Should You Have a Blogging Niche? // ft. pros, cons + my thoughts!

To have a blogging niche or to not have a blogging niche, that is the question.

From my time in the blogging community, I’ve noticed one piece of advice that gets repeated, reused, and shows up in nearly every “tips for new bloggers” post. Even my own. That piece of advice is to find your blogging niche.

However, I’ve also read posts (both the advice type and the normal type) that talk about how finding a niche doesn’t always work and that it’s sometimes better to just blog about whatever you want. Reading both sides of the story got me interested in this topic, and I’m excited to discuss it with you all today!

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In this post, I’ll be talking about the pros of sticking with one particular niche as well as the cons of it. At the end, I’ll be giving my thoughts (I’m going to try to make the pros vs. cons as unbiased as possible 😉 ) and insights on the great blogging niche debate.

Also, I want to apologize for if you already read this post or saw it in your Reader?? I messed up some of the publication settings for this post and I don’t think it was showing up (I accidentally posted it four days in the past, which shouldn’t be possible but is). So this is a repost, in case you saw it the first time!

All right, let’s get into the post!


To start off, what is a niche? Besides being a vocabulary word you might learn in biology why do I have school on the mind, a niche also applies to blogging.

a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted

This is the definition that best fits my purposes for this blog post. Essentially, find your blogging niche is finding the topic that interests you and that you want to blog about. It can be broad, like:

  • books
  • lifestyle
  • health/fitness

Or it can be specific, such as:

  • YA book reviews
  • movie reviews
  • bread recipes

As for the debate on whether or not you should have a blogging niche, a person with a niche would, for instance, solely blog about books, while someone without a niche would blog about books, lifestyle, health/fitness, and whatever else they felt like.

Now for the pros and cons of having a blogging niche!


For no reason other than the sake of trying to keep a positive mindset, let’s start off with the pros of having a blogging niche. There are quite a few that I want to talk about in this post!

-One reason that so many bloggers choose to have a blogging niche is because it narrows the focus of your content. Us bloggers write multiple posts per month (sometimes even multiple posts per week), and when you’re at a loss for what to write next, a niche can help narrow down what to write about next.

-In addition, a niche can help you solidify your content in order to grow your audience. For instance, as a book blogger, I mainly follow other book blogs. That’s not to say I won’t follow a lifestyle blog every once in a while, but for the most part, I read book blogs. If you have a focused topic that you blog about, you might start to accumulate more of an audience.

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-Having a niche can help you create reliable content for your readers. From my experience, someone is definitely going to read and enjoy your blog more if they know what content they’re getting and know that the posts you write are tailored to the topics they’re interested in.

-Especially for new bloggers, niches help you find a place in the community. The blogging community is an amazing place, but it can take a little bit to find blogs and bloggers that you want to get to know better! If you have a niche, then it will be easier to find and connect to blogs that have similar themes as yours.


Despite the pros of niches, this wouldn’t be a discussion post if I didn’t acknowledge that there are also cons to having a blogging niche. Many people don’t have a niche, and they have reasons for it!

-Although this is stating the obvious, having a niche can limit your creativity. Once you have an established topic that you always blog about, it can feel strange or even “wrong” to blog about something else. Like if you saw a post in your Reader from my blog about fashion, you would likely be really confused. Some people want to be free to post about any topic under the sun at any moment, and that’s not always possible with a niche.

-Additionally, blogging niches can close off opportunities. If you’re living in the mindset of only reading certain posts about certain things, it’s possible that you’ll miss out on discovering so many great blogs and bloggers.

Image result for harry potter gif

-Without a blogging niche, there can be less pressure. It’s not easy to review every book you read, think of discussion topics, or come up with recommendation lists constantly. If you’re not tied down to a single topic, you’ll have so much more to potentially blog about, and this can lessen the blogging pressure.

-Finally, people change and want their blogs to change with them. The posts I write today (and love writing) wouldn’t have interested me as much even just two or three years ago. If you already have a specific niche and have branded your blog to that niche, it’s hard to change everything when you also have a change of heart.


There you have it, the pros and cons of having a blogging niche. Writing this post really got me thinking about this topic and what I think about blogging niches.

What I ultimately decided is that I’m glad I chose a niche when I started blogging, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, I can also see why someday would choose to go niche-less?? I sound indecisive but I just mean I can see two sides of the story.

