

      Aww, thank you, that means a lot!❤️I’ve been a little slow in coming back but I’m looking forward to catching up more soon. xx

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  11. As always–glad you’re back!!! 😉 So exciting & fun that you got to go to NYC!!! Online classes are sure going to be interesting huh?! I swear you’re like the fifth blogger in the last few days to talk about New Girl, and I can feel my sister screaming at me to watch it every time I catch a mention of it :’) Ahhh, you’re reading Anna Karenina; that’s been on my list for agessss now, and I want to read it asap. You’ll have to let me know how you like it when you’re all through 😉

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  12. I feel you: suddenly I have a ton more time to be able to blog, and it’s both a good thing and a bad thing. Regardless, it’s nice seeing you back, and I’ll look forwards to seeing what you post in the upcoming future! I’ve moved back home since my college went online, and so we’ll see how that goes in the upcoming months.

    Glad to see you back!

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    • Exactly! I’m grateful for the positive aspects of this, such as getting more free time (that I can use for blogging), but of course I’d give back all my time for it to never have happened in the first place.
      Thank you, Hanne! Best of luck with your adjustment to living back at home and online classes, I hope it’s going well and that you’re staying safe and healthy.💛

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  13. I absolutely am throwing myself into blogging. I have been on wordpress more this week than I feel I was in all of February. I am still working which I am glad for and I also started a vlogging/booktube channel to help me cope.

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  14. HI!!!! I’VE MISSED YOU!!!!
    Honestly, taking breaks without meaning to is a mood and I am HERE for it. Take as much time as you need ❤
    Thank you for the well wishes about COVID-19, not sure about you but in Australia my school has been shut down (online learning sucks tbh) and we can barely leave the house.
    How was NYC?! That’s so cool that you got to visit – and the Taylor Swift song as you land? Priceless. The dance classes sounds amazing – good on you for taking the opportunity.
    Hey!!! Not-reading-at-all buddies!!! My Lady Jane sounds excellent and I’ve been meaning to pick it up recently.
    New Girl!! My mum actually showed me the trailer the other day and it didn’t look amazing but I’ll have to give it a try – we actually just started watching B99 last night, which is an extremely funny show already. I’m too much of a scaredy cat to watch Stranger Things, so I’ll have to pass on that one.
    *hugs* sorry for the long comment, and know that I’m always here for you xxx

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    • HI RHI!! I’ve missed you so, so much.💓I really hope you’re doing well and staying healthy and safe! I’ve missed talking to you so much and I can’t wait to hopefully have more comment conversations with you again soon and to catch up on some of your posts that I’ve missed.
      Aww, I agree, online learning isn’t fun. I’m grateful for the resources to continue my education and have something to do, but I am for sure feeling the loss of attending real school. Same here in the United States, I haven’t left my house for anything besides a walk around the neighborhood since I got back from New York. I hope you’re not going too stir crazy and have maybe found some new hobbies or just had time to relax!!
      It was so much fun! It feels surreal that I was ever there, but yes, I had been wanting to go for so long and it lived up to my expectations.
      My Lady Jane is honestly so, so good! I laughed so hard while reading it, I think you would like it!
      Oh, New Girl might not be everyone’s cup of tea, personally I think it’s hilarious, though. 😉 How are you liking B99? My sister and I are thinking of starting it soon.
      *hugs you back* Thank you for this loveliest of lovely comments! You’re the kindest, Rhi xx

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      • No need to catch up!! It’s so nice to talk again… and rant about the gangsey 😉
        In this current situation, even though it’s hard staying home is the best option. My neighbourhood is very quiet normally, so I’ve been going for short walks or rides most days just to get some exercise while I can.
        Ahh I’ll have to look for a copy!! From what I’ve heard (mostly from you!) it sounds absolutely wonderful, and don’t we all need a bit of laughter right now?!
        I’ll have to start it then! B99 is hilarious – I’m watching with my parents too and we laugh quite a lot throughout. I hope you get a chance soon 😌
        Anytime!! It’s so nice to chat again xx

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        • The GANGSEY. *cries*
          that’s good! I’m so glad you’ve been able to do that, I’ve been starting to bike around my neighborhood as well and it’s really nice.
          Yes, for sure!
          That’s good to hear- I need to find a platform where I can watch it on, I need the laughter, haha.


  15. I’m so glad that you’re back, Olivia!!! 🥺❤❤ It’s totally understandable that you had to take a break from blogging & reading! you’re definitely not a bad blogger. You do the best you can while balancing everything else you have going on! That’s more than amazing, honestly 💗💗
    I’m so happy that you had fun in New York too! I haven’t watched New Girl, but now I really want to. I’m actually on summer break right now, and because of that, I’ve been binge watching so many shows 😅 I’m adding New Girl to the list of potential shows I should binge now!

