I’m Back!! (I Think) // A Very Late, But Existent November Recap…

Well, hello again, blog.

It’s been a long time since I posted- three weeks, to be exact. Lately, leaving for weeks on end without announcing it seems to be my trend. Life just got the best of me, and the constant business of school, homework, and dance leaves me with hardly any time left for anything, much less blogging. I let myself get swallowed by life these past few weeks, but I’m making it a goal right now to try harder to stay afloat!

Even though we’re already halfway through December (where did time go?! wasn’t I just a smol little Olivia worried that the world would end when it became 2010), I’m going to be doing a little November recap today!

Blog Title - Design #1 (6)

Shh, no matter that November ended weeks ago. It’s never too late to scream about the books I read, what happened blogging-wise (the WordPress update, anyone?!) and what was going on in my life.

Let’s get started!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.21.59 PM

Surprisingly, I actually read books in November.

Normally, when I neglect my blog, I also neglect books, but this time I still found time to read books (usually right before bed, or while I was doing other things like brushing my teeth or doing my bun for dance XD). I think I multitask too much. 😉

Image result for darius the great is not okayImage result for how to make a wishImage result for the raven kingImage result for my lady jane

I already talked about Darius the Great is Not Okay and How to Make a Wish in a mini reviews post from last month, but I really want to scream about the other two books I read, so maybe I’ll have to find a way to do that this month!

Back in September I did the Lady Janies book tag, and I read my first of the Lady Janies in November. IT WAS SO GOOD. I couldn’t put it down, and one of my friends in real life actually read it too, and we talked about it for about three lunch periods in a row. XD It was pretty great, and I definitely want to do a review of it sometime soon.

So far, December has been a good reading month, too, and I also have a break coming up in which I plan to read many more books. Since I don’t usually do a December recap, due to it turning into a 2018 recap, I’ll make sure and find a post where I talk about all the books I’ve been reading/will read.

Basically, those three paragraphs were me expressing my desire to scream about books over and over again. XD


November Reading Goals:

  • Go to the library ✅
  • Read 10 books ❌ what was I thinking?
  • Stay active on bookstagram ✅ I’ve been done lately, but for most of the month I was!
  • Look into Netgalley ❌

December Reading Goals:

  • Read 10 books (I’ll have a two week break)
  • Look into Netgalley
  • Keep up with bookstagram
  • Go to the library
  • Compile a “best of 2018” book list
  • Achieve my Goodreads goal (I’m only a few books away, yay!)

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.23.22 PM

So much happened blogging-wise since I last talked to you all!

First of all, I reached 400 followers. What?! That’s so crazy, I’m still in disbelief and just so overwhelmed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so much!💓I never thought I’d reach this point, and I’m just so grateful towards you all- I can’t even explain how happy and excited I am and how much love I feel for you all.

I want to do something special to celebrate for that, so hopefully I can do something soon. 😉

Then, of course, there was my December hiatus. I just got too caught up in other things, and sadly, when my plate is too full blogging is the thing that I have to let go of. However, I’m really hoping to not let it slide off again, at least not anytime soon.

Even though I’ve been gone lately, I was here for all of November! And I did quite a few posts in November that I really loved, so if you’d like to check any of them out, I have them all linked below!


What I Posted:


I also just wanted to take a moment and apologize for missing all your posts. I haven’t read the posts in my Reader in so long, and that makes me very sad, especially since I know I’ve missed so many amazing posts by you all.

Coming up this month I’ll be having a two week long break from school, and during that time I’m hoping I’ll be able to read quite a few posts! I know I won’t be able to catch up, or ever read all the ones I missed, but at least I’ll be back in the swing of things.

So thank you all for sticking with me, even when I haven’t been showing you the support you all deserve! Even though I haven’t been commenting, I’m cheering you on from afar, I promise.


November Blogging Goals:

  • Keep on blogging schedule ❌ quite the opposite…
  • Keep track of posts I loved ❌
  • Harry Potter post ✅
  • Mini reviews post ✅
  • Special surprise(s) that I have planned ✅ that was the author interview & the collab
  • Interact more, blog hop ❌

December Blogging Goals:

  • Keep on schedule from this point forward
  • Read blog posts during my break from school
  • Best of 2018 post
  • *possibly* convert to the new editor?