As humans, we’re layered people.

A niche can sometimes limit us from expressing all our layers on a single blog, but for me personally, that’s okay. Yes, I’m a reader and a bookworm and a Hufflepuff- but I’m also so much more. A dancer, a Christian, and other things, too.

Just because I don’t talk about my faith often on my blog doesn’t mean it isn’t a central part of my day-to-day life. Just because I only mention dance in my monthly wrap-up doesn’t mean I don’t spend hours at the studio every day. It’s easy to get worried that if you don’t mention it on your blog, it isn’t real or you don’t really love it- but that’s not the case at all.

You are you, with all your layers and interests and hobbies, no matter if you ever write a post about it or not.

Image result for enjoy being you gif

That’s why I decided to have a blogging niche. In addition to all the positive aspects I listed in this post, I realized that it was okay to not talk about everything I love because it doesn’t mean I love it less if I don’t talk about it.

However, if you want to blog about whatever you want, blog about whatever you want! You do you, because this is your blog, your choice, and you should do what’s going to make you a happy and inspired blogger.


This debate (however unimportant in the grand scheme of things) has been on my mind for quite a while now, and I’m so happy I finally got around to writing this post. Discussions are my favorite because I love getting to hear all of y’all’s perspectives!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe even got something from it? Here’s to wishing you all have a lovely day, week, and month. ✨

Do you have a blogging niche? Why or why not? What made you make your decision one way or another? I’d love to chat with you all in the comments.

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65 thoughts on “Should You Have a Blogging Niche? // ft. pros, cons + my thoughts!

  1. Lovely post! I personally like having a general niche like book blogging, since basically all my posts I read and write have something to do at least tangentially with books and this allows me to find a community of like minded people, but I wouldn’t want to be too specific like YA book reviews so I can go on weird random unrelated rambly rants and posts every now and then with no guilt or qualms lol

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    • Thank you!💗Haha, I’m the same way. I’d say that I’m also pretty focused in on book blogging, but I definitely talk about all kinds of things, not just a certain type of book or review. What would we do without weird, unrelated tangents??


  2. This is an awesome discussion post, Olivia! Lately I’ve been having a really hard time staying active in the blogging community. I consider myself to have a blogging niche, but sometimes feel I am limited by it…

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  3. this was a super real post to read 😉 when I first got into blogging, everything was kind of blurry for me on what and what not to do except the blaring advice– find a niche. I’m basically the most indecisive person you could EVER meet, BUT, a year later, I blog on multiple categories and the occasional stray cat. I personally think that even if you’re niche-less (what a sad word 😢), why you decide to blog/ what you’re trying to portray is a must have!

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    • Aah, I’m glad you liked it! I’m also so happy that you’ve figured out what you like to blog about, even if that means you talk about a wide variety of things, because that’s what makes your blog so unique and wonderful. 😉 Thank you for the comment, Vaishnavi!

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  4. This was very informative! Thanks for posting. I tend to post about books, travel and lifestyle. This summer I’ll be redesigning my blog because my niche has changed in these last two years. I use to post poems and philosophy, and I may still occasionally, but I prefer reviewing books.
    I don’t have a ‘niche’ as such, but I do stick to only a few topics!
    Have a a great day, Olivia.
    Erin x

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  5. I’d like to say I put my blog in a few different niches (though I only really focus on one right now) but at times I have found it restricting. There have been occasions where I’ve had all these words in my head and wanted to talk about a certain topic and I’ve stopped myself from posting it because I can’t come up with any way to relate it to books. Instead I just write it down in a notebook and let it sit there instead of putting it out in the world. While having a niche is definitely a pro when it comes to growing an audience and finding a community, I think it can also be restrictive. Maybe we need another category: blogs in a niche with the occasional random post! 😂

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    • I definitely understand that! I’ve done the same thing- I have posts that sat in my drafts and later got deleted because they didn’t fit with my niche. I love the “blog in a niche with the occasional random post” and I think that should become a thing! After all, it’s your little slice of the internet and you should be able to put a random post out there every once in a while if you want to. ❤ Thank you for your comment!