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    • Thank you so much, Caitlin!💗I’m so happy to be back, especially because it means we get to talk more and fangirl about books together. xx And thank you so so much, that means a ton, especially coming from you, seeing as I admire you as a blogger so much!!
      Thank you! And yes, yes, yes I couldn’t recommend New Girl more. It’s very binge-able, with short but sweet episodes, and is probably one of the funniest sitcoms I’ve ever seen by far. If you end up watching it, I’d love to hear what you think about it!

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  16. Awwww welcome back Olivia!! Honestly girl, you come back and blog whenever you feel like you can – it sounds like you’ve had a hectic few months! 😨 Like Hogwarts, the bookish community will always be here to welcome you home 😉 Also I started watching New Girls aaaaaages ago & remember it being so sweet & wholesome, definitely the kind of vibes we need right now! Unfortunately I think I stopped around season 2 & last I checked it’s not on any Australian streaming services 😢

    Stay safe & hope you get the chance to catch up on reading during the quarantine period!

    💛 Ngoc

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    • Thank you so much, Ngoc! That’s very kind of you, thank you~ and oh my goodness, that Harry Potter reference was perfectly placed, I love that so much.🥺❤️Aww, I’m sorry to hear you can’t stream New Girl! It’s definitely very sweet and funny, I hope it gets on a platform you can access soon.

      Thank you so much again! The same to you, and I hope you’re doing well and staying safe and healthy. xx

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  17. oliviaaaa, it’s so nice to hear from you again!
    i can absolutely relate to your feeling of overwhelmness and now, missing that feeling. i’m glad you can still occupy your head with online classes, but i’m not even having those for college yet, and work has also been suspended, so i feel like the more time i spend at home, the more time my brain has to down rabbit holes of negativity, lol. i really can not wait for quarantine to be over.
    listening to welcome to new york as you land in new york is a MUST! i’ve always thought the ball drop on new year’s eve to be an iconic moment, though a bit too crowded for me, hahah. but i’m glad you had a great time there! i’ve been to nyc twice and it’s always a remarkable experience. i could never see myself living there or anything, but i still have really great memories.
    i know how overwhelming it can be to get back into blogging after you spend a few weeks away, so i’m wishing you all the luck on catching up. as always, prioritize your health and well-being first and don’t put too much pressure on yourself!
    wishing you all the luck on your reading challenge and hopefully, an amazing april! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, hi, Lais! Just reading the first line of this comment already made me smile.💛how are you? I hope you’re doing well, and I’ve missed talking to you!
      Oh, I’m so sorry- I hope you have online classes soon to help occupy yourself, and that you’re able to have access to a lot of books and shows and music to pass the days with.
      Haha, yes! And you’re right, I’m sure it would be beyond crowded. I’m the same way as you- I could never live in New York (I don’t think I’m assertive or independent enough to thrive there), but I would want to go back for more visits throughout my life if I’m able!
      Thank you so, so much, your kind words mean a lot to me! I’m thinking of you during this difficult time and I hope you’re staying safe and healthy. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  18. That’s okay sometimes we all need blogging breaks! Oh I would love to go New York someday! Times Square looks like a dream! It’s not just you Olivia, trust me sometimes it’s so hard for me to motivate myself to read! In your next post you should put in some reading motivation tips!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Zainab! That’s definitely true. Ahh, New York was such an amazing experience, and I hope you get to go one day and experience it.☺️ That’s a really great idea, maybe I will! Thank you for the kind comment xx


  19. Ah Olivia it’s so good to read a blog post from you, I hope you’re doing okay and take good care of yourself ❤
    I'm so happy you got to go to New York, your pictures are fantastic and that Taylor Swift playlist is, like, perfect haha 🙂 I hope you'll get to go to New York to celebrate the new year someday, it really sounds like a unique kind of experience ❤
    Take your time with blogging and everything, we'll always be there waiting for you, do what makes you happy and at your own rhythm ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Marie! I’ve missed you, I hope you are also doing well and staying safe during this time. ❤️
      Haha, I could not go without listening to Welcome to New York, it just is too characteristic of me. XD Thank you so much, that’s so kind of you!
      Okay you’re the best ever, thank you again, Marie, sending you all the positive and healthy vibes.🥺