Speaking of the new WordPress editor…I have mixed feelings. I like how you can change font size easier, but I got so confused by all the “block” things that I just ended up reverting back to the old editor that I know and love. XD I’m not sure if everyone will end up getting converted to the new one, but part of me hopes that’s not the case.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.24.02 PM

These last few months of 2018 have been passing by me so quickly, I can’t believe it’s already December 17th. Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving, like…yesterday?

Even though I’m having trouble grasping the concept that November is over and December is quickly coming to a close, I still have a few moments from the past month that were great, so I’ll share them here.

  • My friend and I had an entire Harry Potter marathon. Over Thanksgiving break, my friend and I watched every single Harry Potter movie (in the span of about forty hours), and not only was it so fun (we were our matching Harry and Ron sweatshirts, of course) but it was just amazing to share my love of Harry Potter with someone else. 10/10 recommend. 😉
  • So much dance! We had our winter concert, which we have been working on since August, and that went really well. We also had parent observation (where parents come to normal classes and watch us dance) and a performance at a local Christmas festival, so I have been dancing non-stop. XD
  • Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving happened, and while I mostly love it because no school for a week, it was nice to spend time with family.
  • The Christmas season is coming up so soon! I celebrate Christmas, and it’s so soon, and I’m just so excited because Christmas means Christmas songs and all the baked goods and candlelit church services, and I LOVE IT.
  • Friends was going to leave Netflix, but IT DIDN’T. The 24 hours where I thought Friends was going to leave Netflix was a horrible 24 hours, indeed. But it’s okay, Netflix bought it back, and now I don’t have to think about life without Chandler and Phoebe.

Currently, I have one more week of school until break! Over break, I’m planned to do a lot of reading, blogging, relaxing, eating, and Netflix-bingeing (Fuller house season 4! and also the new season of ASOUE will be coming out!). I hope you’re all having a wonderful month, too!


And there we go, my crazy month documented into one post. Thank you all again for sticking with me even through my hiatuses, and I’m excited for what the rest of December holds and for what’s coming in 2019. 🙂

How are you? Catch me up on all I’ve missed, and if you want, link one of your posts so I can read it. Also, what are your thoughts on the new editor? And do you get a break? I’d love to chat with you all in the comments.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.17.37 PM

P.S. The next time I post, it will be Christmas Eve!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash >> Credits for the image I used in my featured image!

32 thoughts on “I’m Back!! (I Think) // A Very Late, But Existent November Recap…

  1. Congrats on 400 followers that’s amazing!! I love Harry Potter and my best friend and I are planning on a marathon quite soon. I’m excited to see your Christmas posts.
    -Rose ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. the wordpress update is horrible, take it back!!! we didn’t ASK FOR THIS!!😂
    WELCOME BACK!!! you’ve been missed

    good luck on your december goals!! you got lots and youre going to do awesome on them. i’m glad to see you’ve been keeping busy and being so productive (can someone teach me how to do that bc i just end up scrolling through youtube and twitter all day)

    THE LADY JANE BOOKS ARE SO FUNNY i absolutely adore them and i cant wait for the next book.

    Liked by 1 person

    • AGH, yes!😂I mean, I just don’t like change that I didn’t ask for…XD

      Thank you so much! I have really missed reading your posts and I hope I’m not too behind?? I SHALL CATCH UP. Okay, maybe I’m productive someTIMES but take today for instance…I have yet to start my homework, but I’ve instead watched youtube for an hour. XD

      YES, YES, YES. I’ve read the first two (I think there are only two? I wish there was more) and I just adore the writing style. And also…Jane and G were the most adorable ever🙈

      Liked by 1 person

    • I MISSED YOU TOO! I saw that you were doing blogmas from when I would open WordPress to work on this post- I hope it’s going well.☺️Ooh, I would love to read your rip it or ship it tag post, I want to do that someday too! As for our collab, YES- I think I commented on the page on your blog but I may have forgotten. XD I need to brainstorm some ideas for it!