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  6. I really enjoyed this discussion especially when I started blogging (very unprepared I will say) that I didn’t have a niche and I didn’t really know what I wanted to talk about– it did feel like I didn’t know what to write but I also liked the freedom and I am still glad as I got to write about different things and follow all sorts of blogs before I settled on books. It felt like a trial and error period. But I also felt like I didn’t know what to call myself and didn’t fit into any ‘blogger group’. Now that I have a niche and I call myself a book blogger I do feel more comfortable with writing and feel like a part of the community so I am really glad. Also I felt so much more passionate about writing as well– it felt more focused!! I do still do the odd post on movies or writing though but I know they will be less popular when I post them as they are not my normal niche but I am okay with that.
    I can see the pros and cons of having a niche– and I think it is about deciding what is best for you and writing what you want to write. I enjoy having a niche and it works for me but I do have that little bit of freedom like I said. Great post!! ❤

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    • Ahh, I love this comment so much! It sounds a lot like my experience with blogging, too. Even though part of me wishes I had instantly become a part of the book blogging community and made more connections sooner, it was also a good learning experience to do trial and error. I’m so happy you feel like a part of the community now and that you’ve found a niche that makes blogging all the more better for you! ❤
      Yes, that's so true. It's really up to personal choice and what works for you and your blog. Thank you, and thank you for sharing your thoughts!🤗

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  7. ahaha, i guess it’s a testament to how “on a whim” I started blogging because I didn’t even stop to think of a niche when i first started blogging 😂 i do think i have a niche though, which is primarily YA book review, recs, and maybe the occasional book tag and t10t! I do try and integrate some real life stuff, but only to a minimum in the life update portion of my wrap-ups. but i’m honestly fine with that, because i started this blog purely to talk about books, and I don’t really see myself become a lifestyle blogger or anything other than a book blogger! but besides that, this community is so so supportive, so I wouldn’t really be pressured if i didn’t want to have a niche or if I did have a niche. i agreed with everything in this post, and I can see that it is so well thought-out! thank you for writing this, Olivia ❣

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    • Haha! I’m happy you’ve been able to find a niche that you love as you’ve kept blogging, though. 💛I feel the same way about life updates- I love talking about it in my monthly recaps, but I don’t really feel the need to talk about it that much any other time and that’s okay?? Yes, I love that so much, the community is definitely super supportive and lovely. Thank you so much, and thank you for the kind comment! *hugs you*

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  8. hmm, well, i guess i don’t have a blogging niche, since my blog is now a literary and lifestyle blog, and has a little bit of everything. i used to solely blog about books, but that made me feel burned out and lose inspiration quickly, and i felt that people couldn’t really connect with me when i posted mostly book reviews, which is why i started blogging more about my own life 🙂

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    • I love that you blog both about books and about your life!💘It’s so important to follow your heart (as cheesy as that sounds??) on what you blog about, and I’m so happy you’ve figured out what makes you feel inspired and motivated to write posts. Thank you for your comment, Chloe!

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  9. “I accidentally posted it four days in the past”
    …so, what you’re saying here is you’re a time traveler…XD

    I’ve had quite a struggle with figuring out the central point of my blog – or in other words, my “niche”. Because I wanted to be able to talk about movies, books, writing, and everything else under the sun! After some thought, and just spending time posting and such, I found it – what I want to be my blog’s central focus – and basically, my blog’s theme is “inspiring lives” or as my motto states, “changing the world one inspiration at a time” — now is this an official niche? *shrugs* don’t know. But it’s the purpose of my blog and helps me narrow down my specific audience, come up with unique posts, and it allows me to post on a wide variety of subjects (win win!).
    So I definitely think every blog should at least have a main purpose or theme that can be found throughout all their posts, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a niche like “books” or “lifestyle”.

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    • Yes, exactly. 😉 WordPress has turned me into a time traveler…

      Figuring out your initial niche can really be a challenge! I love your blog’s theme, though- for lack of better words, it’s definitely so inspiring. XD It’s great that you have a central theme that ties your posts together and also gives you the freedom to talk about so many things on your blog!
      That’s really insightful and I think a lot of new bloggers would benefit from your advice. Thank you for the comment, Julia! ❤

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  10. this is really interesting! i personally have a book niche, but i don’t follow the point that i can’t really post about other things. i think i can post about other things i wanted and people would still read it? and i don’t really feel limited. i think my niche is books but i’m not limited to that, it’s just what i mainly want to post about if that makes sense?? but i deffo think there are so many blogs i’m probably missing out on because i mainly follow book blogs?! I DONT THINK IM TALKING SENSE.