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Ahh, Olivia! Hello again :))
    Haha, your intro reminded me of this sly joke I saw a comedian make: 2020 has done the impossible–it makes me wish for 2019.
    You went to New York! Okay, about the New Year’s Eve ball drop–I was actually there over one Christmas break and I pitched the idea of going, but my sister and a family friend (both currently living there) argued pretty hard against it and convinced my parents. I still think it would be quite an adventure, but maybe one of those memories where it’s bad and funny in the moment but it’s a good story afterward? They said it’s so crowded that if you want to wait in line or in the area, you wear a diaper because you can’t go to the restroom. And that there’s this Olive Garden that has crazy good business that one night because it has a good view and people pack inside.
    Oh, I just read Sadie the other week! It was so intense. I did not realize what it was about going in.
    Wow, I completely feel you about Anna Karenina. Now that the libraries are closed, I picked a classic from the several I got from the B&N sale, and now I’m 250 pages into War & Peace but I have doubts that I”m going to make it. I’m telling myself to read some every day–I just want to see what the hype is all about! Ohh, also on the topic–Anna Karenina was spoiled for me by another book!! It’s both outrageous and hilarious.
    I’ve watched a few episodes of New Girl, but right now I am completely sucked into this show called Cable Girls. I’ve never really binged a show before but in the past three days I think I’ve watched maybe 12 episodes. I’m usually horrible at finishing shows, but I’m on season 4. Part of it is that it’s in Spanish so I’m telling myself it’s helping my comprehension skills and the other (main) part is that IT IS SO GOOD. I’m smiling so hard right now. I don’t even really understand why I like it so much but I just do.
    And finally, you are not a bad blogger Olivia, not in the slightest. You are kind and yourself in your posts and on every other blog as well. I don’t know what other requirements there are in being a “good” blogger :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Annie! How are you? I hope you’re doing well (or as well as one in quarantine can be) and staying safe and healthy.
      Haha, honestly! It’s a bit sad to think about how hopeful everyone was back on January 1st before so much happened, but I’m keeping up hope for this year because we still have 2/3 left.
      WHAT, that’s insane. Yeah, that was sort of my thoughts too- about how it would be maybe horrible in the moment, but you’d end up being glad you went- but I definitely did not know about the diapers, that could be a game changer. I don’t know, before going I’d have to research a lot and get perspectives, but I feel like it’s a bucket list kind of thing that you do once just to do it.
      Sadie was so intense! I knew it was intense, but I didn’t expect such intensity. Did you see the ending coming? I was shook.
      Ooh, I want to read War & Peace! Let me know how it goes. I love that we’re both trying to tackle a Tolstoy novel right now. Oh no! What book? (I will avoid it. XD)
      I’ll look into Cable Girls! If it’s caused you to binge it that much, it must be good. Is it on Netflix or are you watching it through another streaming service? I’m in Spanish too, so maybe it could help me out, especially since I just found out my Spanish AP exam is only going to be speaking. What are your thoughts on all the shortened AP exams this year? (I can’t believe history ones are just a DBQ.)
      Aww, thank you so much! That means a lot to me, and I could say the same for you and your blog. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m doing well. To be honest, I’m enjoying school social distancing style. How are you doing?
        Yes, very true—thank you for bring that up.
        Hahah, I know! Ohh that’s so smart, I didn’t think at all about actually researching people’s experiences.
        Oh my goodness, so intense. I didn’t expect it to be like that at all. It was basically a thriller. Okay, good thing I still have the book checked out because I had to remind myself what the ending was. The ending line was stuck in my mind—and probably will be for a long while—but I couldn’t remember the other plot factors. I skimmed the last pages again, and there were several things I did not see coming in the ending that I’m not even sure which one you’re referring too. Wow, it was so intense. I don’t think I’ve ever read a YA book that was so much of a thriller before?
        Okay, I am ONE THOUSAND PAGES IN. I only have 98 pages left! My two immediate thoughts about War & Peace are so obvious but here they are. Number one: it’s SO LONG. Number two: the title is very literal. The war part is Napoleon invading Russia and the peace part is all the stuff in between. It switches between the front and the society. The peace part is more interesting because sometimes the war stuff is like actually military details. Apparently, I’m not at all the first one to think this because I saw this one quote talking about how you can’t get the full experience of the book if you skip all the war parts and only read the peace parts. Here are some things I did not expect. At the very beginning there’s a list of who’s who, and when I saw that I was like oh no, but it’s actually pretty easy keeping track of the main characters. However, there are minor characters with two D names-Denisov, and Doholov (I think that’s how you spell it), and I don’t remember who did which one thing from earlier in the book. Another thing that surprised me are all the short philosophic parts scattered throughout–for example, this metaphor about history and calculus and I did not see it coming.
        Hahah, the spoiler book was The Gentleman in Moscow from my March reviews! Definitely avoid it.
        It’s on Netflix! What I did is on Chrome there’s this plug-in where you can slow it down (I do 0.8) and you can do simultaneous Spanish and English subtitles.
        I cannot believe the AP exams are only 45 minutes! Crazy. Wait, are all the history ones DBQ? See, I didn’t even know that.
        And thank you :))