  3. Welcome back Olivia! And congrats for hitting a milestone 😀 Well, this year I’ve been forced to take a break too, which is a first in forever ahaha. I guess life just hit an all time high in terms of busy-ness and we all just have to choose our priority 😀 I hope you can achieve all the blogging and reading goals in what’s left of December! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Olivia, I missed you so much, it’s so good to read a blog post from you ❤ I get being a bit overwhelmed by life every now and then though, sometimes there's nothing we can do but go with the flow, I guess! I'm glad you still managed to read, you're a pro multitasker haha 🙂
    And YAY for a Harry Potter marathon – I might do one over my holidays at Christmas haha I just can't wait 🙂
    Take care of yourself! Sending you tons of love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, Marie, I missed you so much too! This comment made me so happy.😭❤️I am so sad that I’ve missed so many of your amazing posts, but I really hope I’ll be able to catch up on most of them over my break next week!
      Ohh, if you do a HP marathon, I’m sure it will be 1000% amazing! I love the movies way too much and it’s such a fun experience.
      Thank you so much, and thank you again for all your support, ahh, you’re such a wonderful friend, Marie!❤️I appreciate you so much, and I hope you’re doing well too.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Yay, welcome back Olivia! And congrats on 400 followers, that’s so exciting!! I also have mixed feelings about the new editor. I kinda like how it makes some things easier, and the old editor was pretty glitchy for me, but some of the formatting things I use don’t really work in the new editor…like I still haven’t figured out how to make only some words in a paragraph a different color?? All of the forums I looked at say to get a plugin, but I have free WordPress so I can’t get any plugins. So yeah, mixed feelings here too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Annie! Okay, yes, I agree with your feelings on the new editor. The size changing is super cool, since before I had to do complicated HTML, but like you said, some things are confusing. I have free WordPress too, and it’s always so annoying when things refer me to plugins because…I CAN’T. Eep, here’s to hoping we both figure it out!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Gosh I just realised how much I love your posts and blogging voice, you’re literally so amazing! I’m glad you’re back and I really want to see what you thought of The Raven King. The new WordPress editor is…strange. At first, I really liked it and now, trying to use it, I’m just like ?? This is really weird so yeah, definitely going to take some time to get used to.I hope you have an AMAZING Christmas and I love the festive season – It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!? And I’ve never had a movie marathon but that HP one with your friend sounds like so much fun!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness Ilsa, thank you so much!❤️This made me so happy and I just am flailing because you’re way too kind and wonderful and just THANK YOU.
      Ahh, I can’t wait to talk more about The Raven Cycle! It was perfect and Gansey is perfect and everything was just….too good.
      I relate to your mixed feelings about the editor! I switched over and initially thought it was great, but the more I used it the more confused I got? It’s okay, we shall figure out it. I think. Thank you, I hope you have an amazing Christmas too! It’s almost hereeeee. The Harry Potter movie marathon was so fun, if you ever want a marathon I’d recommend Harry Potter. 😉 Thank you again for all your kind words and for your comment!


    • Thank you for the tag, Julia!☺️I hope it catches on quick, I’m sure it will. I just went and commented, and while I am not a Hobbit/LOTR fan (I haven’t read either fully) so I might not participate, it’s still amazing!


    CONGRATS ON 400 FOLLOWERS!!! That’s so amazing. :))
    I’m excited to read your best books of 2018 post! I’ve been compiling mine.
    The post of mine that I want you to read is this one: https://zoelogist.com/2018/11/29/niece/. :))
    Your Harry Potter marathon sounds like so so much fun. So does talking to your friend at lunch about My Lady Jane. The books I’ve talked to people at school about include The Hate U Give and Dumplin’- speaking of, I watched the Dumplin’ movie on Netflix! It was so good and it definitely made me cry at points. Two things I want to mention: Jennifer Aniston is in it, and Bo, the love interest, was in Good Luck Charlie as Teddy’s boyfriend and I’m pretty sure his name was ALSO Bo in the show, and he was also in that snowboarding movie with Dove Cameron, who is also in Dumplin’! Weird.
    Ahaha, Friends! I know my relief that it didn’t leave wasn’t nearly as large as yours, but I’m glad it wasn’t taken off either. I’m still only on season 1! I want to try and watch some more over Christmas break, but right now the Office has gotten me hooked. It’s slightly worrying. What does ASOUE stand for?
    Okay, the new editor. Here’s what I think some of the pros are. You can make blocks reusable, which is what I did with my PS picture so now I don’t have to scroll and find it each time. And oh my goodness, of course the font changing. I’ve never done font changing before with the old editor. I also like how you can “walk out” of the bolded or italics area. Do you get what I mean? One thing I couldn’t figure out that I missed was spell checking, but a person told me how to do it through the question mark help thing. I’m not sure yet, but one the whole, I think I might like the new one?