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    • Thanks, Ilsa! Haha, no, that made sense.😂I’m really glad you don’t feel limited in what you can post! Also, yes, I sometimes think about the blogs I’m missing out on and am sad. But I also remember all the amazing blogs I DO get to read and that makes it better??

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  11. Love this post! I’m definitely glad that I’ve stuck to my book blogging niche, but I can understand why other people have decided to branch out when they’ve gotten bored. In the end, our blogs have to appeal to US more than other people. I do think it’s great to include other details about yourself on your blog now and again, though. Those other aspects of your life make you who you are and it’s nice to get to truly know the blogger behind the curtain. 🙂

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  12. Woah woah woah, why am I not reading your posts more often? Guuuuurl your posts are so well structured – I literally love your writing style and YOU! I totally agree with these points. I’m a lifestyle blogger which I use as a broad term because I usually rant, give advice and share a lot about my life. Every once in a while, I write about beauty or fashion. And there was a week where I tried completely new niches like dolls and short stories. Every month I write wrap ups where I add mini book reviews so let’s just say, I definitely do have a much broader niche and that just works best for me. Some people prefer narrower niches like what you said about bread recipes and movie reviews but I personally like trying new things and collabing with a variety of bloggers on hauls, advice and different things. Love this post and both pros and cons are really well argued!

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    • Oh my gosh, thank you so much! 💓This comment was so sweet and wow, you’re so kind, thank you for the encouragement. (Don’t mind me crying over here because YOU’RE SO SWEET.) I’m so glad you’ve been able to find what works for you and that you’ve also been able to blog about a lot of different topics that all bring you joy! I love that you have so much you talk about on your blog. Thank you again, so so much!🤗

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  13. I love this discussion so much, Olivia! You wrote it so well ❤ I definitely didn't really have a niche when I started out — I kind of straddled like book blogging and just "random" posting, I guess you could call it, plus a lot of writing posts as well. I think having a niche personally helps so much, because I know what kind of content I want to put out and what kind my audience enjoys!

    But yeah, I've had discussions with bloggers before who don't really want to stick to one niche because of how limiting it can get, and I definitely see that! But as you said so beautifully, we're full of so many layers, and just because we don't post about one part of ourselves/our interests doesn't mean that doesn't exist or isn't valid.

    Wonderful post, Olivia!! 💕

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    • Thank you so much, May!💓Ahh, I was the same way- back when I first started blogging (not even on this blog) I would talk about literally everything. I loved it back then, but soon I realized I wanted more focused content, and that’s when I found my niche. Yes, I definitely agree with that!

      I can see the limiting sides of niches too, for sure- but yes, I just remember that having a niche doesn’t make other topics less valid.

      Thank you again, and thank you for your comment! ☺️

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  14. This was a joy to read! I’m actually following the opposite path. I started as a book blogger but I’m trying to broad my content to TV shows and movies as well. I don’t know how this will go and, although I love books, media entertainment is also a big part of my life I want to talk about.

    At the end of the day it is my blog and I want to be able to talk about everything I want, even if it’s not niche enough.

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    • I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading.🤗Ahh, that’s so exciting- I’m glad you’ve figured out what you want to talk about and that you love it!

      That’s such a great way to put it. Blog about what you want, because it’s your section of the internet!


  15. I really enjoyed this discussion! Personally I really like blogging niches. I’m a fan of predictability, and so I like knowing what kind of content I’ll be getting when I follow a blog. I enjoy the occasional non-bookish post, but I choose to follow book blogs because I like the bookish content I find on those.

    As for myself, I like only posting bookish content and don’t see that changing anytime soon. It helps me have an easy place to start when I’m thinking up content for the blog! But I think that if I ever wanted to post something that wasn’t book related I’d definitely do it!

    Great post!

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    • Thank you, Malka! ❤ I'm the same way- whether or not the content is bookish or not, I like knowing what's coming on the blogs I follow. (Although it doesn't make or break whether I love a blog, haha.)

      I'm with you! Bookish content is so fun and definitely has tons of possibilities for future posts.

      Thank you again, and thank you for the kind comment!


  16. This was such an interesting post, Olivia! I guess I would say I’m kind of in the middle of the niche/no niche spectrum, because I sort of have two niches? Idk if that’s a thing, but I talk about both books and bullet journaling, and not much about other stuff. I can see why both having a niche and not having a niche could be good, which I guess is why I kind of do both.