        Liked by 1 person

        • That’s good to hear! I don’t enjoy doing school this way, but I’ve settled into a routine and now staying at home and doing everything at home feels semi-normal, which is better than feeling sad about it every day, so I’d say I’m doing much better. :))
          I know right!! I think the fate of Sadie (to be vague in case someone reads this comment besides you) is the part I wasn’t expecting.
          Wow, you’re ALMOST THERE. I’m in admiration. I still haven’t read any more of Anna Karenina. XD Ohh, it would be hard for me to get through the military details. (But I can see how the full experience would be wrecked if you skipped them.) Haha, the list!! That would freak me out too. Oh, I hate when two characters have very similar names like that- last year in English we had to read Julius Caesar and I remember two characters had very similar C names and then I had a reading quiz asking which one did what I was just like, honestly I have no clue. Haha, that’s so cool about the metaphor! Unexpected pearls of wisdom are the best.
          Oh, gotcha! Thank you.
          Wow, that’s so smart, thank you for the tip! Once I finish the shows I’m watching, maybe I’ll check it out.
          I know right! And yes, all the history ones are DBQs, and I don’t know if you’re in AP Lang, but that one is just a rhetorical analysis. It’s crazy!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Update: I FINISHED War & Peace! I don’t think I understood what he was saying half the time, but it’s okay. Ugh, when two characters have names that start with the same letter is just hard.
            You’re welcome! And please don’t feel obligated at all to try it or like it.
            We haven’t really prepped for AP Lang except for doing rhetorical stuff sometimes, so I’m glad there’s not multiple choice, but I still don’t feel very ready for it. It is crazy!

            Liked by 1 person

            • Congratulations!! That is a great accomplishment. *standing ovation for you* Would you recommend??
              Yes, the lang exam is going to be crazy for sure! Although the amount of rhetorical essays I’ve written over the past six weeks is insane, so I feel at least somewhat prepared, lol.

              Liked by 1 person

              • Ummm, would I recommend?? On one side, yes definitely for the satisfaction, but on the other, nah, definitely not. We’ve been focusing more on the APUSH exam, but we just started doing some rhetorical analysis of a letter by MLK. What have you guys been practicing with?

                Liked by 1 person

                • Haha! I got you.
                  We’ve been practicing with a bunch of past prompts from old rhetorical analysis essays! Are you in a combined AP lang/APUSH class? That’s how mine is but I wasn’t sure if it was just my school district, it recently introduced “American Studies” as an option, and it’s combined lang and APUSH.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Okay, we’ve been assigned to do one rhetorical analysis essay that is due tomorrow so we’ll see.
                    Ohh yes, I’ve heard my friends talk about American Studies. Yep, mine is combined. My school actually does combined history and English since like middle school.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Yeah, it’s weird- so for freshmen and sophomore GT students, there’s an option to take humanities, which is a class that covers (over two years), PAP English 1 and AP World. At my school, people take AP World as sophomores. So freshmen members of the humanities course take humanities in addition to AP Human, which is the history course freshmen take at the school. Sophomore members of humanities take humanities in addition to PAP English 2. I hope that made sense? I’ve explained that many times to people, but usually it’s in person so it’s easier, haha.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Okay okay, I’m working on understanding right now. I think I’ve heard my friends talk about how it’s two years. Okay, so freshman year, you take two humanities classes, and sophomore year, you take English and a different humanities??

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Yeah, it’s two years! Hmm, sort of. Sorry, my explanation is very confusing- but basically, freshmen and sophomores are in the same humanities class learning the same content whether or not they are in 9th or 10th grade. So on your 9th and 10th grade schedule you take humanities, and the only difference is that a 9th grader wouldn’t be enrolled in English 1 because they are already taking that as part of humanities. However, you still take the 9th grade history offered- which is AP human, at my school. Then a 10th grader wouldn’t be enrolled in an AP world class, but rather that’s a part of the humanities class. And they take English 2 sophomore year.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Okay, I think I get it. Aha, but I thought that last time as well. So you take humanities both years, and 9th you take history and 10th you take English 2, because in 9th, English is covered in humanities, and in 10th, history is covered in humanities.