    Liked by 1 person

    • HI, ANNIE! Two more days until Christmas. *screams*
      Thank you so much! 🙂
      Yay, I’m excited that you’re excited. I want to post it tomorrow, but seeing as I haven’t started writing it yet, that might not happen. But if I dedicate some quality time to it tonight, then maybe…and I can’t wait to read yours!
      Ahhh, I just read the post, and it WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. The rest of my thoughts are in my comment.;) I will definitely be catching up on all the rest of your posts that I missed though, because your posts are a priority in my list of posts to catch up on!
      Both of those were so fun! Oh, I almost watched the Dumplin’ movie last night, but I didn’t. I want to now, though! I saw Jennifer Aniston was it in, which is so cool. Haha, I remember when Teddy had a boyfriend named Bo! (Was he the one who was her dad’s exterminator assistant and had a really strong accent?) That’s crazy that his name is the same in both of the shows/movies. And it’s crazy that he and Dove Cameron are working together again (and that they both come from Disney channel shows XD).
      Yay for watching Friends! Also, yay for The Office- I’m only on season 2, but I like it. ASOUE stands for A Series of Unfortunate Events (specifically in this case, the Netflix series).
      Okay, all your pros for the editor are really good points. I’m so excited for font changing. What do you mean by walking out of the bold/italic areas? I haven’t explored it enough to know what that means. XD I’m glad you like the new editor! I hope I can figure it out soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, that was Bo! Hahaha, I know. Ha, maybe he’s getting type-casted into roles of guys named Bo? Yea, I feel like if Disney channel show people ever came together for reunions, that would be interesting.
        I’m on season 3 of The Office! The first few episodes I was like Michael is so weird (which I still think), but I could feel it hooking me, and now i”m officially hooked. I think it’s because at first, everybody seemed a bit annoying, but then that changes. The first clip that made me seriously laugh was the basketball episode where Stanley was trying to guard people so terrifically wrong. Also, Jim and Pam!!!! Jim and Pam have made me yell at my phone. Ohh right, Unfortunate Events, got it.
        About walking out of the bold/italic areas- like when you’re typing in bold/italic and the words are highlighted, but then you can use the right arrow and make it stop being bold/italic without having to press the button. Haha, I hope that makes more sense.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Haha, that would be hilarious. XD
          I still think Michael is so weird, too- he’s a very…interesting person. If he was real, and I was forced to work with him, I think I’d probably quit? But it’s funny to watch him on the show. The basketball episode is so funny! (Although it was sad when those two people that are good at basketball don’t get to play and then after the game they’re just making all these baskets. I can’t remember who it was, I don’t know everyone’s name yet, haha.) JIM AND PAM- I’m just praying that Pam breaks off her engagement already.
          OHH, that makes much more sense, thank you.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Haha, I don’t know if I could work with him in real life too. But sometimes he redeems himself significantly. I know! Ohh yea. I don’t know when I got everybody’s names. There’s a lot of people and they just throw you in.

            Liked by 1 person

  8. OLIVIA!! I’ve missed you ❤ Did you guys dance Nutcracker for your winter concert? Hope you've been having fun dancing, and CONGRATS on 400 followers!!! So happy for you girl 🙂 You've read so many books despite being so busy, and they look like such amazing reads. I really need to pick up Darius the Great is Not Okay!

    Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday~

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh, Tiffany! I’ve missed you too, I feel like it’s been forever since we last got to chat.💘We didn’t do the Nutcracker, though I would have loved it- my studio doesn’t have any boys, though, so sadly we never do it. Thank you so much! 🙂 Eek, Darius is SO good, I’m so excited to hear your thoughts on it.

      Thank you, Tiffany!❤️I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. yay you’re back! ❤ (i just recently came back as well so i can definitely relate. except i went on a 3-month instead of 3-week hiatus, oops :')) i'll definitely cheer you on w your blogging goals—we can do this! i can definitely empathize with how difficult it is to juggle life, academics, sports + extracurriculars AND blogging, so it's super admirable how you've been able to keep it all up!
    happy holidaysss ❄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay, YOU’RE back!💓I’m so happy to see you (well, see your comments/posts XD) again! I hope your hiatus was really refreshing and relaxing. Thank you so much for all your kind words! I feel you with the juggling-life-and-blogging, thank you for your encouragement- you got this as well. 😉
      Thank you, happy holidays to you too!


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