    Also, that’s so weird about the publishing in the past thing, because that happened to me too not too long ago! I published a post on one day but then it said I posted it six days before, even though I hadn’t even written it at that point. And it was a blog tour post so I had to write this long, awkward email explaining to the tour people why my post said it was posted six days before it was posted, which was not a fun time. 😓

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    • Thank you so much, Annie!💓Ah, that definitely makes sense. I love how you talk about books and bullet journals and you do an amazing job at kind of having two niches at once!

      Aghh, I’m sorry that happened to you, too. It’s so weird- I don’t know how it happened or what I must have clicked to make it publish in the past. I’m sorry yours was a blog tour post and you had to explain, hopefully they understood since it wasn’t your error! Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen again.🤞🏻

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  17. Ah Olivia, this is such a smart post! Yea, having a blogging niche is probably the thing that appears in all those blogging 101 guide things. Hm, I can’t think of another one that gets talked about as much. Maybe talk to other blogs? Ohh, post regularly. That’s another one. I don’t think that one is usually controversial though.
    I don’t think I really have a niche. What made me make that decision? Hahaha, to be honest, I think it’s because it’s just easier to have a niche. It gives me more things that I can write about. If I had to only write about books, dang, that would be so much more work. I would have to do a lot more brainstorming and planning. Thinking up of blog post ideas as the week comes would probably not work anymore. Even at the beginning, when I read those guides, I always skipped over the finding your niche part. It was never something I took seriously.
    I think it was because the very first blogs I started reading I started reading not necessarily of the niche they were in but because they were real. Like ModernMrs.Darcy is a book blog, but I like her life posts more than her books lists (although those lists do real damage to my to be read). And Cup of Jo is probably thought of as a mothering blog, but I don’t think of it like that at all. Or Austin Kleon’s blog is probably defined as the “artist niche” but I love his posts on parenting.

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    • Thank you, Annie! Oh yes, interaction is another piece of blogging advice that, without fail, can always be found in blogging 101 posts. And post regularly, too, yes- ooh, and blog aesthetic!
      I love that your blog doesn’t have a niche and I think it’s perfect the way it is. I am obsessed with your blog. 😉 I’m happy you love posting about whatever you want, because it’s definitely worked out and made a great blog!
      Ahh, that’s so cool. I started out reading blogs similarly- I read a more widespread amount of blogs that talked about more topics and then now I mostly read book blogs, with several exceptions, of course. I really need to check out all the blogs you just mentioned!


  18. Ooh this is a really interesting post! I think that I’ve rebranded a lot since restarting my blog, and while I used to post primarily about books and in particular reviews I’ve definitely moved onto more and more discussions, also more about education (this is what the school system does to us argh). There are certainly pros and cons, and I think in the end it really is down to personal choice.

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  19. Interesting post. Although you don’t know me because I’m an anime/manga blogger, I chose the niche I did after some niche-less blogging revealed I was mostly talking about anime/manga.

    I worked around the restriction of putting out unrelated content by putting out a book-related post on April Fool’s Day this year. (Then again, that means I can’t use that trick again next year…) Also, I look kind of sketchy sneaking around posts from blogs which aren’t about anime/manga and I feel sort of out of my element in doing so. However, I’m not in Blogger Mode when reading a non-anime/manga post and so I find that’s a space to relax if I need to put a little distance between myself and my niche for a bit for whatever reason.

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    • Thank you! That sounds like the best way to discover a niche, and I sort of did the same thing- I tried blogging about a lot of different things, but kept coming back to reading.

      Haha, that’s so clever to post it on April Fool’s Day! I’m glad that you’ve been able to figure out ways to read other types of posts and explore more content while also having found your niche. Thank you for reading my post!

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  20. I just began my blog recently, and I can see it is becoming more geared to family content. I was reading everywhere to find your niche as you were saying, but I wasn’t sure exactly what until writing a little more. I am sure it will be narrowed down even more.

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  21. Hey Olivia! You haven’t heard from me much, but this is a great point! I’ve been struggling with being confined to the book blogging niche, and this post perfectly captures why. I’ve decided that I want to post whatever I feel like, which happens to be lots of books lol, and I’m glad you’re solid about your decision as well!!
    Thank you for the wonderful post 💙

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