                      Liked by 1 person

  21. Aaaah, Olivia!!! Welcome back!! Yayy, I’m so happy that you enjoyed your visit to NYC! Hopefully the next time you come things will be a little less crazy and you’ll be able to see a Broadway show. Also, I have to recommend that you don’t come for the ball drop because every New Year it is FREEZING. Like, cannot feel your face type freezing. I always do admire the people that go and stand outside for hours, but I’m probably always going to watch from the comfort of my own home 😂

    Ooh, I really loved Sadie! I hope that you’re enjoying it/enjoyed it. I’m also super behind on my reading challenge this year…but it is what it is. I’ve just stopped looking at that section of my Goodreads page 😅

    I’m so happy that you’re back Olivia, stay safe!! 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much, Chana!💛I hope so too, that’s definitely a goal of mine. Haha, thank you for the advice- I’m also from a part of the U.S. where we think 40 degrees is cold, so I would probably actually turn into an icicle.

      I did like it! I was very shell shocked by the ending, though. I can’t believe it ended like that? What? I was literally staring at the book with my mouth open. Hey, I believe in you! There’s definitely time to turn around your Goodreads challenge, we’re all in this together. 😉

      Thank you again! I hope you stay safe and healthy too. xx


  22. Aw, I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed NYC! I only know of one person who’s gone to see the ball drop in Times Square and she had been waiting the whole day. I hope you get to do it one day! I definitely think next time you drop by, visit some of our bookstores — McNally Jackson and Books are Magic are two of my favorites 🙂 I hope the reading goes better from here!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Ericka!🥰Oh wow, that’s crazy. Who knows if I will be dedicated enough to go through with doing that, haha. XD thank you for the bookstore recommendations- if I’m able to go back, I definitely would love to stop in some bookstores! Thank you again!


  23. Great post and welcome back. I hope you and your family are staying safe.

    I’m glad you managed to get to New York as it sounds like you had a good time despite the restrictions.
    And New Girl is such a good series 😀💜

    Liked by 1 person

  24. “I didn’t exactly mean to take a blogging break, it just happened” ok stop exposing me like that pls

    it does feel great to be back from the hiatus, it’s like???? im being productive again???? wild

    THE NEW YORK TRIP SOUNDS SO GOOD ✨ esp to my quarantined ass who can’t go anywhere 🤡

    i love love love new girl. jess and nick’s chemistry is off the roof.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHA, but for real, that’s been my accidental blogging mantra for the past six months or so??

      It’s so nice to hear from you, Nimika!! How are you?? I feel like it’s actually been forever, I’ve been gone for ages- hope you’re doing well and college is going well!!?💓

      IT WAS, and yes, I am of course now quarantined too and have been for about a month now, so the fact that I was in New York?? Crazy.

      I know right? I’m only on season 2 but I keep telling my sister that there’s no way Nick and Jess won’t end up together, they literally have SO much chemistry??!


  25. Hi Olivia!! I’m just reading this now because I am, yet again, very behind on blog hopping, but I’m so glad you’re back and that you’re doing okay!

    I SO relate to what you were saying about being so overwhelmed and ready for a break back before all this started but now wanting it back so badly…it’s such a wild situation.

    That’s so cool that you got to got to NYC! And I’m in the exact same boat with my Goodreads challenge, hehe. I’ve been doing a bit of reading since I’ve been stuck at home, but my past self would be amazed at how fast hours go by when you’re in quarantine. I’ve been spending a lot of time on TikTok lol

    Omg I really loved Sadie, I hope you like it!

    I’m also trying to put some more work into being a better blogger while I’m home. While I of course am very anxious for things to get back to the way they were, one upside to my new situation is that I have a bit more flexibility as far as my schedule, which should be nice for blogging.

    Stay safe, sending lots of hugs!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Annie! Aww, you’re the sweetest, and I am completely in the same boat as you. I haven’t blog hopped in ages, and I apologize already for all the amazing posts of yours that I haven’t been able to read.🥺

      I know, it’s insane. One good thing that I think will come out of this is that I won’t take school for granted anymore, and I hope it will give me a better mindset on school going into next year!

      Thank you! Haha, I feel that. I’ve been reading a lot more these past couple of weeks, but I agree that the days can sometimes fly by…yes, especially if I’m on TikTok, HAHA.

      I did like Sadie! The ending spooked me a lot, though, and kind of reminded me why I don’t read thriller novels, lol. However, it was definitely super gripping and I’m glad I read it!

      I love your positivity! I’m hoping to do the same, although I haven’t been the best at it so far. I also have much more free time and am hoping to dedicate some of it to blogging.

      Thank you so much! The same to you.❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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